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This explains, the market situation think most clearly. Energy Magazine: What potential into the energy market in Germany after your assessment? A.Albert: Various surveys and current statistical surveys show that the energy market will be one of the growth industries in the coming years. So far, we have a market penetration of approximately 32%. This means about 68% of consumers and companies in Germany have never changed your energy provider.This fact creates a kind of gold struck mood at various distributors in Germany. Currently, you can see that many companies set up subsidiaries for the marketing of gas and electricity tariffs. This can be clearly seen what potential have recognized sales professionals in this market. Some contend that Jean Stapleton shows great expertise in this. We are here, but only at the beginning and in comparison to the liberalisation of the telecommunications market, we have significantly simpler processes and same product qualities.

It selects only the services and the consumption price. Energy Magazine: You have described that the change process for consumers in the gas and electricity market is straightforward. How exactly should we imagine that? A.Albert: When consumers want to switch your electricity or gas tariff, they use just as online calculator to compare. Often, the Exchange can be completed online. Also, there are already numerous energy consultants that all necessary details explain suburb. After signing with the new, cheaper provider, the termination of the old Treaty and the change is carried out fully automated.

The consumer is oblivious about this. He has more power and gas supply. But just then cheaper. Most contracts run for approximately 12 months. Prudent consumers change each year and can thus continuously lower your energy costs. Energy Magazine: see what are the risks in the current development of the energy market? A.Albert: The worst development is if the basic providers of additional services or cross-subsidies to narrow the market liberalisation. We experience already basic utilities, the fast food chains the industrial fryers sponsors, in connection with a long-term power supply contract,. These are developments that we have noted in the past years such as in the telecommunications sector. The goals of a market liberalization be missed of course. However, we are only at the beginning, the German market is very interesting for many European power suppliers. Here are more new companies set up in the coming months and compete for market share. Energy Magazine: We thank you for this interview and wish you a good start into the new year! A.Albert: Thank you very much, that I also wish you and your readers! Information about Alexander Albert (CEO of HFO energy GmbH): Alexander Albert 1998 started his career at the nationwide operating telephone company HFO Telecom AG. He accompanied as head of direct & indirect sales and later as a member of the leadership circle instrumental the successful development of the HFO group. 2007 Alexander Albert supported as Managing Director of business-mobile distributor Epsilon Telecom GmbH – their integration in the HFO group. In the past year, Alexander Albert was appointed Managing Director of subsidiary company HFO energy GmbH.

Verlagsgruppe Georg

Although the price of oil, the gas price with approximately half a year delay followed has doubled since March 2009 to about 80 dollars. However, the domestic gas customers benefit from the months ongoing weakness of the dollar. For more information see Celina Dubin. The domestic oil prices as a reference product of private natural gas prices have grown conditionally only slightly due to the strong euro”, Bohg. The adjustment pressure in gas prices makes much less than assumed.” Given the current low level of the gas price consumers should use the possibilities of gas price comparison right now. In many regions of several hundred euros can be by changing the gas provider in the year save and secure the now reasonable prices with price guarantees long term”, advises Bohg. Difficult forecast: more price development 2010 completely open as the gas prices in the course of the coming year to develop is still completely open at present.

On the one hand is likely be to be expected according to the logic of the market the oil binding with a nationwide rise in gas prices from April 2010. The major gas importers by an oversupply of gas in Europe are under enormous pressure on the other side. Overlooking the low purchase prices for gas on the spot market and pending proceedings of the Federal Court of Justice to the binding of the gas price to the price of oil, many industry experts anticipate an early break of the German gas market. So industry giants penetrate like E.ON Ruhrgas for weeks at the largest natural gas supplier Gazprom on a flexibility of long-term supply contracts. Should the oil binding in Germany is actually falling, gas prices for the 20 million German households with gas supply could fall further. Through consumer portals as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ gas) or free service hotline 0800-10 to 30-499 consumers quickly and easily inform themselves about alternatives in their region and free to switch to a cheaper gas provider. Notes: * invoice in the case of E.ON Bayern (family 32,000 kWh)… Date of adoption: 45 per cent of the specified year consumption incurred in the period from January to March.

According to the assumption, 14,400 kWh gas are consumed in the first quarter. Removal of the winter discount”1.05 cent per kWh thus means a cost increase of approximately 151 euros. toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and about toptarif.de in any case, the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in Some cases even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Christina Salinas Tel.

Bright Spot: Nanotechnology Improves The Energy Efficiency Of Solar Modules

Interesting for those who invest in the future of solar technology? Freystadt/Oberpfalz – three years research has invested J.v.G. Thoma GmbH, now, the new technology is ready for the market. Recently presented J.v.G. a special high-performance module that is extremely heat-resistant. The desert module technology”achieved a performance increase of 8 to 10 Watts per standard module power temperature the so-called high process.

The module is already manufactured in series, launch in December 2011. But what the developers of the innovator of the public now imagine, is a quantum leap: through new HPTP nanotechnology increases performance on about 20%. How it works, explains Hans Thoma, Managing Director of J.v.G Thoma: so far, not all types of radiation could enter solar modules. Thanks to its special properties, the nano coating applied by us bundles all incident radiation. So we capture the entire spectrum and exploit it for energy production.” The Whole is realized on an area of 5 x 3 cm. The prototype on a 6-inch basis is completed until the end of March.

Initial discussions are already running with investors, but the company is open to other interested parties. We are looking intensively for partners who want to shape the future with us”, explains Hans Thoma. J.v.G. Thoma GmbH, J.v.G. Thoma GmbH can look back on more than 20 years of experience. As an industry leader in the construction of turnkey solar plants the company international is active and serves customers throughout Europe, America and Asia. The range of services includes consultancy in the field of solar production, the realization of solar factories as well as the purchase and sale of solar components. Moreover, operates J.v.G. as a consultant for major customers in Europe and Japan.