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Management By System MbS: Future-oriented Management Concept (PDS(R)). (Part 2)

Systemic business development (MbS) is people-friendly because qualified economics means sustainable ecology! Have a management idea!”I heard someone say recently. It reminded me of an interesting book about the ideas of the last 50 years. There is some fundamental currents and minor additions. I did not find much again! Why? Consolidation theory is an evolutionary process of selection (by Praxisfernem) and mutation (improving summaries). I’ve used here comparing a theory to my PDS(R), eks(R), which has a fundamental difference. I conceive on a basis of soft facts of our 4-dimensional evolutionary and physical world. The antagonist is based on hard facts! The EKS(R)-Konzept, is a W. Mewes (BWL he, GW) developed cybernetic management lesson from the last century works only in exceptions (Karcher, Wurth,), because the concept is based on false foundations (the hard facts).

That’s why I put the my PDS(R)-Konzept (Soft facts-basics), a systemic management and company development concept contrary to (www.biologie-und-oekonomie.de). I realized the following: the natural sub-system man works in everyday life first on soft facts (psycho-Sociology: soul, spirit) and on hard facts (neuro-Physiology: body). In the primary system of nature management of Ordnun 1, open nature of the system = 3rd order Cybernetics cultures, closed systems – are upstream the hard facts (E.g. physics) rarely soft facts. Soft facts dominate: in all of the analog and digital thinking brain activities. In the area of the Li(e)b(i)do, so the positive life energy (S. Freud) that multiplied when you given them away. The soft facts dominate primarily in humans if: he joined one of the 165 religions and sects (transcendence).

or one of the other ISMS (parties). or represents Plato’s concept of the idea. Now I was following link between people and businesses: I. Movie Star may also support this cause. The 4 areas of personality a person: Transcendence emotions thinking Belief, instinct Act my intuition knowledge II. The 4 personality of a company: Brand loyalty customers binding purchase-decision reasons buy advertising design, layout per Contra, ideas service building we now bridge the gap between nature and cultures: deficiency is the primary condition of nature.

Application Template Helps

Automatically create application templates use a letter patterns that can simplify various processes and shorten. It is therefore, to use some of the documents as application template. You can use this custom application templates, which of course should be modified for any application or adapted, for the online application as well as for the presentation of the physical mail. Here you should however differentiate between tender-related applications and unsolicited applications. As generally less promising for job-related applications, unsolicited applications you can create here a coarse application template, even a sample letter for the application, in which you need to change only the addressee and subject. In contrast to this, you should refer to the respective vacancy in the counterpart and clearly show that at least the cover letter was written explicitly for the site, advises as appleo applications. In addition, you can a CV template create, both the standard and the application. Here it doesn’t matter appleo applications according to whether you send the documents by conventional mail or via email.

Also the cover is considered potential document for the application template, because it arbitrarily and quickly adapt itself to each application. appleo applications Tip: for applications not at any price, however use your pattern. When applications for a traineeship, observe, for example, exactly how arrive your ideas at the appropriate points of contact. Because naturally largely student training centers seek to, the first few or no application (s) have written should application templates only be generated if you are sure that your documents are as accurate. Provide therefore for some routine by you are applying to multiple potential training establishments. The same is true for the internship application.

Create application templates as possible only then, if you have a got some feedback/criticism. Just when initial attempts error creeps in, which can be avoided in the next applications. After this it is advisable for potential trainees and interns to work out some documents for individual application templates. Complete some documents it is useful to write a motivation letter. This is used often interchangeably with the third page, so appleo applications. A letter of motivation differs however from the balance quite clearly; why she rather should be referred to as personal profile. For the application photo you can refer to some examples at the photographer of your choice. Look here at corresponding quality. Similarly, the application folder that you should use for the standard mail of your documents. Here, too, there are quality and price differences.

Application Templates

Tips and tricks around the topic of application! Why Application pattern and application templates are intended only as support. Curriculum vitae, photo and application folder – I apply to be able to take me, the first step to the desired occupation a good application has become nowadays almost essential. Companies want to know detail about their candidate and are therefore very cautious when it comes to the setting of an employee. So, it has become all the more important for sale as well as possible in its application. These include not only the right choice of words in the letter, but also the selection of photos of the application, the contents of the CV and the structure of the entire application folder. On the Internet find valuable tips and tricks to this topic, but also some free samples and application templates to selected activities.

Take time when the letter! No matter whether you apply for a degree, an apprenticeship or a job. To write an application takes some time and requires much concentration. One can afford no mistakes, because error notice and cast a bad light on one’s own skills! Take time, often peruse their texts, and can these best of someone read against you which may not already memorized the lyrics and finds any errors. Also one can give any tips regarding your application. Copy & paste is an absolute no-go here! An important point for applications is the aspect of individuality. Templates and patterns are offered in large proportions, but they still only serve as support and should therefore not simply be taken over 1:1.

HR professionals know the tricks and patterns, making yourself aware so that you can quickly be excluded from the circle of applicant. Own texts get better and awaken the interest of the reader. Get such patterns and templates only to the site, if you need ideas or want to get some tips. What do I want? What can I do? -How teach I that the company in my application? To deliver a good application should you worry once, for what you exactly applies. Advantage here as well, if you have already gained some experience in the field. However, this is not always possible, so it is all the more important to make, what drives one to do so to apply and it is how motivated the company. Also, a reason why it offers exactly at this company, liked to have seen and read, what also has influence on the final decision. Individuality is the order of the day!