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Right Release

What is you send a to 200 media press release if it is not published then or if it is not, is worded so you hurts. Remember: select and customize, but be careful. Customize is not synonymous with a partner as if ye were lifelong friends. I know politically correct. It shows your respect to professionals that you go through the way in which you write and how you communicate. If you have photos you want to include, write a note in the end communicating it.

If they are interested in them, already ask them you. Do not send yet this super video or photo collection that occupy 8 MB before send your press release to all media that you’ve chosen, test it. Choose how many media and waits for the response. Depending on the results, review and continues. 3Rd) what they must not do. Send a press release with more than one recipient in the To:, CC:, and BCC much less.

Yes, we already know that it is much faster, but in reality, you’re possibly losing time and opportunities. Again remember: select and personalize. It is the key. Expect that the press release is published the next day. Once received your note and have decided to publish it, possibly to take a few days (sometimes weeks) to publish it. Recalls that as well as you, they have a tight agenda and they have already done your planning. Be a heavy, calling and writing constantly to ask if they have received, they have released or have any questions about your press release. If you have sent it to the right person, he has probably received it. If you have doubts or questions, you will be in contact with you. No return call telephone or an e-mail of a means of communication, or do it with delay. Be discouraged if not published our press release. Review the steps that we have commented and starts over again. Once the press release has been edited, forget to send a thank-you note. Do not keep your database up-to-date and send a new press release to anyone kind enough journalist but who no longer works there! Send a note of press with errors of spelling or typographical. Ten special care with the person’s name and means of communication to which you are going. A well drafted, published in the appropriate means of communication, press release is free advertising quality (and quantity) original author and source of the article.

Iberian Peninsula

Although it might seem equal, a lawn than a meadow is not the same. The lawn is a mixture of grasses of different families comprising a range of two to five types of them. While the Prairie is a blend of floral herbs with one or at most, two. If we look at nature, and observed the Prairies that spontaneously arise in each zone and region of the Iberian Peninsula, we see that a meadow without floral herbs in any climatic zone we choose within our varied climate there is. Since many years ago, in the gardens of houses townhouses, single-family, both independent, as well as public, we fall into the error of not choosing meadows but lawns. But it is logical, given that references them to continue to form a green meadow, just have them in football sports fields and public green areas, which do not qualify as gardens. Thus, the majority want your garden to have a tapestry of a short selection of grasses, the more similar to that a football stadium, it looks best.

Without falling into the account that this blend, specially created for a sports field, not found anywhere in nature, maintenance given in a sports field are innumerable, as well as their risks and mowings. The right thing is to resort to the Prairies, since they naturalize our garden, and give him a character more wild and elegant. Leaving aside the aesthetic, the Prairie is easiest to care for, and most importantly of all, requires much less water, so valuable element in our days. There is much talk of sustainability, Xeriscape, plantasautoctonas, etc. But, when it comes to the truth, who us plans and executes a xerojardin? where we acquired these native plants when we don’t know or are and any nursery sells them? We find ourselves in a vicious circle: nurseries blame the client not to sue native plant, but the client does not request that does not know and so on.

Focusing on the Prairie, which is the issue that concerns us, this live the four seasons of the year, something that does not make the grass; find us equal, visually, both in summer and in winter. The Prairie, on the contrary, in spring are experiencing an explosion of colour and flowers, in summer is a varied mix of Greens that reverdean even more, and in winter are sleeping under a brown in autumn. This brown color, is always very beautiful, natural thing is that a meadow, like all plants, has its life cycle. Can you imagine a winter at the same temperature as a summer? As well, the same thing happens in this aspect. A Prairie that doesn’t change its appearance in any station is the closest thing to an artificial plant. The most beautiful of human beings is their ability to decrease, change and reproduction. If freeze natural cycles, for example in a football or golf field, which must be kept green because the game requires it, we accept it, but taking into account that we lose much of the beauty a Prado: their naturalness. Original author and source of the article