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The Association of hotels of Seville and the province has launched its summer campaign to boost tourism in Seville and the city itself. Under the slogan get me pretty! the Association wants to reward the best photographs that make the city and the province, those that get reflected in the best possible way the essence of the city of Seville and its peoples. The idea is that tourists not only stay in Seville with the image of heat which makes during the summer months, but can also see there are other hooks to choose the summer months as the most advisable to visit the city. On the street concerts, performances in parks or aquatic and theme parks are some of them. Brad Pitt oftentimes addresses this issue. Those who want to take part may do so with a single photograph of digital camera and with a resolution of 300 dots per inch, which allows printing at a size of 30 by 40 inches.

There will be five prizes with a stay of two nights at a hotel in Seville for two people with half-board included, between the dates of September 20 and on February 28, 2012. Photos should be sent to the email enclosing the date of photo, title or slogan that identifies it, and a document attesting to the stay of the person in a hotel of Seville and province. All those people staying in hotel establishments in Seville, belonging to the Association of hotels of Seville and province, between 10 July and 15 September 2011, of age and to justify their stay, in addition to enroll in this Association in the Facebook social network website may participate in this contest. Selected photos will be published on September 20 on the Facebook page, and next summer of 2012 there will be an exhibition in a public space in the city.

Online Stores compares providers of televisions in the Internet of Hamburg, 23 February 2011-223 minutes is the average TV watching of the Germans a day many would dispense with da hate on a high-quality flat-screen TV. Full HD is now standard, and also the size of the devices is increasing. All the more enjoyable it is, to find the TV online and convenient home delivery. In January and February 2011, has tested 13 online stores for television. “The result: as the only provider, Cyberport reached the assessment very well” (Note 1.5) and will thus test winner. The shop not only impresses with its very good website and a wide product range, but offers also reasonable prices and very good”terms of payment. Behind the test winner Redcoon (1.6) is less than second, Neckermann is 1.7 third grade. A total seven shops cut well”from.

Bargain hunters buy TV cheaper best service for neckermann who is name of program: with the best Prices in the test can shine TV cheaper. Very cheap deals bring the excellent price review by 1.13 and award winner, the shop”a. However, customers who place value on a good advice and high quality service, rather the quality winner should be”Neckermann look around. Especially in the test category ordering & service”, Neckermann can deduct from the competition. Also the product diversity and representation, as well as the security and the site Neckermann is always among the best shops.

“” Two shops unreachable mail responses within 24 hours eight shops receive regarding telephone & service “the good review”. The support lines of shops reacted swiftly in the test, 10 of 13 providers let customers wait less than a minute. Only two shops were negative: the wait was very long, or the tester was automatically taken out of the queue, thus the call terminated. Prompt email support, however, is standard: 12 of 13 tested Shops reply within 24 hours. Often personalized replies received already after a few hours on the questions. Secure online shopping on the rise who want to buy a TV online, needs to worry mostly about safety defects. 10 of the 13 shops in the test use the secure SSL encryption for the transmission of personal data. Alternatively, non-binding at the shop to sign, but to buy only as a guest, was given eight shops. More information and results see: studies on the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of free over 350,000 test reports from 1,750 different sources and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the note features the test winner after the Assessment key best product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With, consumers can buy the best products at a competitive price quickly, safely, and comfortably.


OData with Intrexx quick and easy SAP the world’s first programming free generic adapter for SAP access data to NetWeaver gateway comes from Freiburg im Breisgau. The portal software vendor has developed him United planet. The adapter uses the Open Data Protocol (OData) and allows companies to integrate their SAP data quickly and easily in any Web or mobile to provide the employees. Here, users will benefit from a very competitive license model of SAP. Freiburg, 26 July 2012. Lets the new Intrexx business adapter for SAP NetWeaver gateway of United planet company SAP data and documents (such as product images, order confirmations or invoices) will very quickly and comfortably in the Web-based applications in an Enterprise Portal tie and without programming effort. In the Web interface, they can present very user friendly and edit. Thanks to a special transaction-based user license model of SAP access to SAP data is thereby extremely economical.

The integration the SAP data is done in three simple steps: first, the service is selected to be accessed. The application then uses the Visual Designer of intranet and portal software Intrexx assembled from prefabricated modules. Also mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and co. can be very quick and easy to create with Intrexx. In a last step, the desired service functionality is selected (for example, data read, modify, delete). But, the adapter is the Open Data Protocol (OData) advantage, that the integration of SAP data as simple as a database allows.

Gateway content services can both SAP NetWeaver server directly on a SAP backend system operate and allow to generate in both cases, REST Web services in accordance with OData. The Web services can be composed of BAPIs, RFCs, or even screen produce or develop on a basis of ABAP Objects. The first programming free generic adapters for SAP NetWeaver gateway will be available from summer 2012 be available. A video was shown at this year’s Sapphire in Orlando already:. The Intrexx adapters for SAP NetWeaver Gateway complements the previous Intrexx adapter for SAP Business Suite ( sap-adapter), which provides access to any SAP data via RFC. This adapter is used already successfully chains, Sprungli and DOM Sicherheitstechnik by numerous companies like RUD. Also in the summer, United planet published a further business adapter for Intrexx. The new Intrexx adapter for OData enables data of all software systems and Internet services, which put on OData, very quickly and easily integrate a corporate portal and make mobile available. About United planet United planet is one of more than 4,000 installations with more than 500,000 users its portal software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals). The company Lexware founder Axel is run Waller. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionalities much faster create than with comparable programs such as Microsoft SharePoint. Intrexx allows the integration of existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes etc, creating more productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers. Hundreds of finished apps and complete portals for downloading are available in the Intrexx application store.

Crystal Bridge

– Does your company have some secret that allows you to break away from the many competitors? – Our strongest argument – the special geometry of the conductors and the selective quality materials. In contrast to many competitors, we do not save, for example, on-insulator, making the best possible product for the price. At the same time offer a few lines – from the very democratic Piccolo to exclusive Dreamline. – It is known that for conductors Crystal Cable uses an alloy of silver and gold. What dictated this choice? – We have been experimenting with different metals, and in the end we managed to create an almost perfect conductor of a unique alloy of silver and gold. And at We own the production of metals and debugged process.

His point is that gold is completely filled all the gaps between the crystals of silver. It turns out quite thin wire, but with an incredibly high conductivity. In addition, unlike traditional ones, such as copper cables are very flexible and resistant to microscopic tears. This is common to all products Crystal Cable. – What about connectors? They, too, must be quality. – Most of the connections we make on their own, with rhodium or gold plated. Some of the orders from the WBT and Neutrik, they are manufactured according to our specifications. We especially like the tip of the RCA series with WBT NextGen silver-plated.

– Many of the "cable" companies have in stock, and various accessories – dampers, cones, etc. Do you have something similar? – We do not produce at the moment of accessories in the direct sense of the word. The only product that they can be attributed to – the distributor of food CrystalStrip, capable, in combination with network cables, Crystal Cable for new levels of sound in any system. It does not use a single active element, adversely affecting the sound, only the passive filters. – Not so long ago, in the range of Crystal Cable appeared completely new line of cables. Tell us about it, please. – The last and most important new product can be considered as a series of Dream line, includes a whole range of products. Be destiny – to become a guide to the world of music for the most discerning listeners with flawless system. We also have one very interesting thing called Crystal Bridge. This is, in fact, a special filter for cable interconnects, which does not change the nature of their sound, but it cleans off the excess dirt.


Step 1: Installation of VNC at local level and to form the password. To unload Real VNC installs and it in a local PC (for this article, version 3.3.7 was used). During the installation process, it asegrese to verify so much: Registry VNC Server as service of a system To initiate service system VNC Haga click to see a screen capture here. Additional information at Peter Thiel supports this article. At the end of the installation process, it will be requested to him that it establishes a password. The password that it establishes here later will use to connect the remote PC.

If for some reason the password is not requested to him, executes the following thing from the line of commandos: " C: Program files RealVNC WinVNC winvnc.exe " – DefaultSettings Also executes net start from the line of commandos and to confirm VNC Server executes like a service – Step 2: To form VNC in the remote PC using PsExec PsExec is a gratuitous tool to execute processes in Remote PC and is necessary for this procedure: The remote account that is used must be member of the group Administrators in the remote PC. " RemotePC" they are mentioned next can as much be the name of the remote PC or direction IP. To enter the IPC of remote PC $ to share with an administrator account. If you do not include the flat text password, she will be requested to him to provide the password (that will not be like text without format). NET USES usuary RemotePC IPC $/: administrator password Copy your local archives of VNC for the remote PC. xcopy " C: Program files RealVNC *.*" " RemotePC C $ Program files RealVNC *.*" /r/i/c/h/k/and Uses regedit to export the local configuration of Registry VNC in the remote PC.

Record Holder

Dumper – the most popular and numerous type of special equipment from those that are used in construction. Therefore, the production of trucks has become a priority in the postwar years. It was the first trucks were assembled at the conveyors of Minsk and the Kremenchug Automobile Plant. Whenever Brad Pitt listens, a sympathetic response will follow. After a short time after the release of experimental samples of the first dump truck MAZ large shipment of these vehicles was sent to Warsaw. Since then, takes its beginning hist exports tippers MAZ and KrAZ other countries. Haulers fabricated in most different updatings were created variants assembly for roast tropicalized and cars for MAINTENANCE when low temperatures. Remained unchanged reliability, ruggedness and simplicity of design, making it easy to repair. One can argue that these advantages machinery MAZ and KrAZ survived to today.

The Minsk Automobile Plant was assembled the first 40-ton dump truck. This technological breakthrough could not pass unnoticed, because while there were only light commercial trucks, and the development of new technologies and increase the pace of construction require the use of heavy-duty trucks. In March 1957 the assembly line came first sample of 40-ton dump trucks MAZ, and at the end of next year, this car has received the Grand Prix at World Industrial Exhibition in Brussels. ncial, offer their opinions as well. The first trucks KrAZ created using parts of the Yaroslavl Automobile Plant. Over time, the plant started to assemble cars from parts of its own production. Haulers KrAZ already firmly occupied a niche machinery terrain. Haulers KrAZ could be used where any other special ventured to get bogged down in mud or stuck in the snow. This significantly expanded the possibilities of their use, despite the fact that they did not have such a high total permissible weight as dump trucks MAZ.

Production of MAZ and KrAZ many years is very popular overseas, and most of the exports machinery accounted for just dump. Already by 1961 KrAZ trucks were exported to 25 countries. Over the years the list of countries that exported trucks KrAZ and MAZ, only grew. These cars are the best way possible demonstrated their reliability and performance in harsh Arctic conditions, and in the hot desert climate and the tropics. Despite the troubles that have experienced MAZ and KrAZ in the late twentieth century, the development of plants continued. Mastered the production of new machinery, as for the trucks, they became more comfortable and functional, without losing the reliability and throughput. Dump trucks MAZ since 1997 are equipped with motor and cab MAN. These modern vehicles meet all the requirements in force in European countries, and can be applied throughout Europe. The price of these trucks for one-third lower than the price of their foreign counterparts. Haulers KrAZ remained faithful to the chosen niche. They are still champions in patency among the trucks. More than 40% of all cars built since the opening of KrAZ factory – trucks, and already this fact alone speaks respects.

Veterinary Department Ministry

The lower the pH of the product, the lower the gas medium affect the shelf life. This is due to the fact that the decrease in pH inhibits the growth of microbes. In this case, factor limiting the period of implementation, is not the growth of bacteria, and chemical reactions such as oxidation, discoloration of the product (packaging films in contact with the moist surface of the product). If the product is of several components, the gas is added to increase the shelf life of one of the components. From the history of the issue. What remains is better – gas or vacuum? In recent years, Russian restaurateurs and their visitors are becoming more about the quality of products they offer. As for meat, in this segment is a tendency of gradual increase in consumption of chilled meat.

Unfortunately, the shelf life of such meat rather short, that makes many restaurateurs to abandon the goods to the frozen meat. Chilled meat in our country to supply meat processing enterprises mainly in the bran (a side quarters), the timing of storage at 0 -1 C is 12 – 16 days in accordance with the instructions for the refrigeration process. It should be noted that the measures taken in the technology industry refrigeration storage and processing of meat do not consider initial quality of raw meat with non-traditional biochemical and morphological features, which occupies a significant amount of the total amount of processed meat. According to the recommendations of the International Institute cold storage life of beef is 3 weeks (0 -1.5 C and relative humidity of 90%) to 9 weeks (at 0 -1,5 C in 10% CO2). Veterinary Department Ministry of Agriculture of Russia appealed to the Meat Union of Russia to develop a temperature regimes, the maximum storage and sale of imported beef. Work on this project was entrusted to Institute of Meat Industry. vm Gorbatov Institute of Refrigeration and Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology. Funding for this project undertook to Cherkizovsky mpz, National Meat Association and "Protein Products." The aim of research conducted branch institutes, is to assess the quality, the development allowed by the rules and the loss of chilled boneless beef both domestic and imported, packed in cardboard boxes, including under vacuum.

Institute specialists has been developed and approved a program and a phased methodology in research. The first phase was carried out on domestic raw materials. In accordance with the established methodology in Penza meat production conditions was carried out to develop and package of boneless beef. As the packaging materials were used polymer bags and wrapping film. Part of the output was evacuated using a vacuum-packaging technology, the second part is packaged in a modified gas atmosphere. As a gas medium using a mixture of N2 and CO2 in a ratio of 80% and 20%, respectively. Worked out by the party of beef sent to the jsc Cherkizovsky mpz "for bookmarks storage. During the term meat storage experts to assess the state of raw materials and carried out sampling for laboratory tests. Changing Quality beef was evaluated by physical-chemical, biochemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics. The studies, in the process of long-term storage of chilled boneless beef, packaged in different ways and to demonstrate how the various vacuum packaging technology have been reliably established the benefits of modified atmosphere before the vacuum bag. Worked out experimentally

The Sage

I don’t agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it. (Voltaire) It is a challenge to all mankind this approach, create a new system based really on tolerance, respect and the union of looks in the same and common future. Foundations of the new global system: FUTURHUMANO some topics do not merit a confrontation. The Sage is not only he who knows but who knows to put things in their rightful place. It will give to each thing the importance that deserves without exceeding. The wise will be in disagreement on many issues but will recognize that only some very essential deserve the dedication of the whole man. It will tolerate minor errors, because a combative attitude would bring greater evils.

Instead, the fundamentalist, is capable of giving life or demand by unimportant subjects. You don’t know to put each problem in place. Tolerance and respect for the dignity of persons are higher goods to the certainties that each group might want to impose by force on fellow citizens. The wise man will try to defend their ideas against what they consider errors of their fellow citizens but will have to do with the means that allows the democratic legality. The radical, instead of using the democratic channels using violent methods to achieve their goals.

The fanatic, radical, the dictator believe that the end justifies the media. It is necessary to separate the Sin from the sinner. Although we have to be intolerant and reject evil, sin, and the vices always and without exception we must respect and love unconditionally to the person committing these evil acts. We loathe the vices, not people. With that attitude, we can fulfil the commandment of love enemies that only can live when we distinguish, discern and separate the person from their actions. In this way it is possible to reject evil, be intolerant with him and, however, be tolerant and sympathetic with who commits it.

Pallets Reuse

Wooden pallets over time have become essential for transporting the goods, any company worth its salt, loading and unloading their trucks has already hand, and for download with wheelbarrow lift or pallet truck, pallet is required. See clinton family for more details and insights. The recoil spring from the need to circulate these pallets after use, these companies arranged throughout the country, have for years been responsible for collecting at points of discharge of the pallets (consumption of the product it carries), which are a waste and a nuisance for the company’s consumer product transported, and transported to their facilities, classified by categories and grades, will repair the pallets that are in poor condition, unused aprovechardo to generate timber to be used to repair other pallets unless damaged or industry the board. Once classified the pallet repaired or put back into service, being a competitive advantage for companies using recycled pallets as they find a product with equal quality if new but at a lower cost and providing a benefit medioambietal since it means the recovery of a product, ie recycled. This manual procedure is unique because with the exception of loading and unloading, there is practically no specific machinery for recycling. Advantages of a pallet recovered.

Less cost to the shipper. Cost almost nil for the company who uses the goods carrying the pallet. Cost almost nothing for the environment, is recycled. Reduction of wood consumption and hence raw material. Similar characteristics to a new pallet.

Generation of employment, since it requires more labor than to make a pallet. Advantages competitive reduces the final cost of the product and the packaging is a lower cost than if it were new. Pallet recuperated enterprises, virtually no almost no residue, most of the pallets (80 to 90%) are recovered, the rest are recycled as wood to repair the pallets in poor condition or the ground for the industry the board. Most are manual processes that consume so little electricity. Ultimately recovered pallets are an economical choice and unbeatable with the environment.

The Case

In the case of mechanical fastening cover is spread on the floor, his paintings are glued together and then fastened to around the perimeter of the roof. In this case, shrinkage and other slip of the building fabric will not feel any stress and will remain intact. Blades welded to the membrane with hot air by means of special welding machines. Merge voduPoskolku flat roof has an angle of 2-5%, the diversion of rain water is no problem. However, to prevent flooding in case of heavy rainfall, it is necessary to arrange a drain. It can be informal and organized.

In the latter case, organize both internal and external drainage. For the device internal drainage entire roof surface is divided into sections in such a way that one had to riser 150-200 m2 (Provided that the pitch is not less than 2%). If the area of the roof less make a riser. In the field gradient at the surface of the roof have gutters funnels that are equipped with special baskets, catching different garbage. Usually they put at the center of the roof, and gutters located within the building. So that the water near the crater would not freeze, and freely poured into the tube, next to her on an area of 1 m2 with cable systems carry heating roof.

And for year-round domestic guttering, chimneys have them (the length) in the heated zone. Although flat roofs are usually associated with internal drainage systems, as an alternative to them use and external drains. They are used to divert water for unheated buildings and annexes, having a single slope roof. Inside the need to install the cable to the winter they would not freeze water.

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