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Dentures Muller and the Ratinger dentist Dr. Althoff build on high-tech milling machines for precise dental prosthesis on implants. According to estimates of the German society of implantology (DGI), every year more than a million implants by dentists in Germany are used. The advantages of modern implant systems are obvious. If a tooth is lost the gap closes in traditional dentistry with a bridge. This is according to that the adjacent teeth, even if they are perfectly healthy, must be polished, because they are used for the anchorage of the bridge. Also the bone due to missing load regresses slowly. Through the possibilities of modern implantology, you can however replace lost dental roots by implants.

This is anchored in the bone screws made of titanium, which crowns or bridges are attached. For the production of this implant-supported dentures are now state of the art digital technologies to the Available through the, it will ensure that the crowns and bridges fit precisely and meet the aesthetic demands of patients. Hear from experts in the field like Technology Investor for a more varied view. The Ratinger dentist and certified Implantologist, Dr. med. Dent. “Helmuth Althoff, builds on quality made in Germany, this: he can be implant-borne crowns for his patients and make bridges in one of the most exclusive milling centres of in Germany. “By Ratingen-based milling center from dentures Muller exclusive” supplies with the latest CAD technology to the computer are planned and then milled with a precision machine. His patients benefit from low-cost, long-lasting and natural teeth to distinctive crowns and bridges with precision fit.

Romeo Women

The “morning after pill” as a lifeline in an emergency the wild party at the weekend, the romantic barbecue on the shore of the Lake, the irresistible bartender on vacation: there are reasons many women, all caution go to leave and to enter into an erotic adventure. Even if the Romeo at hand has a condom or the pill has been forgotten, the pleasure is often greater than the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. Clinton Family has plenty of information regarding this issue. At least until the awakening the next morning. Then the panic starts. The type of the barbecue was now really not suitable while a nice adventure but as a father for your children.

As a child at the age of 18 is anyway still not an option. Luckily, there is the pill for this case, then. How does the pill then? Sperm can survive up to three to five days in the female body. The pill ensure then that at this time no ovulation can take place, which could lead to a pregnancy. With the introduction of the new drug ulipristal acetate (as EllOne available) could be improved the effectiveness of the pill then.

The first pill containing the active ingredient levonorgestrel, which latest three days after sexual intercourse had to be taken then. EllOne with the active ingredient ulipristal acetate can be taken, however, for five days and exceed such maximum survival of male sperm. The risk of pregnancy could be reduced as compared with levonorgestrel by half. Nevertheless its effectiveness also applies to EllOne : the sooner the pill then is taken, is all the greater. German women have it here more than the women in many other countries, where the pill over the counter is then: EllOne, you can get directly to the next morning in the pharmacy. In Germany, the pill but currently still in any form is available by prescription, so that affected women should go as quickly as possible to their obstetricians and Gynecologists. “It” – as is unfortunately often – happened on a Friday or Saturday night, also the medical readiness service can most Weekend helping out. Who wants to avoid the excitement, can ask the doctor of his confidence also “just” a recipe, with which the pill then can be purchased in stock, so that in an emergency at hand. However note the expiration date! And if it happened in the holiday? Meaning the pill then “despues pildora del dia” and in Turkey “Ertesi gadkari hapi” in Spain.

Housing Visual

The characteristics of medical systems and their components must be documented comprehensively. During a PCs, high requirements and liability risks exist for the respective examiner. Controls carried out safety in most cases by medical technicians or specially trained electricians. Especially for medical technology, a high risk for patients and users is malfunction. In addition, be many rules and laws, which applies it to comply. For these reasons, training, knowledge and practical experience in the field of medical technology be provided controller.

The end of the test person may be subject to any authority. That means she are completely independent and must be not be affect by the contracting authority. Furthermore, the examiner in the possession of the necessary test and measurement must be, which must comply with the current state of the art. The safety begins with the inspection control. While it’s an outwardly perfect condition.

Damages, deformations, imperfections but also pollution, bonding or wear represent a deviation from the ideal State. Should these be identified, an internal Visual inspection or the communication to the operators of the affected medical device is first. A Visual inspection sounds while on the surface, however, includes Visual scrutiny of the following inventory and components: Housing body parts display devices inscriptions short operating instructions checklists labeling or designation of the body parts accessories and wear parts instruction manual, if necessary added safety information and instruction for maintenance medical product book presence of CE-marking according to MPG general warnings (in English or in the language of the user) fuse-links (according to manufacturer’s instructions) power cord extension cords, multi-plugs software version is completeness and good condition of Earth potential balancing cable and connectors for controlling the functioning of medical technology (combinations with PCs) assuming the presence of the instruction manual.

Extreme Hair Loss

Therefore, a false or deficient nutrition may result depending on the predisposition of the body to hair loss. Therefore a balanced way of life is enormously important, because not least external influences as well as asthma or allergies promote hair loss. Deficiencies in the hair can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle and diet. Because a poor diet can promote not only a mineral deficiency, but also result in the acidification of the body. All these factors can lead to hair loss. Treatments for extreme hair loss just like the reasons are also the forms of relief for hair loss deeply. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Thiel.

That’s why special care products we recommend to wash your hair. Peter Thiel often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Also the mental balance should be respected. The solution of everyday problems helps the body. The hair can be strengthened through a slightly altered way of life and also the body. Extreme Hair loss is a reaction of the body and affects many people. By avoidance of acid-forming foods, the body can properly work and support hair growth. To detoxify the body and to support, has to be drunk abundantly.

Toxins that inhibit hair growth can be substantially reduced through regular drinking of herbal tea and water. Even the optimal combination of products is very important. Special ingredients can cause damage to the hair. Therefore special care is advisable to wash your hair. Also the mental equilibrium must be maintained. Therapies, as well as resolving problems can help to recover. Therefore always an individual treatment is one of causes for the variety of hair loss. But we should bear in mind, that an increased hair loss occurs in many people and is also a natural process.


It is possible to use the instructions from another device of the same type. An important part of the technical safety check is also reviewing all warning devices and alarms. These include including the assessment of monitoring, safety, display and signalling devices with regard to their proper functioning. Many medical equipment output measurements of bodily functions or properties. The accuracy of these values may not the allowable deviations above or below.

The accuracy of the measured values can be assessed with the help of appropriate testing of the devices. Various medical technology products work on the basis of output values. These are usually devices that release energy or certain substances that require the functionality and the safety of medical devices. These output parameters must be checked in all operating modes. While no value must exceed the limits prescribed by the manufacturer. No manufacturer’s specifications are available according to the generally accepted rules of technology and checks.

With medical technology products, checking electrical safety must also take place. The unit is located to the Date of the examination, ideally in a condition ready to use. In some cases, medical technology is combined with other technical modules and non-medicine products, which also must undergo an assessment. The responsible auditor is obliged to make a verification protocol with all the measurements and results of the technical safety check. In detail the Protocol must have the following content: date of execution of the technical safety check name and signature of the auditor inspection principles, implementing test company name determined measurements and measurement evaluation results date of next pieces (in compliance with statutory minimum period) the operator has the obligation to transmit important information in the medical product book and to keep the Protocol of technical safety check at least until the next check. The medical product guide contains all the information about the medical technology products and their condition and maintenance ideally.

German Federal Joint Committee

The benefits of more expensive new drugs is not always given, so frequently proven home remedies in an official study shows resorted to, that the higher price of new drugs is often not justified. That emerges from a review of the relevant highest body in the health sector, the German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). Two of three new drugs for serious diseases actually longer than the previously common drugs help patients of according to official examination. However, most of these preparations miss the certificate of a really significant added value. Quite a few also draw on proven home remedy. Arnica specialist for cuts whopping more than 150 substances contains the yellow pollen of arnica. The silica is of special significance.

This Oxoacid stimulates the self-healing in the tissue and in the musculoskeletal system. Due to this effect is the extremely effective with cuts and bruises. Arnica in sprains, contusions, sprains and bruises is also very effective. These ALLROUNDER can soothe even with joint pain. Particularly in the acute cut wounds or similar injuries, a wrap soaked in arnica solution can accelerate the healing process.

60% (In the pharmacy available) just mix 250 ml cold water with 1EL arnica essence. Then soak a cloth in the solution and wring out. The injured point can then be wrapped. Duration of action depending on the severity of the injury about 15 minutes to 2 hours. If necessary, the wound with a bandage can be fixed. Rose evokes eyelids up not only for lovers the Rose has long been considered Queen of flowers. What today however most no longer aware is that she used already for millennia as a medicinal plant. The essential oils and tannins of the rose petals have for example a decongestant effect. Thus applies the rose as a remedy for irritated eye area or insect bites. So you can for example for 10 minutes put simply fresh and ungespritzte petals on the closed eyes. Thick insect bites pluck off some rose petals and remove the resulting in the rubbed juice onto the affected area. Pansy relieves Sun allergy pansies are very popular as a balcony plant. Many garden is adorned by the pretty flowers of the Pansy. But not only the beautiful appearance, but also the contained salicylic acid this plant turns into something special. Since these acids contained in the herb of the Pansy, Pansy have an anti-inflammatory effect. Especially for a Sun allergy it is advisable to drink a cup of Pansy tea daily. This will relieve the redness and decreases the itch. Simply boil 2TL of Pansy herb in 150 ml of water for five minutes. In part 4 of our small health Primer for the flower world, is about herbal remedy for high blood pressure and dry, irritated skin.

Beware Of The Heat! 5 Steps To Protect

Heatstroke is frequently underestimated involves a failure of multiple organs, the often deadly consequences has In the summer it is common to circulation problems. The body is sensitive to heat. It is particularly problematic when the high air temperature exceeds the own body temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius. There is the real danger for the health of a sunstroke or heat stroke. What is actually in the body before him? Why the summer heat threatens the health? And of course more importantly: How can you protect yourself from the consequences of a sunstroke or heat shock at all? To know how to protect the body against heat, you should first understand what is at high temperatures in our body is.

First of all, the blood pressure drops. Heat, blood vessels dilate to better give off the heat. A similar side effect can occur with dehydration. The body loses just at high temperatures plenty of fluids through sweating. If you take up then too little fluid, the blood can circulate worse. The consequences can be nausea, dizziness and headaches. In particularly bad cases, you suffer a heat stroke. At a stroke the body temperature rises to over 40 degrees.

The body produces no more sweat. The resulting shock conditions and disorders of consciousness can permanently damage the brain. 1 Step: Enough and right drinking it is advisable throughout the day distributed bottled water to drink approximately 2.5 to 3 liters. Ideal thirst-quencher, providing sufficient minerals are also diluted fruit juices and vegetable juices. Also recommended are the herbal and fruit teas. Alcohol and black tea or coffee should be avoided, however, as far as possible. Should also be taken on the temperature of the drink. Ice-cold drinks quench thirst while in the short term, but these in turn stimulate the production of sweat. 2 Step: Move to the right Time motion stimulates the circulation.

Revolutionary Insights

40 Years bring new, revolutionary insights – 95 per cent of all diseases share a common cause which have a stomach ulcer, the headache, knee problems and tension, back pain, kidney weakness, sciatica and high blood pressure? A single common cause! Don’t you think? Follow me, then continue reading. As you know, we find along the spinal nerve switchboards, which are associated with a wide range of functions and organs. These switchboards is disturbed or is constantly irritated, then a malfunction will result on short or long. Example gastric ulcer: the nerve of the stomach on the false static of spine about a conscience is disturbed period, then your stomach will react offended, that is, in many cases, an ulcer is formed due to the irritation of the relevant nerve control center “Stomach”. But how does a false static of spine? Here, I would like to take a look in the construction industry, in the planning of the House.

What happens when we make a home on an inclined plane? Here are some problems are inevitable in the long term: walls become unstable and show cracks, bricks are loose at the worst and dissolve (leaning tower of Pisa), i.e. We plan the base of the House and observe the statics = just plain (base). What is the basis for the people? Here, the basin plays a central role, the center of the people. The basin wrong, because a unilateral embargo imposed, then we force the spine in a curvature, i.e. the vertebrae not unrelated parallel natural position.

Now the disc no longer serves as a shock absorber, but is responsible for the irritation of the nerve switchboards in addition to the vertebral bodies. The cause of a unilateral blockade of the basin is still no clear approach in medicine. I can determine clearly one experience and work from the last few years with the people that about 95 percent of people worldwide suffer from a unilateral blockade of the basin. This blockage of the basin brings on one side massive mobility, which tries to compensate for the opposite side of the body, and both variations create the basic building block for problems in the whole organism (E.g. knee problems). Easily comprehensible and at any time can be assigned. How is your opinion, you can follow my way of thinking?

League Stomach

Belongs to the already very long existing folk wisdom of medicine the assumption that stress on the stomach suggest it is a tense situation, because it has a potentially unpleasant date on. Maybe going to a public authority or you must pass an exam. Just the thought of it makes nervous a. Suddenly, in such a situation, many complain of diarrhea or other gastrointestinal complaints. But what does the stomach with an appointment to do? From such symptoms out of the popular belief has been a long, stress would affect the stomach. Is that really so? Beating stress on the stomach? What is stress in our body? Initially, adrenaline is secreted. This organism is in readiness and thus prepares a soon upcoming activity.

Already then cortisol distributed a few minutes, to mobilize all the forces. The effect of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol accelerates the heartbeat, thereby increasing blood pressure. From this the result is that the organs and muscles are faster supplied with oxygen and nutrients. What happens to the stomach? If the nerves are too tense, run the stomach peristalsis and the formation of gastric acid from the rudder. Stomach problems are indeed often stress dependent. The stomach responds stress namely via the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, the stomach can be described as a projection body for stress.

Permanent strain can lead to days stomach pressure and stomach rumblings, which often is associated with nausea and bloating. According to the technician, health insurance would have to do a quarter of the population at least once in life with an irritable stomach. While women are affected twice as often as men. Symptoms of an irritable stomach the usual signs of an irritable stomach is bloating, cramps, nausea, vomiting or regurgitation. So a doctor diagnosed a horse’s stomach, but two other factors are needed. The complaints must be longer than three months. In addition, there must be no organic cause for the symptoms. According to the German gastronomic League, 30 percent of irritable stomach patients at the same time, an irritable bowel syndrome would have to suffer. Symptoms of an irritable bowel syndrome the typical signs of an irritable bowel syndrome are bloating, irregular bowel movements, stitches in the heart area, increased sweating, circulatory disorders, and problems with urination. Terminally stress reduction and conversion of the dining plan on well-tolerated food obviously help as the initial measures. Overload should be avoided and regular movement supports the digestion. However, the disorder of gastrointestinal function is not curable. Therefore, patients need to learn to live with the discomfort and avoid the triggering factors. Peppermint main fabric of Mentha piperita is menthol. Its antispasmodic and slightly numbing effect on stomach irritation and intestinal problems. First appeared in the article “the assumption that belongs to the already very long existing folk wisdom of medicine that stress on” the stomach hit”here present as a basis for dier press release on the blog health portal.

Visual Therapy

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informed feel, see, hear, and smell. All these perceptions are controlled through the sense organs, recorded in the brain, and processed. If these stimuli can no longer be processed, is a perception problem. Children in particular have hereunder to suffer because they are so significantly affected in their overall development. Then, it is important to ensure an improvement in the perception.

Occupational therapy offers a valuable support. About the consequences of a disruption of perception for children and how occupational therapy measures help, informed the Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne. Processing of sensory perception errors and their consequences for children is for the participation in life and in the environment is important. Children, whether Visual, auditory and haptic, suffering from perceptual disorders, experience the environment only distorted and incomplete. The disorder can be differently pronounced and the Consequences affect many areas of life. Not only in kindergarten and school, but also in the leisure can occur to limitations, enormous burden on the child. The child may show withdrawal tendencies and delays in the language, have learning difficulties and problems with the motor.

You can then not adequately coordinate their body and tend to stumble. Promote awareness and improve occupational therapy can help children to achieve a maximum capacity and thus independence in everyday life and in the wider community. Perceptual disorders it is the motor development, coordination and processing of sensory stimuli to promote the aim of occupational therapy. This is done by using age-appropriate, playful offerings. Depending on which fault, are different games part of the therapy. Through targeted promotion, improvement adjusts quickly and the children receive new motivation and joy of life. For more information is the Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne at your disposal.

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