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Sam Bradford

St Louis Rams is a team that has not had much significance in its respective division. Between 2002 and 2009 has maintained its permanence in the NFC West between second and fourth place. His only recent winning season was in 2003 when reached the division title. While the Rams today are the first in their division, their participation this season has not been very prominent. The NFC West is one of the divisions with minor notoriety of the NFL, this is one of the factors that can be influenced in the performance of the Rams, since you haven’t had enough competitive divisional rivals. So far the Rams have a record of six wins and eight victories that have marked in an interleaved manner. This left St.

Louis without the possibility of being able to occupy a place in the postseason. Opened the score the Rams with two goals from the field in the first quarter. The Chiefs recovered in the second quarter when they scored two touchdowns (14-6). In the third quarter the Rams rose marker 17-6 thanks even surprising 53-yard Ryan Succop field goal. The Rams had the opportunity for a touchdown to make the score 20-13, but the Chiefs responded and closed down 27-13 encounter with another annotation. The Kansas City Star was the Marshal of quarterback Matt Cassel, who after eleven days outside since it was surgery on his Appendix, He returned to continue with the triumphs of his team.

Cassel collaborated by completing 15 of 29 passes, one for a touchdown, scored 184 yards and had one interception. Sam Bradford, quarterback for the Rams, launched and completed more passes (21/43), but none for annotation, recorded 181 yards and also was the victim of an interception. Kansas City will continue in the search for a pass to the playoffs when faced on December 26 against Tennessee. This waiting makes Seattle, their closest division rival and who shares same record (6-8), when the Seahawks play against Tampa Bay.

Artistic Forging Elements

Once a person has mastered the technology of metal began to appear not only good tools, weapons, and decorative elements of forging. Art forging is used to decorate the facade of buildings (forged visors, awnings, stairs, railings), in the interior of the premises (forged items for the fireplace), territory improvement for decorative (forged gate fence, fences, benches, barbecues), and of course for security functions (wrought-iron gates and fences). Decorative wrought iron items adorn churches, theaters, museums, palaces, mansions and private homes, and simply represents a great value. So the art forging not only an element of prestige, status, owner of the house, but safe investments are not exposed to risks. The demand for beautiful things will always be. But the forged items is not only beauty, reliability and prestige. One of the main advantages of forged products is a reliable protection of their territory.

Wrought Iron fences, wrought iron gates clearly demonstrate the seriousness of intent to defend their property. To make a piece of metal into an artistic design element is not enough simply to be smith, must be an artist. And, probably, a combination of fire, metal, heavy physical work and make the fine artistic perception forged items into works of art. When you look at art made wrought-iron gates, an elegant shop or shed felt a powerful internal energy contained in each weaving and bending metal tamed. Making art elements forging process complex and lengthy. In the manufacture of forged products can be customized to leave the years and often made by one master, since every blacksmith's own unique style. Of course, modern art forging has become more technological. In the manufacture of forged products feature automatically apply the anvil, welding and cleaning machine, which greatly simplifies production and reduces the time project, but as in all times, hand-cut, is a hallmark of high quality artists.