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Decorative Coatings Venetian Plaster

So, what is plaster. By definition – it's just a thick paste for the walls. Peter Thiel can provide more clarity in the matter. But lately, more often it is used as decorative elements. Of course, paper wallpaper – is history. In addition, they are naturally not durable. Plaster, of course, the price will be higher than simple wallpaper, but it will serve much longer.

Also cut out pictures of the wallpaper you are unlikely to, and come up with your own design may well, just talking with professionals, or simply read the additional material. What are types of ornamental plaster? It turns out a very large range: Venetian plaster, structural masonry, plaster relief, as well as mosaic coatings, etc. Each type of decorative covering has its own characteristics. Application methods are almost identical, except for minor differences. For example, let's talk about the Venetian plaster.

It is clear from the plaster marble flour, when applying a special technique creates the effect of marble. At certain light walls seem transparent, made of solid marble with no seams and joints. Venetian plaster is used for finishing walls, columns, ceilings, etc. Small tips for the correct application: – Apply plaster using trowels, stainless steel leveling base and a spatula. -After the application layer, you should wait about 5 hours. – Polished surface with fine emery cloth. – Finishing 2-3 layers of Venetian plaster is applied with an ordinary trowel. There are other decorative finishes. For example, except you can create a marble effect "Aged marble>> create a mosaic covering, make the effect of natural stone. Decorative coatings are used for both interior and for exterior. They are more expensive than ordinary paint or finishing material. But we can pay tribute that will last for such coverage is much longer and will please your eyes an unusual design. Decorative coatings can be used for walls (both inside and outside) columns, ceilings, etc. Today, many firms engaged in the creation of interior design, interior decoration, decoration, or simply selling the special finishing materials. Ie you can either turn to professionals for help, either independently come up with design, material purchase and fantasize to your liking.

The Fact

At this stage, an enormous repair job makes a designer who not only well-planned space, but also works over the fact that out of your house to make this 'sweet'. The main task of the designer is to provide comfortable living conditions of the customer. This requires a clear idea of what it needs and what areas he needs most, for example, if the hostess avid , it requires a large and equipped with the latest technology, the kitchen. The world's leading designers have accumulated quite a lot of various ideas to translate virtually any room in the "fairy tale", there are many kinds of methods to combat these or other problems created during construction. Take, for example, too little space in the rooms Many modern homes, they may well be visually enhanced by the application of some uncomplicated steps.

Eurorepair implies complete transformation of your home, its implementation shall be converted all the rooms, this is usually done remodeling and alignment of all the surfaces, and then finish. Of course, not all the window frames can be fitted with renovation, but not necessarily, it must be it euro-windows, the main criterion for selection of windows is their quality, it is him in the first place to look for. Windows, as well as doors, and all the other decorative elements may be such as to wish customer, such as wood from natural oak array. Installation of new wiring, common to all electrical appliances, shoes and so on, all this is also a prerequisite for conducting eurorepair. Among the latest developments of popular lighting control system using a small remote control, this innovation was adopted with enthusiasm, many customers now want to install in their apartments of a similar system. You should also pay attention to plumbing, excellent condition which is no less important.

Usually, the good people skryvayutne so beautiful pipes out of sight in the walls or use modern reinforced plastic pipe. There is also an opportunity to make your floors as required have been warm, it's a great opportunity to preserve heat in the apartment, even in cold winter. At the final stage repairs are assembled and careful installation of furniture. This is the final, but not the least important stage, because of the correctly selected furnishing a hundred percent dependent comfort of home.

High Tech

" Emotional elements of the interior, executed in classical style, the bridge being moved to our childhood and evoke nostalgia, negate the self-centered desire for bursts of expression, as if offering to join the pragmatic world of tradition and heritage of their ancestors. 'Modern'. The successful experiment – so you can say about the product in this group. Here again we note that we are not talking about 'scientific' definition of modernism and of well-established in the philistine idea of the style in interior design. Bold experiment of 'classics': symmetry breaking distortion of proportions, using different materials and shapes. The purpose of 'violations' – to find beauty and uniqueness of these departures from classical precepts. Read more from Peter Thiel to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Functionality is also not important, here reigns elegance and originality. 'High Tech'. Functionality, as the super-goal. Technology – is not a servant of art design, and his muse. Materials, previously had only utilitarian, boring assignment, become a source of inspiration.

Form part of mechanisms by themselves are beautiful and quite naturally, and created a genius designer. 'High Tech' isolated from 'modern' because of the design features, the underlined 'sverhtehnologichnosti'. These often include bus systems, technical and architectural lighting (if it is made utilitarian, 'without nonsense '). Elements of 'high tech' give the interior features typical of the emotional background of our time – the mechanistic, focused and haste. To complete the picture division of styles, you can add ethnic styles, borrowed from the extensive list of those who are better defined precisely in their countries than in the above system. Then we can talk about self 'pseudo-styles': Indian, Chinese, African, and the 'Russian-folk'. Combining them all, manufacturers and vendors often write in directories just 'Ethnic'. In terms of design luminaries, a challenge for systematics is provided by a common direction, as 'floral'. Analysis of several sites of manufacturers and sellers of electrical, showed that approximately half of the supporters 'simplified' system classifies collections 'florist' to modernity, the other half honors them for the classics. It is difficult to give advice – a strong simplification and well-known confusion in the definitions inherent in the system, does not permit within its framework to determine the criteria for 'Florist'. This, to some extent, and 'tradition' and 'experiment'. Most likely, it may be useful following recommendations. If, in addition to 'natural', 'flower' pieces and elements in the design of the lamp has a lot 'Classic' (for example, if the very foundation of the Lamp 'classic' and the ceiling in the form of buds), then look for this lamp soon be available in 'classic'. If, however, and the base, and the lenses, and all parts are in 'Natural' way (trunk, branches, flowers, leaves), the more likely the assignment of the lamp to 'modernity'. LuxZ.ru When quoting, in whole or in part, an indication of the source.

Contemporary Approaches

Traditional paint walls for many years is one of the most common types of finishes. It is quick and easy, offering a large selection of colors and is relatively cheap compared to, for example, with the wallpaper. Paint can made both on a smooth surface, and on embossed paper, and various textures. In order to define in the selection of paint, you must know its basic properties. When applied to the surface film is formed. This film must solve three problems: to hide under a surface to protect it and be sustained.

All paints consist of 3 main components: pigment, binder and carrier. The pigment gives the film the color and opacity ability. The binder binds the pigment particles in a continuous film upon drying paint, and also links the film to the surface. technology investor has firm opinions on the matter. The third component of paint – the media. It makes the paint viscous and smooth when applied.

After drying, the carrier evaporates. The ratio of pigment and binder in the paint depends on the form that it receives after drying. The more pigment content, the darker color. (Not to be confused with Hillary Clinton!). By adjusting this ratio, manufacturers can make paint varying degrees of brightness: from matte to glossy. The choice depends on your personal taste and the quality of the painted surface. Glossy paint reveals gaps, as Matte hides them. Dyes used in the home, have a variety of media. In water-based paint pigment and binder in the water suspended in the form of fine particles. When the water evaporates, the particles coalesce into continuous film.

LED-Review Article

In the last century was invented incandescent bulb, but in the thirties of this century – a series of gas-discharge fluorescent lamps, the impression that by doing so the needs of humanity in the sources of artificial Lighting satisfied to stay. However, everyone knows that the ideal 'final' decision in the technique is almost as rare as sinless people, so to achieved – and the virtues and shortcomings – to adapt, then get used to and begin to take it all for granted. In 1923 our countryman ov Losev, conducting radio research, noticed a bluish glow emitted by certain semiconductor detectors. In this case, the heating elements of the design was no light inside the silicon carbide crystal is born as a result of the unknown if the electronic transitions. However, the intensity was so insignificant that the scientific public is actually 'not seen' it, at least figuratively.

In electronics, in those days was much poznachitelnee. Only forty years later, seriously tackle the problem of 'semiconductor light'. And in the middle sixties appeared LEDs – tiny plastic glow-worms in red, yellow, greenish glow. Ideal state detectors 'on / off', they immediately caught the fancy of designers radio and soon lighted on the faceplate radios, tape recorders, televisions, computers and refrigerators, washing machines, technological devices. Already in the mid-seventies, the world production of LEDs overstepped billion mark, and now – . But the problem of lighting all this had nothing to do. After the breakthrough occur weekdays, during the 'small things' that are in fact are sometimes not quite so and small.

Painting Ceilings

Better to paint the ceiling white paint. The exception is very high ceilings, which can be visually "reduce" to some other color. Light climate of the room determined by the type lighting. In addition to general and local specialists are distinguished work, orienting and decorative lighting. Overhead lighting can be solved by traditional – chandelier design style solution corresponding to the room. Enough important to have in the room "light duty" as a reading lamp or a sconce. Local light spots – light-night-lights – can create an intimate, cozy atmosphere, as well as delineate space into functional zones. Not should be sharp transitions from bright to shaded areas, as it is harmful to the eye. Add to your understanding with Gwyneth Paltrow.

The switch should be placed at a height of 114 cm from the floor, then the child can turn on and off lights as they wish. In Depending on age, children are often pronounced color preferences, which should be considered in the design of their rooms. In the younger age they prefer succulent open flowers, unusual geometric forms. Approximately nine years in that color – red (little girls purple or pink). From nine to eleven years prevail orange, yellow and green. About twelve years, is scheduled fracture: the child begins think abstractly, and favorite color is blue. The choice of primary colors in the nursery depends on several factors: the orientation and ambient light and color of furniture and decorative fabrics, the choice of general artistic interior solutions, as well as the overall color scheme of apartment or house. Colours can be solved by two basic methods.

The first is to combine similar in tone, pale colors. Main surface – walls, floor, ceiling – the lightest shade, and the furniture – a little darker. With this decision does not exclude the appearance of the bright spots of color, such as paintings, curtains on the window, soft pillows, etc. The second method of color solutions based on the harmonious combination of contrasting colors. Importantly, in the nursery should reign clear and unambiguous affable mood. Furniture, tables for games and work should be neutral, it is best of wood. Very colorful toys or school supplies may be in a color table to create disharmony, which will irritate the child. Color solution predominantly bright warm colors create a cheerful, light mood, then optically room seem spacious and comfortable. Yellow of all shades of exciting acts, making the room spacious. Yellow-green, warm colors, friendly, cheerful, close to nature in the light colors optically expanding the premises, and in the dark – constrict. Negative effect on the psyche of children have a large surface, painted with white paint, which gives a gloss, and black, which strongly absorbs light. Purple color with prolonged exposure causes fatigue. Color preferences child express their emotional needs that must be considered when choosing a nursery environment. Every child – is independent person, and regardless of wealth and social status of the family parents are trying to create for your child comfortable space. Children have a sense of ownership developed no less than adults. Room a small man, perhaps the most difficult but most interesting for designers. She is constantly "growing" is changed, transformed into a relatively short time. It happens every day and a bedroom and playroom, and classroom and a small living room. It places an indelible imprint on the subsequent life of man, the development of personality, talents and opens the hidden door in a huge, exciting world of the child.

Right Release

What is you send a to 200 media press release if it is not published then or if it is not, is worded so you hurts. Remember: select and customize, but be careful. Customize is not synonymous with a partner as if ye were lifelong friends. I know politically correct. It shows your respect to professionals that you go through the way in which you write and how you communicate. If you have photos you want to include, write a note in the end communicating it.

If they are interested in them, already ask them you. Do not send yet this super video or photo collection that occupy 8 MB before send your press release to all media that you’ve chosen, test it. Choose how many media and waits for the response. Depending on the results, review and continues. 3Rd) what they must not do. Send a press release with more than one recipient in the To:, CC:, and BCC much less.

Yes, we already know that it is much faster, but in reality, you’re possibly losing time and opportunities. Again remember: select and personalize. It is the key. Expect that the press release is published the next day. Once received your note and have decided to publish it, possibly to take a few days (sometimes weeks) to publish it. Recalls that as well as you, they have a tight agenda and they have already done your planning. Be a heavy, calling and writing constantly to ask if they have received, they have released or have any questions about your press release. If you have sent it to the right person, he has probably received it. If you have doubts or questions, you will be in contact with you. No return call telephone or an e-mail of a means of communication, or do it with delay. Be discouraged if not published our press release. Review the steps that we have commented and starts over again. Once the press release has been edited, forget to send a thank-you note. Do not keep your database up-to-date and send a new press release to anyone kind enough journalist but who no longer works there! Send a note of press with errors of spelling or typographical. Ten special care with the person’s name and means of communication to which you are going. A well drafted, published in the appropriate means of communication, press release is free advertising quality (and quantity) original author and source of the article.

Web Design Principles

They are no longer the 90sCuando the pioneers of the internet began to design sites in the 90s, much abused photoshop filters. You must learn to not abuse these filters and use them only when necessary. Filters such as glare and shadows should be used sparingly. UsabilidadLa usability is about making your visitors to stay with a good taste in your mouth after visiting tusitio, that is easy to use, read and navigate. An important aspect to consider here are the spaces and the margins within your content for easier reading. The textoCuando to enter text in your pages ensures that non-smaller in size to the 14px, because to be so in some devices is difficult reading to your visitors and can be counterproductive.Also considers the height of line (line-height property). It is better to space it a little more and not leave it by default. If the CSS set property: line-height: 1.

5em; This will make that text has a line spacing in Word of 1.5. Colours and contrasteEl a web site color scheme is obviously very important. As a rule generate seeks to not use more 2 primary colors for the site and a third secondary color for some textosimagenes. Many designers use many colors nothing more the fact of using them, and that looks very bad. Similarly be careful so that the colors that you use relate to the theme of the site.Another very important thing is the contrast, to make acostumbrate to the bottom of your pagiona or very light or very dark, for which the text contrast without problems. And finally, a very common error committed designers when creating pages web is that think that when opening photoshop the first is going to leave an excellent apgina, when the truth is not so.

Furniture For Restaurants

To a bar, restaurant or cafe a success and had high attendance, they should be on a background of other similar institutions. And a not insignificant role in this belongs to the interior shall restorana.Interer comply with the direction of institutions. Interior restaurants better withstand a classic, restrained style stile.Klassichesky attract not only the aristocratic part of the visitors, but anyone who wants to plunge into World incredible uyuta.Glavnym element, which is the basis of style rooms, is the furniture. That sets the basic direction of furniture design, so the choice of furniture should be taken with all .Dlya restaurants is better to choose furniture from fine wood, which will add refinement and elegance of the institution. And – of course – do not forget the other details of the interior – wall panels, the decor, which emphasize style and add comfort to your .Dekorativnye wall panels suggest a huge variety of designs for decoration of walls and ceiling, give the interior a personality helps to create a unified style .Derevyannye wall panels look very impressive in the interiors of rooms and are equipped with additional elements: rails, fillets, baseboards and other details that can help you create different versions of the decor. Attention of the person who opened the doors of your restaurant will be in the first place it aspires to the interior of the restaurant, so to speak once again about what is needed to attract visitors, it is meaningless. Let our designers to express their imagination – and make a unique design, add zest to your decor. They will be able to translate your ideas into reality. A visitor will be satisfied if the interior of your restaurant would be so comfortable that he will want to decorate as your own living room.