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Not all free hosting services support this type of files or may take a long time to load if the hosting bandwidth is reduced, that makes the blog take to load.Although we can host them on Google Sites or Dropbox also we can accommodate the scripts in the template itself, thus the page load time will be shorter and will not be depending on an external Blogger service. Host live scripts in the template works for almost all cases, although it is possible to have one or another script that can resist and that if we will have to stay in an independent service. To host the scripts in the template there are two ways, one is entering design > edit HTML and before /head of paste the following: script type = text/javascript ///script how to get the contents of the script? Paste the URL of the script in the address bar of your browser, if you open a page full of code that is the content of the script; If instead you are downloading a file with a .js extension then opens the file with WordPad and copy and content of the script. The other option is: enter design > page elements > add a gadget > HTML/Javascript and paste there in an only element content of all the scripts you want. Would be almost the same way: script type = text/javascript content script/script with either of these two forms will stop relying on other services and save us some time to load the page to not depend on the bandwidth of others.

Abiboo Architecture

ABIBOO Architecture, international architecture office led by Alfredo Munoz, has been developing for months the Thandalam Project residential complex near Chennai, southern India, consisting of about 700 homes and studios, the latter of them intended for students of a nearby university. The project will also consist of a series of facilities to give service to the residences, as well as vast green areas which will join an urban park also planned by Abiboo Architecture in the same parcel, as Indian law requires. The project combines a number of independent blocks, articulated in two areas defined by the presence of an existing power line tower on the site, which becomes the structuring element of a large linear eco-park with innovative elements of alternative energy, and that turns out to be protagonist of the project. The residences are arranged in separate blocks but interconnected towers that by narrow, elongate, break and change their configuration, creating spaces of social interaction with different character that in turn maintain their relationships with the numerous green spaces provided in order to create a healthy living environment. These independent blocks are pieces that break and fragment, playing with the lights and shadows and adapting the homes to the local harsh climatic conditions, and offering as well a glimpse of the complex inner world of the corridors where color has a notorious presence. ABIBOO Architecture, conducts with this project to research on domestic space in India through a deep analysis of its culture and its philosophies, applied to complex defines their homes (marked by the Vastu criteria standards, similar to Feng Shui philosophy). The projected residences after this analytical exercise, added to previous research on contemporary housing as well as to the long experience in building in the Western world and to the international experience accumulated by the studio, are the design tools that respond to the needs of its future inhabitants mainly.

Web Templates For ECommerce: Magento Templates

Internet commerce becomes one of the most popular in the world of business types. Each year more companies and business people are represented on the Web. Any commercial group accredited, small or large enterprise already has some form of presence online. Since the influence of the Web expands more people use the web for your business needs. Many software companies offer solutions of problems and issues relating to the maintenance of sites and pages online.

These services can be quite expensive and why many small businesses and half cannot afford the expenses of this type. In addition, many software companies require a license agreement that has the potential to restrict growth and expansion. A viable option is an open source e-commerce platform. Magento is an ecommerce software created in the programming language popular and safe, PHP, and is integrated with Zend Framework. Due to these features Magento is a product that you can work with large efficiency, that is optimized for performance. Magento is available to run on a variety of environments, for example Windows, Mac and Linux.

Like any open source software, Magento is available for free download and installation on your server. While Magento is available for free download, there is still the question of development and web design. Generally, there are two variants of this problem: hire a professional web developer to pay for custom development or purchase a package of Magento template files. The first variant has its drawbacks. There to search, contact, recruit and manage a specialist in web development. To do all this requires much effort and time and despite all efforts no one can guarantee the perfect outcome. Secondly this project can be quite expensive, but without the guarantee that the quality of the work will be very high. Advantages of templates Magento template Magento is a popular alternative. Template package includes files that are You can optimize and develop to create an e-commerce site. They are specifically designed for the Magento platform and are very flexible. Many Magento templates are top quality and you can buy them at prices quite low. There are many individuals and groups with talent looking for business in the area of development and web design. They offer a wide variety of templates and other related services. Competition is strong in this market, because there are many professionals who sell their impressive work. With so many sellers, the quality of the Magento templates grows and prices are reduced. Magento template is the best option for owners of web sites that are looking for an e-commerce platform. The Magento platform is free and free of problems with licenses. There are thousands of professional developers that offer your quality templates. You can create and maintain a web site of ecommerce without hassles and high cost of development with the help of Magento templates.

New Designers Templates

Today the official announcement of new designer templates for Blogger, which, according to the company, is the first important step, not only in the improvement of designs becomes if not also in the way in which the user can improve the appearance and layout of your blog. If you access to Blogger in Draft, you will find new customizable templates (15), designs for 1, 2 or even 3 columns for each template, allowing suit size and arrangement of these, and also hundreds of background images. After logging in to your Blogger account, you will have to give in design, and at the top click the option of template designer, where you can have access to change the layout of your page, which is displayed in a preview before you give the option, apply to the blog is displayed. In you can see a video showing this tool in action. In my opinion this application fairly facilitates the development of designs that you can create the outline of a blog in a matter of minutes. If you are a Blogger user, or want to create a new account, you will have to access the official website of this program Blogger in Draft for more information or to make use of this tool. Original author and source of the article

Web Developer

Joomla is one of the main systems of content management that are available to the owners of web sites, developers, and designers. Since it is open source, you can download it and install it on a web server for free. For those looking for a powerful and intuitive way to handle the large amount of content, while maintaining a professional appearance on the Web, Joomla can offer all of this. A little history Joomla born of separation between the development team and the organization that hired them. The team decided to split up due to internal conflicts about the values of open source and the violation of the terms of the agreement.

As a symbol of the spirit of open source, the name, Joomla, is derived from the word in swahili meaning all together. The first version was released in September 2005 and since then she has received numerous awards and a group of followers around the world. As regards its acceptance as a content management system, Joomla was downloaded more than 2.5 million times after his release. Sleek, professional look for those clients who are looking for a stylish image and professional on the Internet, there are many tools offered by Joomla. The visual quality and appearance of the web site are very important. Any business or professional group knows the fact that appearance is vital for success. Joomla-based sites benefit from its clean and well established design.

As in any system of content management, content, i.e., the images, the texts and videos are not linked to any particular look. One of its main advantages is that the design of the web site can change very quickly and without much effort. Joomla templates can cause the amazing changes in the appearance of the site in just a few steps. What is a Joomla template? A Joomla template is simply a collection of files that are developed to control the appearance of the site, working with the Joomla core. Simply place the template files in the directory on the server and your Joomla site You can put them into practice. To select the template that is active, the site can suffer radical changes in its design. Templates are divided into three categories: free, not free, and personal. Many web developers and designers offer free templates and you can download in format of open source packages. Not free Joomla templates are available for purchase and are of high quality. Finally, a website owner can hire a Web Developer or a web designer so that he believes a new Joomla template for your site. This last option is the most expensive but ideal for fantastic results. There is lot of competition in the market of templates. And it’s perfect for the improvement of the quality of templates. As a content management system, Joomla offers the possibility to manage the content of your web site much easier. It is very comfortable to keep your original and professional site with the help of the template-based design approach. With all these features and advantages, Joomla offers a powerful way to deploy and maintain a flexible and modern website.