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American Place

Sometimes, therefore, put on the sides, vraspor, tough guy to frame withstand torque. Maybe this blunder, but, unfortunately, still no one came up with nothing better to do strongman. Generally, all the V-Max engine power divided by into three categories. In the European version of the engine power is limited to 100 hp In the American version – 140 HP In Canada, the most venerable – 145 hp At last the same system installed V-boost, which adds engine power at high speed. The principle is simple: in the intake manifold is servo-flap, which in turns brings more than 6,000 pairs of left and right korbyuratorov, making them inseparable. If you would like to know more then you should visit Glenn Dubin. Thus, the cylinder comes more fuel mixture. Originally thought of a blower, but the place was not enough, then designed a special aerodynamic air intakes, which have become hallmark Yamaha V-Max.

Under saddle housed a 15-liter fuel tank. To approach the neck, one must overcome two small lever and tilt the emphasis driver's seat. At the same falshbake is the main block of the dashboard. It includes a pointer coolant temperature, tachometer and warning lights. Many who could ride in the saddle, Yamaha V-Max argue that this arrangement of devices is very inconvenient, since all the options do not fall within the visibility and are diverted from the road to find out, for example, the engine speed. At its usual place is located only a speedometer. Tuning firm at the time generously awarded V-Max a huge amount of details for any type and depth of tuning.

Dodge Chrysler

Cars already gained fame during its debut at the exhibition entitled The American Auto Show in Detroit International Students. The exhibition took place in January 2009. Not surprisingly, the concept of progressive Chrysler took numerous approvals from various informational publications. For example say, New York Times, described as the Chrysler 200C EV 'sleek, elegant … one of the bombs surprises exhibition in Detroit.

" In the end, similar to the art auto manufacturing technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to combine a person online world and the world of the road, driving a Chrysler ENVI, equipped with an artificial brain, which can be envied. Concept car Chrysler 200C EV just full of high technology. Team of engineers entrusted to create not just avtokontsept, but, as explained Klegon (Klegon), 'portal to the outside world', which focuses on three propositions: convenience, socialization and synchronization. 'What does the concept car Chrysler 200C EV more different is the use of technologies that will make the trip and the image of the daily lives of individuals simply indescribable pleasure. In and we see a car that has so comfortable and easy to operate, that person literally merges with the road.. ' Frank Klegon (Frank Klegon) Executive Vice President – Development Division, Chrysler LLC. Convenience Want to spend some money on the latest entertainment before heading out on the road? Options include radio systems with different additional functions that allow the driver to acquire music simple clicking on the icon 'Mopar'. In our stores you will always find spare parts in stock Dodge.

Corporation Toyota

Plunger injection pump inline type M or MW (their manufacturer – the company Bosch) have a rather complex structure, but at the same time, excellent reliability and durability. They are used in automotive brand Mercedes. By design, inline fuel pump nozzle to provide each individual cylinder of the discharge section. The drive from the cam shaft of the pump. In each section there are two precise elements – the discharge valve and plunger. The task of the plunger – this is the fuel supply nozzle. The plunger is installed in the fuel pump housing with a clearance of not less than 1 micron. The plunger also regulates the amount of fuel.

To quickly lock the fuel line that connects the pump and injectors, as well as to maintain a residual pressure discharge valve is used. The system of pumping the fuel pumps in the distribution of type VE (manufacturer Bosch or DieseJ KiKi) has a plunger-valve, which is due to translational motions is supplying the fuel, and as a result of rotation – the distribution of the fuel injectors. This sophisticated type of motion of the plunger occurs as a result of his contact through the rollers stepper drive. Number of cycles that the plunger performs for 1 turn, depends on the number of cylinders in a diesel engine. In the late 80s had developed the first model the distribution pump with an electronically controlled fuel supply. This type of injection pump stations indispensable for certain car models (for example, AUDI1 or 9TDI). Direct-injection engine, which forced turbunaduvom, uses exactly the injection pump design EP / VE.

They are manufactured in Japan and the two companies NIPPONDENSO ZEXEL. NIPPONDENSO products used primarily Corporation Toyota, and became a structural unit of the company Bosch, ZEXEL manufactures fuel pump for most Japanese diesel engines. In addition, the company created its own NIPPONDENSO modification of engines, which served as the basis for the type of VE. European counterparts for such high pressure fuel pump does not exist, so they are produced mainly for domestic market. Finally, one of the latter types of fuel pumps High pressure – VP. They are not only perfectly replace inline fuel pump and distribution, but also have a more dynamic and efficient performance. Produced for cars AUDI VW, NISSAN. The system of common rail – a completely new technique, which is not for nothing called 'scheme Injection of the 21st century. " This method allows a 10-15% decrease of fuel consumption, increasing power to 40%. The system of common rail characterized in that the fuel is located in the backbone, common to all injectors.

YMZ Engines

The cheapness of Chinese art has played with many a cruel joke. Savings on the acquisition, for example, tractors, turned a problem into its service, because spare parts for such a big problem to find. Looking under the hood China's technology, it would seem, by their appearance is not different members of one family and the model is struck by the number of differences. Ranked five units of such equipment, there is no any guarantee that you find completely identical. Chinese technology in industrial production is respected for its quality, take, for example, production of motor plant Yuchay. The problem is that by this stamp collecting engines for their performances on a technique hundreds of small enterprises. Well there is a very high probability that the acquiring machinery from China, you will get with it here is a sample of this here is a little "Yuchaychika. If wheelbase of a small company to collect not under force, and easier to buy, with the installation on those security forces of its own production (based on industrially manufactured block) there are no problems.

Neither the general catalog, or find details at this diversity is not easily achievable in practice. But with market-demand creates supply, and the way out was found. It turns out the base of Chinese trucks (because she, unlike engines created on the large industrial enterprises) may be used with motors of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. Quality and reliable engines YMZ deservedly popular in our country, and therefore adaptation engine JAMZ on Chinese technology is gaining popularity. The important role played by the fact that parts JAMZ are available at any self-respecting shop for trucks in Russia. Not surprisingly, the demand for such improvement is increasing day by day, because if you are the owner of Chinese trucks and require replacement of the power unit, then the choice is, in my obvious. Of course, it YMZ the most convenient engine for operation in Russian conditions.