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The Truth About The Molded Skin

Recent years, often in markets and shops sell shoes, handbags and other leather goods offer products from the pressed leather, assuring them that this is also leather. The buyer happy and satisfied – he bought a cheap seems to be a leather thing! Was recently in the Moscow market “” – just some sort of dominance of the goods from the pressed leather. So I decided with the help of the Internet to understand – what is the pressed leather? It turned out – pressed leather, for Essentially, the skin is not. This is the real leather. Just one of the components used in the manufacture of so-called pressure-treated skin, contains part of the leather waste.

This minor cuts, scraps, shavings, even leather dust and other variety of waste (in the case goes all) remaining after production or cutting the skin, and do not necessarily natural, perhaps it will waste itself pressed leather. The second component (here it is major) – a variety of synthetic binder fibers: polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, etc. All of this cut, mixed, heated and pressed. When heated, melted fibers, impregnating and gluing material. There is a third component (for an additional hardening) – this is very harmful synthetic thermoplastic resin. Resins are also melt and permeate the entire fiber structure. A rather cheap material with low air and moisture permeability, but its production waste-free. 100% of this is very harmful production (in production when heated produces hazardous to the health of phenol-formaldehyde gases) are concentrated in China.

Almost all Chinese leather items are made of molded leather. Maybe this is acceptable for handbags, purses and belts, but shoes made of a skin (and not necessarily cut in China) is very harmful – the legs will sweating and tired, maybe even kidney and skin diseases legs. These shoes will last long and quickly lose shape. How to distinguish genuine leather from molded skin? All products are molded skin the characteristic chemical smell. To check you can drop on the skin with water. If it has absorbed water and darkened, it is leather, if not – it’s leather or pressed leather. Natural skin does not change its characteristics, if you bring it to a match – it does not glow, and leather will start to melt. There is another simple property of the leather used in the test – if you hold the leather in his hands, then you will feel that leather was warm, and leather or pressed leather will remain cold. 24.04.2010

Operating System Mac OS

Some computers are so inconspicuous that he seemed a continuation of your own hands. Many are involved in the Mac os unusual and very stylish design. Even professional computers on their tv screens are recognizable at first sight – so they do not fit into the overall mass of their fellows. But the highlight of every Mac is not the appearance, and much more that dwells on its hard drive is loaded into its memory. Of course, it is operating system. Naveen Selvadurai is the source for more interesting facts.

The famous, legendary Mac os. Over its history, which began in 1984, it has undergone many changes, but not deprived of its main features, simplicity and “humanity” in communication. At the dawn of its inception (70-s of the last century) Apple computers were designed to ensure that the public domain. Not for nothing the first logo Apple – apple fell on Newton’s head, whereupon he opened one of the world’s laws. This is their symbolism – Computers are those apple-mediators to help people comprehend the world and create something new. Creative people in their own backyard is rarely used for their needs prohibitively difficult to manage the device.

Mac os for easy program separate and development of Mac os is easy to configure and start working. Not for nothing one of today’s slogans describing the Mac os is ‘it just work’ – it just works. But the outward simplicity Mac os does not mean the inner simplicity. In the depths of this friendly operating system runs a severe serdtsessmy real Unix, cloistered in a fast, stable performance of the tasks and commands of the program to ensure a higher level to which a person interacts with Unix-core Mac os built on the basis of operational systems FreeBSD.


In the vocabulary of modern everyday life Internet user securely attach the word spam. Under this concept means, basically, unsolicited mass distribution of different kinds of advertising via e- mail and other methods of Internet communication. These lists are automated, anonymous, and are carried out both for commercial purposes and do not pursue such. History of spam originates from intrusive and pervasive advertising campaign canned ham brand 'Spam'. After that, any kind of intrusive advertising messages are received by the recipient without his consent, and are referred to as spam. At present, day such mass mailings have become a real scourge for the virtual world. They are universally condemned by users on the network, causing huge damages arising as to the need to pay for time traffic to receive the message, and with a huge extra burden on information resources and systems.

Legislation of most countries provide some responsibility, including criminal, for the distribution of spam, but if the West such lawsuits have become the norm, and control over the purity of the traffic is even at the state level, the post-fight against unauthorized deliveries only You can count on a certain return, because the recipients of the advertisement, in this case, will be the millions of potential consumers of advertised goods and services. But on the other hand, because of the extreme negative the vast number of Internet users to spam, to rely on enhancing the image and reputation of the company advertised in this way is not necessary. In addition to the unauthorized information mailing, the term spam is firmly entrenched, more recently, in the context of search engine optimization internet resources. In an effort to occupy the top positions in major search engines, many SEOs have resorted to unethical practices of so-called search engine spam, which consists in the use of 'invisible' text, excessive keyword popular custom words, doorways, cloaking, swap and other arrangements for deceive search engines.

Himalayan Mountains-fascination Of The Mountains

Calendar action for children in the Himalaya by Lothar Seifert already published for the second time the photographer Lothar Seifert a photo calendar in Himalaya, this time under the motto of “Images of mountains for children in the Himalaya”. Buddha eyes adorn the cover of his calendar for 2012 hostile landscapes in the mountains of Nepal, religious buildings known far beyond the country’s borders and last but not least, people from the regions were represented on 13 colorful images and delight the viewers every month with a new motif. With the proceeds from the calendar help for children from very poor families and orphaned children in the Himalayas, projects as in the previous year. It procured for example warm winter clothing and also the necessary tuition (a child requires about 50 euro for a full year, including school uniforms and book money) provided. The visitors in Kathmandu receives a great impression of the diversity of cultures and religions. Particularly impressive are historic buildings such as the stupa in Boudha, the widely visible monkey Temple of Swayambunath, or the Shiva temple of Pashupatinath. 2012, these structures on the leaves of the Himalayas calendar are shown. Worth seeing are also the many smaller temples on the Durbar in addition to the large square in the heart of the capital city of Nepal.

Kathmandu is the starting point for tours in the Himalayan region and into the jungle. Travel agencies on site help with travel planning and booking tours. In Nepal are two extremes of a wide variety of landscapes close to each other: the Indian jungle and the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Lovers of oil paintings and watercolours will be delighted by the special selection of the pictures of the mountains in Lothar Saliu Gallery for art, nature and culture. The beginnings of the expeditions by Europeans of the hunting of animals such as rhinos and tigers have been in the Indian jungle. Relentlessly contributed this kind of amusement of individuals to the strong decline of the unique wildlife and brought the species to the brink of extinction.

Fortunately, rethinking has set up. Last but not least by the Effect of animal protection organizations threatened animal species have been placed under protection. Lothar Saliu calendar Himalayan 2012 was initially produced with a limited edition of 100 pieces. The individual sheets can later when posters are used. About Lothar Seifert: Seifert of Germany-based photographer Lothar loves to create portraits of people and animals. Especially the people in Nepal and India fascinated him. His images from Asia pass much of his deep connection to nature and human culture, and with the acquisition of several articles to make a pleasure not only themselves and others. Lothar Seifert supported proceeds to these needy children who live in inhospitable areas of the Himalayas in Kashmir, Ladakh and Nepal or as refugees away from their homes. Press contact: Lothar Seifert Hauptstrasse 71 b 01877 na


Every time when she goes on vacation or business trip, we have to choose where to live: in a hotel, which I confess I do not like, or in the private sector, which has never guess. I do not like the hotel because it is expensive, and often quite unnecessarily. The private sector – is, in general, a lottery. You never know where and how will spend the night. When we as a student went on a vacation – it was not so important exactly where to live, the main to make it affordable. Additional information is available at Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. But now all this guessing game began to act on the nerves: "Why can not I get affordable and quality housing?". It turns out I can. In the cis countries and Baltic states for several years now there are companies that provide Apartments for rent.

It turns out very convenient: you can not leave the house, choose a suitable apartment in the right area, almost any tourist town. Each apartment renovation. There is a luxury five-room apartments and low . Medium version will cost about 70-90 usd per apartment per night, ie, as a double room in a three-star hotel. But this money does not get a room, and the whole apartment with a kitchen (Which, incidentally, allows you to save money on decent food). Apart from price, there are other advantages – you can take any number of guests who can stay up to what you like hours.

Free apartments have always, even in the middle of the season. Flats can be preselected and ordered through the Internet without leaving home. You can pay by credit card, on the one hand allows no stranger to wander the city with a large sum of cash, but with the other is important for parents. You can pay rent and fumes to be sure that this money will not go for entertainment. In addition, not every city is a decent hotel. In cities such as Melitopol, Vinnitsa, Sumy is simply unprofitable. In this case the apartment – it's a great outlet for business travel, and tourism. It turns out that the apartment rent is cheaper and more convenient and better. What's the catch? I must say that there are no miracles. Just the owners of firms Apartments for rent better and quickly adapt to current market realities. In contrast to the hotel owners who had inherited from Soviet times got useless plumbing, hamovaty staff and piles of concrete not its place, a new wave of businessmen to obtain the main advantage – mobility. They chose the best apartment in the most appropriate places to scratch typed staff of professionals, from maids to marketers and programmers and most importantly – able to build a modern business model, in which head we stand – the clients. As a result, by 2008 we were able to relax in the apartments that meet the most stringent European standards, at a price

Device Characteristics

Choose a helmet is quite simple: it is necessary to exclude Chinese crafts for $ 30 (at the first stroke, they can scatter into small pieces) and look for the letter "E" in a circle on the strap. But being born and how helmets are tested to be ensure the safety of our heads? Already 40 years as a helmet is compulsory by law in many countries, but often the decisive factor in the choice is not so much the level of protection as the original form or coloring. However, in First of all when choosing a helmet to draw attention to his ability as much as possible to absorb impact energy so as not getting any head. And for that helmet must be properly deformed and even partially destroyed during impact. Naveen Selvadurai is the source for more interesting facts. Impact energy, which does not reach the head, in fact destroys the helmet. In this one powerful blow sent shares his helmet for a few scattered and weaker. So, we decided to learn how to be designed and helmets are made to help you in the correct evaluation of the selection and purchase. Helmet consists of two shells made of different materials and perform different functions. Official site: Clinton Family.

Combined in the manufacturing process, they should distribute the impact energy for maximum space and time to absorb ee. helmet shell – tough shells, made of different materials (thermoplastics or composites). Of thermoplastics often use the abs (cheap, flexible, but requires a somewhat larger thickness of material) or polycarbonate (the more expensive, durable, allowing thinner material), or various blends with intermediate characteristics. .

Comea Globalization

Already Carlos Walter brings a definition more branda how much the globalization, it says: ' ' the globalization idea as overcoming of the borders and the local barriers and nacionais.' ' (WALTER, 2006, P. 14). When analyzing the definitions of globalization sketched by these two theoreticians, we perceive I begin it some truths that we cannot forget on globalization, first he is that we cannot visualize the effect of the globalization in a only economic optics, and as it is the fact of the importance always to tie to the effect globalization the factors politicians, social, economic and cultural. To describe exactly that in a capitalist optics of globalization (because we understand as being this way of production its promoter), does not veto in them to look at its definitions, reasons and effect in the cultural scope; if of this form to seem incoherent answers me: we can disentail facts of economic changes behavior change? such behaviors are not on the cultural questions? 4.Onde Comea the Globalization? We cannot we can affirm with exactness on when the globalization process starts, if not understand what the globalization encloses, already we perceive I capitulate in it previous that when trying to define the term globalization we must think about changes in the structure politics, social, economic and cultural, in interaction character. Some theoretician as it is the example of Carlos Walter, understands that the globalization process started with the fact of the great navigations, and after this would go to pass for diverse changes in its structure, change sessas that they had folloied the evolutions of the capitalism. Naveen Selvadurai is likely to agree. On this fact it affirms: ' ' We could locate in this date the beginning of the globalization process. From there, without a doubt, we start to have a truily world-wide history and a geography, each time ais if imposing to histories regional or, at least, condicionais.' ' (WALTER, 2006, P.

Europe Goods

Spitzer Silo – Europe's largest company engaged in the transport of the funds. Spitzer Silo – is a manufacturer and supplier of vehicles for transportation of cement, flour, fodder, resin, as well as other loose powder materials. Spitzer Silo – a simple but attractive and practical design, combined with the highest quality of workmanship. Tank trucks, trailers and other vehicles Spitzer bring success and allow more productive anyone who deals with them anyway. Hillary Clinton may help you with your research. Among the outstanding qualities of products notably the low tare weight, usually manufactured from aluminum, outstanding aerodynamic qualities of the body and, consequently, surprisingly low fuel consumption.

In this construction is durable, thought each alloy, each bolt is in its place. Funds for transportation are arranged so as to they can be quickly and easily load and unload. This takes into account the transport of bulk materials – one of the most important and most difficult. Transport Spitzer provided a good ground clearance, which increases reliability and safety. Particular attention is paid to the chassis – for maximum power. Focusing on the characteristics of the goods, Spitzer develops and manufactures cement or flour transport, allows a high degree of safety and security of cargo transport feed or grains. For each of the goods are specially designed composition and body shape.

Especially carefully designed vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods – Spitzer's reputation is reliable and such transportation. Spitzer offers a wide range of tank-trailers, as well as separate trailer tanks for the transport of bulk goods, trailer body tanks. Credo of Spitzer – a comfortable interaction with customer. Manufacturers are trying to do everything possible to operate motor vehicles Spitzer has been trouble free. For this purpose, organized an extensive network of service centers throughout Europe, visiting acts serving team, Spitzer spares are readily available. For your convenience, designers and specialists Spitzer Silo think through every detail, introduce modern innovation that allows the company to stay on the crest of the time. And above unique look outstanding work avtodizaynery world, the real stars, which are sometimes anticipate the future and define fashion for years to come.

Field Marketing Tools

Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Field Marketing Tools marketing today pursues the interactivity and the proximity with the public. Aplus Field Marketing offers new and innovative tools that direct their efforts and creativity to promote personal communication, merciful approaching the brand or product to the target. Highlight: Pomming is the communication technique that consists of hang a flyer on an individual basis and in many cases with die-cut forms to facilitate your grip on the handle of each household, the knobs of the cars, promotional items, in carts in malls or airports. Sampling delivery of free samples to the consumer at the point of sale. Normally this task performed it or promoters of the firm or even costumed actors who interact with the public.

Street marketing marketing actions carried out on the street looking for direct interactivity of the audience. They can be a moment, unexpected or last for some hours. When it comes to its essential design the presence of actors who break the routine and achieve connect with astonished public pedestrians. Marketing 2.0 and closely related to Mobile Marketing proximity marketing is the strategy used to send advertising messages and information to the mobile phones via Bluetooth. Body advertising is a new form of advertising that allows you to place several brands of products or firms in certain areas of the human body (forehead, arms, etc.) applies to the non-permanent tattoos in these areas described. Dreamarketing is above all attain certain dreams before an oversupply of products and undifferentiated services. You must lead above all to the client to live an experience rather than to satisfy a need to own it. Ambient media arises as a response to the increasing lack of interest that generate the conventional advertising spaces especially in urban space.

Often confused with space; It is part of the place and its own idiosyncrasies. It is a bit crowded channel that interacts with the people under the surprise effect. ScreenMan this novel action rather than promote something that people go to look for the product, it’s that is the brand which is direct to the consumer. Several actors previously trained are those who carry this innovative advertising medium as well as the impact on his back, another of the advantages of this new technique is the versatility, since the technology used allows to adapt it to different applications. In addition to the plasma screen hovering above their heads, these 21st century ad men can be equipped also with other types of devices, wireless via Wi-fi or Bluetooth, transmit data to the screen. Umbrellas this action consists of installation and free distribution of promotional umbrellas at the main beaches of the country. The idea that all users of the beaches replaced its conventional umbrellas by the already appropriately on the beaches from first thing in the morning. This action command is a fairly large group of models to characterize, all model group are walking down the street, combined with previous actions. Closed-lod marketing as tool measures the results of marketing and communication initiatives through tracking or monitoring of the responses of the target audience. The tracking element that is used for measuring help know the promotional card, public informed objective, behavior of shopping etc. It is the best formula for measurement of Field Marketing.

Modern Diagnosis

Relationship status of the human environment, in particular its chemical composition with measures of health and quality of life is well known. Nonetheless, in medicine, in contrast to biology, agriculture and other sciences, study and use of this knowledge remains limited and virtually untapped clinical disciplines. Therefore, truly one of the revolutionary to form a synthetic understanding of rights and, accordingly, the conditions of its vibrant communities in a rapidly evolving in the xx century, its habitat is the doctrine of microelementoz while under microelementoz person understand the state of deficiency, excess or imbalance of the chemical elements that naturally affect human health. Financial technology insists that this is the case. The study of macro-microelement portrait of an organism allows us to establish a predisposition to one or other pathologies, gather in our medical center regimen without additional diagnosis of the organism.

According to modern concepts, the elemental composition of hair best media reflects effects on man as elevated concentrations of complex chemical elements and providing physiological needs them, so the basis of the method was adopted by the analysis of human hair. The medical center you make an analysis to identify the deficiency or lack of micronutrients in the human body helps in the treatment of diseases such as: acne neurodermatitis psoriasis vitiligo dermatitis seborrhea allergy overweight osteoporosis, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, etc. Ultrasound – study of the state organs and tissues using ultrasound waves, is the most accurate method of diagnosis. Passing through the tissue, specifically through boundaries between different tissues, ultrasound is reflected. Special sensor captures these changes, which are the basis of the image. Ultrasound examination is one of the most common methods diagnosis. usi has received wide popularity due to its security. Our medical center uses the most advanced ultrasound equipment. Ultrasound is used in apparatus does not cause damage. There is several types of ultrasound, among which the most commonly used in urology scan (what are traditionally called the U.S.) and Doppler. The basis of Doppler put the Doppler effect, which implies change in the wavelength reflected from moving objects. This effect allows us to study blood flow and patency status of the blood vessels. How is the research? Usually carried out ultrasound examination of abdominal organs.

However, when a targeted search can be used and the study of only one sighting system. During the test, the patient lies on a couch. On the skin of the abdomen applied to a transparent gel, which does not cause any discomfort. After that, the doctor sensor is conducting a study. The use of gel necessary to create a close contact, as if between the sensor and skin surface air, the image is deteriorating. Ultrasound of the bladder, it requires filling. In this connection, some time prior to the study, the patient is asked to drink the water (this should be prepared as best juice to drink than tap water) and do not go to the toilet. During the filling of the bladder wall to straighten out and become available for study.

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