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Drainage holes in ploshek close shards at the bottom put the pieces of charcoal and broken crocks, top to fall asleep prepared, carefully crushed and sieved soil. The surface of the earth is spread, the seeds are laid at a distance a few millimeters from one another and gently press down matchbox To wash off the land not covered with seeds, seedlings from the bowls are not watered, and sprayed from an atomizer or moisten with pan. Land of the seedlings should always be moist. Parched seedlings die easily. The seeds of most species of cacti germinate within 10 days. Seeds epifillyum and prickly pear – in 3-6 weeks. The first shoots are always very pleased – the tiny, the size of pinhead seedlings, and on top of already protruding barb – "know us". When the seedlings grow and they become close, hold pick.

This is done as follows: in one hand you're holding a pencil and a sharp end raises the ground around the plant, in the other hand you have a small wooden fork, using it picks up the seedling. The new bowl with a pencil recess, such that the seedling roots fit and carry kaktusenok. The blunt end of a pencil lightly press down the steep land. The distance between the newly prick should be equal to their value. Densely planted, they grow more friendly.

Like water, cacti, a few words can not tell. Cacti itself must have flair, skill and observation take notice requirements of plants. It all depends on time of year, temperature, light box, age and type of plant. Young plants the need for substantially more moisture than the old. With the warm weather as the earth in the pot is dry, watering is needed. In the cold rain water generally is not necessary, because the air itself is enough moist. In winter, if the plant kept in the cold, it should be watered only equal to two to three weeks, gently moisten the ground. Take care to prevent water from falling on the plant. In spring and summer should be particularly ensure that the moist was not only the top layer of the earth, but the whole earth com. It is better not to water from above as well. to put the pots in a basin of water, plunging them into three-quarters of the pot. The water is quickly absorbed through the bottom drainage hole. Of all Plant only mushrooms have more than a cactus, the suction power. When on the ground will be wet spot, pots with plants out of the water and put in place, always the same side toward the sun, which they were before. If you're still watering cacti in the usual way, take a watering can with a narrow long nose. Using it, you will not hurt the barrel cactus, and pour just the land around the plant. Cacti made in the summer greenhouse frame, after a hot day can be watered-watering "rain." This creates the desired watering cactus this time of year the moist air. The most suitable water for irrigation – rain, snow, pond, river, if it is not contaminated waste factories. If you must use tap water, then to neutralize the excess of lime contained in it, a bucket of water put a handful of peat and allowed to stand day water temperature should be slightly above room temperature. In no case the water should not stagnate in the pan.

Kitchen Doors

In appearance interior doors are divided into deaf, glazed, framed and all-glass. Deaf doors can also be attributed to the classics, but framed – more "progressive": they quite difficult to produce, why are more expensive. The latter, however, pays off as a great design and perfect sound insulation. Another advantage of panel doors – light weight. All-glass door, contrary to popular opinion, not just for shop or office: they perfectly fit into the design of an apartment in a high-tech style.

The design of interior doors can be a rectangle or an arch. Kaiser Family Foundation spoke with conviction. Rectangular door, naturally, are more common, while arch require particularly "sophisticated" approach to installation and extremely accurate calculations. According to Glenn Dubin, who has experience with these questions. Thanks to the elegance of lines and unusual design arch interroom door to adorn the most boring room. By the number of blades interior doors can be divided into odnopolnye, sesquioxides (with unequal blades) and dvupolnye. What is a door leaf? It shall be opened (mobile) portion of the door – then is, in everyday terms, the actual door. In large rooms, such as living rooms, seamlessly will look double door, the kitchen, bathroom or small bedroom is more convenient to enter through the door odnopolnuyu. Fans non-standard solutions in the interior, often prefer the asymmetric "sesquioxides" dveri.Materialy making now about the material. There are doors of solid wood (the most reliable, durable, beautiful – and most expensive) interior doors in economy class with honeycomb and sheets of MDF (the cheapest version) and prefabricated doors – usually from a joiner's board (the average price segment).

Next Frames

The client happily calls the company and requires gager, benefit of this service is usually free. He appears at the customer the next day. After five or ten minutes by measuring the balcony, the specialist makes the account. Citizen looks at a piece of paper with calculations, followed by dumb. Because there was listed was not 600 rubles, as he had hoped, but once in three or four more! If after this gager not pushed out the door, it turns out that 600 rubles – the cost of construction of the balcony, and then without swing wings.

But it must not only properly install and handle seams and joints with silicone sealant, foam, wood cover pinoteksom, to strengthen the window sill, canopy. Not to mention the additional services – custom swing wings (and where the same without them!) or built-in cabinets. Still, as a rule, you want to batten sheathed inside balcony, and it is also more money. If the client has got tough, he is not in any consent to all promises and death fighting for dear to its heart the amount of 600 rubles. But zamerschik are not born shit. He begins to put pressure on the customer's face and that no additional work to make firm gazebo will not. Otherwise, they say, even before expiry of warranty turn black wooden frames, on the floor there will be puddles. In general, if we restrict ourselves only to frames, the balcony is better not to glaze it at all! There are also firms that are clapboard sheathing without order is not accepted.

– grieve the owner. Meanwhile, on the whole human zamerschik: balcony, and windows of wood, really need to be properly protected from the weather. It is clear that wood for frames to be dry. Otherwise, frames, and they are upright. But the eye is not to define, one can only believe the company's word that they do good chassis from a dried tree. So what does add up the price and quality of the future of glazing.

Lowrise Residential Buildings

This text describes the material from Mercator I can help you build a house. Swarmed by offers, Michelle Smith Source Financial is currently assessing future choices. What is CTS and what is their uniqueness? Structural insulated panels (SIP) – is an ideal material for building walls, ceilings and roof. The uniqueness of the material lies in its unusual structure. Each QFT – is pressed multilayer block, the extreme fibers – is oriented particle board (OSB), softwood veneer, which manufactured in Europe and represent a three-layer slab of plotnopressovannuyu plane oriented chips softwood glued synthetic environmentally friendly adhesives under high pressure and temperatures. Between them is the insulation – solid polystyrene, which is connected to the CAP environmentally friendly adhesives under high pressure.

This material has a high moisture resistance, no fibers do not crack or distort. What can I use CTS? Structural insulated panels (SIP) is used in the construction of walls, ceilings, floors and roofs. Thus, due to its integrity, composite panel, make it practically useless lumber. Of structural insulated panels (SIP) develops a strong universal frame of the building, and installation time is significantly reduced in Compared to conventional construction methods, such as logs. And, thanks to the fact that these panels reduce the acoustic permeability, some builders use them as internal walls. What advantages do QFT? unique insulating properties: 2-fold higher than that of mineral wool layer is dry; 4 times higher than that of wood; 10 times higher than the foam; 17 times higher than the bricks are durable QFT: the estimated lifetime – 80 years ; QFT nearly hydrophobic: the lack of ability to absorb (absorb) moisture, and any moisture absorbency limit less than 1%, which in practice means immutable characteristics of heat-in any weather conditions, quality indicators: water resistance, resistance to rot, mildew, atmospheric phenomena, quantum field theory relatively fire-resistant, incapable of independent combustion: in finishing drywall interior walls limit fire resistance design is about 1 hour.

The Case

In the case of mechanical fastening cover is spread on the floor, his paintings are glued together and then fastened to around the perimeter of the roof. In this case, shrinkage and other slip of the building fabric will not feel any stress and will remain intact. Blades welded to the membrane with hot air by means of special welding machines. Merge voduPoskolku flat roof has an angle of 2-5%, the diversion of rain water is no problem. However, to prevent flooding in case of heavy rainfall, it is necessary to arrange a drain. It can be informal and organized.

In the latter case, organize both internal and external drainage. For the device internal drainage entire roof surface is divided into sections in such a way that one had to riser 150-200 m2 (Provided that the pitch is not less than 2%). If the area of the roof less make a riser. In the field gradient at the surface of the roof have gutters funnels that are equipped with special baskets, catching different garbage. Usually they put at the center of the roof, and gutters located within the building. So that the water near the crater would not freeze, and freely poured into the tube, next to her on an area of 1 m2 with cable systems carry heating roof.

And for year-round domestic guttering, chimneys have them (the length) in the heated zone. Although flat roofs are usually associated with internal drainage systems, as an alternative to them use and external drains. They are used to divert water for unheated buildings and annexes, having a single slope roof. Inside the need to install the cable to the winter they would not freeze water.


For the stability of the construction must have the chairs on corners of the wooden house and at the intersection of walls. The distance between each chair no more than 3 meters. Each pillar of this foundation can hold up to tons of structural weight of the structure, but it does have its drawbacks: the fragility of due to constant contact with the ground of wooden chairs. To improve the performance of, wood chars, is impregnated with tar and special oils. Stone pier foundation is strong and durable.

Poles a foundation made of granite, quarry stone, brick – iron ore. On this foundation your wood house will stand for a very long time. Precast pier foundation is ideal if your site is located in damp or wetland areas. Sbornyystolbchaty foundation – a Pillars of the rigid base plate. The pillars for a foundation made of concrete, metal or asbestos cement reinforced pipes. Monolithic columnar foundation placed on the ground slabouvlazhnenny if in the process of preparation of the pit water leaks, the soil is strengthened “cement milk”. During the filling hole, concrete is poured and the layers shtykovaniem compacted.

No species of columnar foundation is not suitable for log houses with a basement or plinth. The advantages of the columnar base: – cost – simple construction Disadvantages: – unstable in horizontally-moving ground – there is no possibility of constructing a basement foundation Belt. In the construction of wooden houses used less frequently, mainly for the construction of two-storey houses and bathhouses of the timber. Application this foundation is more suitable for heavy constructions. With the construction of a foundation may erection basement, cellar, garage, but its disadvantages are also obvious: high cost, complexity, duration construction. For this type of foundation required a large amount of earth works, but it is common for the construction of simple technology. Monolithic strip foundations formed by a layer of crushed stone, which rammed into the ground. For the panel-frame, wood and timber houses with a basement used for foundation panel. In such a foundation may create openings for windows and doors, as well as additional holes for communications. Additional thermal insulation of walls is not required because a heater is incorporated in the ribs. Precast strip foundations constructed of reinforced concrete and concrete blocks of large size. The foundation is laid for rammed earth, filled with small stones and rubble. Advantages of such foundations are simplicity and fast speed of erection. Cons: the permeability of water in the joints, unsuitable for the construction of home designing complex. Pile foundations consist of individual piles and could not be better suited for the construction of wooden houses, bath houses or cottages. The piles are wooden or reinforced concrete. Wooden more economical, but if they are in the moist ground, then quickly give in to rot. A reinforced concrete are durable, but expensive and difficult to manufacture.

Perforated Metal Sheet

Progressive method of production method of punching holes – logging, much cheaper cost than the same drilling holes in some cases almost tripled. About this method will be discussed in this state.Voobschem perforation. -General description of metal sheets can punch from a thickness of 0.4 mm. Maximum thickness for punching: structural steel up to 12 mm, stainless steel up to 8 mm. When we use all sorts of metal – steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, as well as other materials, such as: plastic, cardboard and so on. Ongoing coverage of the surface – galvanizing, a protective coating that gives the product a beautiful and aesthetic, if necessary, to carry out welding, bending, etc.

With high machine tool can cut down the complex contours, holes of different shapes and sizes, it allows the use of perforated sheets as element of interior design, stairs, facades. The number of variants of holes could be called endless – more than 1000 species of perforations with a variety of holes – round, square, slotted, triernye, decorative, etc. Production of stamps at the factory in accordance with the parameters of the order. At the main warehouse of the enterprise always has perforated sheets with standard sizes 1000h2000 mm, and some positions envelope 1250h2500 mm 1500h3000 mm. -Method of manufacturing the steel sheet, a standard or specially cut to size using a press knocked holes. The most common format – 1000h2000 mm, maximum size – 1500h3000 mm depending on the applied tool.

Larger orders may for some types of perforations to produce the product rolls out wide 1000.1250 and 1500 mm. Depending on the type of perforation holes are knocked out one punch-functional, while the sheets more thickness or with special perforations, the dual punch or the entire width of the sheet. There are several types of high pressure presses, with which it is possible to perforation for structural steel to a thickness sheet of 12 mm, and for stainless steel to a thickness of 8 mm. At thicknesses greater than 12 mm, the holes are usually burned or produced by drilling. -Material Material: punching any metals, with the agreement can be perforations and other non-brittle materials, for example – plastics, cardboard. Application: ventilation systems in acoustics (use for sound insulation, silencers, noise walls), filters, baskets, cover, covers (not just safety, but also as a decoration), the elements of architecture and design (casings, decorative ceilings, bars, reinforcement, liners, vent covers, decorative wall), screen (the area for Sorting in agriculture, technology for the sorting of materials), conveyor and conveyor belts in severe operating conditions, cable trays for electrical wiring, furnace trays for bakeries and confectionery, metal seat made of perforated sheet for stadiums and sports facilities, profiles for facades of buildings and radiators, and many other pieces of perforated sheet on the requirements of customer. Company PromMashResurs

Mother Nature

Wooden houses – a combination of modern technology and ancient traditions. The wooden house has a supernatural force, a special energy, positively affecting the mind and body. In the wooden structure of round logs, there are many advantages. First of all – speed of construction, and secondly – a wholly-owned environmental, third – no need to further trim, fourth – you'll save a decent amount of the material and insulation. A creative approach to the issue of the architect in conjunction with the natural beauty of wood gives a positive result – a modern wooden house.

The main advantage of logs – this is smooth and round shape, driven to the European standard diameter, which ranges from 160 to 340 mm. It is this precision can reach tight connection logs in the construction of the building. The tree must be free of cortex, subjected to milling, to give it a cylindrical shape, to handle its entire surface with special preservatives and flame retardants. Only after that, we can talk about this tree, as a ready logs. All additional details, including the grooves and locks, hold for wooden buildings with amazing accuracy and thoroughness, which greatly affects the quality of the whole structure. Another of the benefits rounded log is astounding hardiness and changes due to Not being exposed to direct sunlight. These fine homes retain heat in winter and cool in hot, and these figures are several times higher than those of brick and concrete houses.

The most popular type of facilities, to elevate a number of wooden houses, is a Russian log sauna. That is its unique walls provide it for quite some time, special relationship and love. The urgency and the need for specialized ventilation systems in log saunas ceases to have any meaning, if the technology in the construction of log calculations walls observed impeccably. Then the walls called "breathable". Small holes in the walls in the form of windows contribute to free and helping to cool vozduhooborotu use of facilities. In a log sauna humidity control need no longer be relevant. And here the important role played by the wooden walls. If you want to always feel Mother Nature's natural scent freshly cut wood, you only have to make sure that your room will never dry up completely. Country house from environmentally friendly materials – a huge contribution to the future of your family, which includes not only rest and comfort now, but also health for years to come. In a wooden house you can easily forget about all the pitfalls of modern life, to disconnect from everyday problems, and recover the spent force. Only in a wooden house may feel extraordinary calmness, warmth and comfort.