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How To Ensure High Quality Thread

To ensure the high quality of thread to use a professional threading tool, which includes threading, rezbofrezernye, tapping, thread and worm grinding machines. For handle different types of thread used appropriate methods of processing, as well as threading tool and threading machines. To create an external thread on our equipment used threaded cutters (Comb). Startapp oftentimes addresses this issue. Cutters (comb) are attached to the die head cams SU-1 (a lathe-type), and depending on the setting of adjustable pitch and thread depth on the various diameters of pipes and round bars. Another major differences in principle, performance and quality threading equipment – whether it is rotating workpiece, or billet is stationary and rotates the universal head, on which are fixed blades (Comb). The latter option has many advantages, both as a thread cutting, speed parameters and technology threads, ie free production – you do not have to give up non-standard tubes. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michelle Smith Source Financial on most websites. On the threading machine MKS-95U was developed and used universal rotary head lathe type, allowing to cut the thread, even at not quite smooth pipes or round bars.

Veterinary Department Ministry

The lower the pH of the product, the lower the gas medium affect the shelf life. This is due to the fact that the decrease in pH inhibits the growth of microbes. In this case, factor limiting the period of implementation, is not the growth of bacteria, and chemical reactions such as oxidation, discoloration of the product (packaging films in contact with the moist surface of the product). If the product is of several components, the gas is added to increase the shelf life of one of the components. From the history of the issue. What remains is better – gas or vacuum? In recent years, Russian restaurateurs and their visitors are becoming more about the quality of products they offer. As for meat, in this segment is a tendency of gradual increase in consumption of chilled meat.

Unfortunately, the shelf life of such meat rather short, that makes many restaurateurs to abandon the goods to the frozen meat. Chilled meat in our country to supply meat processing enterprises mainly in the bran (a side quarters), the timing of storage at 0 -1 C is 12 – 16 days in accordance with the instructions for the refrigeration process. It should be noted that the measures taken in the technology industry refrigeration storage and processing of meat do not consider initial quality of raw meat with non-traditional biochemical and morphological features, which occupies a significant amount of the total amount of processed meat. According to the recommendations of the International Institute cold storage life of beef is 3 weeks (0 -1.5 C and relative humidity of 90%) to 9 weeks (at 0 -1,5 C in 10% CO2). Veterinary Department Ministry of Agriculture of Russia appealed to the Meat Union of Russia to develop a temperature regimes, the maximum storage and sale of imported beef. Work on this project was entrusted to Institute of Meat Industry. vm Gorbatov Institute of Refrigeration and Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology. Funding for this project undertook to Cherkizovsky mpz, National Meat Association and "Protein Products." The aim of research conducted branch institutes, is to assess the quality, the development allowed by the rules and the loss of chilled boneless beef both domestic and imported, packed in cardboard boxes, including under vacuum.

Institute specialists has been developed and approved a program and a phased methodology in research. The first phase was carried out on domestic raw materials. In accordance with the established methodology in Penza meat production conditions was carried out to develop and package of boneless beef. As the packaging materials were used polymer bags and wrapping film. Part of the output was evacuated using a vacuum-packaging technology, the second part is packaged in a modified gas atmosphere. As a gas medium using a mixture of N2 and CO2 in a ratio of 80% and 20%, respectively. Worked out by the party of beef sent to the jsc Cherkizovsky mpz "for bookmarks storage. During the term meat storage experts to assess the state of raw materials and carried out sampling for laboratory tests. Changing Quality beef was evaluated by physical-chemical, biochemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics. The studies, in the process of long-term storage of chilled boneless beef, packaged in different ways and to demonstrate how the various vacuum packaging technology have been reliably established the benefits of modified atmosphere before the vacuum bag. Worked out experimentally

Screw Compressors: Oil-free Technology Benefits

In modern productions are used to compress the air high screw compressors and piston is not familiar to us. Screw compressors emit little noise at work, producing cleaner air, they do not inherent harmful to human health vibration. Furthermore, it is screw compressors are capable of supplying a continuous flow of air, without the jumps and disruptions. All these advantages are achieved by introducing a mechanism special design. So, screw compressors are, in summary form, the two screws that rotate in opposite directions and thus drives the air between his teeth. Gradually, the air contracts and to the outlet nozzle it arrives already under pressure of several atmospheres (the exact characteristics depend on the model of screw compressors).

It is clear that such work has no vibration, no high-level noise, no other unpleasant phenomena. A movement of air between the screw goes smoothly, without pressure surges. The result – a stable and continuous operation of any pneumatic tool, connected to such a screw compressor. Screw compressors and do not require such frequent maintenance, as the piston. On average, inspection and prevention of such devices are held 2-4 times less than similar work for reciprocating equipment. Affects a smaller number of rubbing parts and simpler design of the working part.

However, the market offers not only the conventional screw compressors, working with oil in the compression chamber, but also more advanced oil-free screw compressors. The fact that the air is injected into oil mist means no need for further purification and complex filtration system. Air immediately comes clean, free oily impurities, which is extremely important for such "demanding" areas of activity, such as medicine and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the lack of filters means that there will be no pressure losses associated with the movement through treatment systems.

Milling and Engraving Equipment

Engraving-milling equipment used to process metal, plastic and other materials. There are two main types of such equipment, horizontal and vertical machines, the criterion of distinction – the direction of spindle milling machine. In contrast to the drill, where the tool is fixed and moves only vertically in the direction of the material under milling are also aware of the tool over the surface material and cropping on the required path. Movement of the tool are controlled with high accuracy system-wise move. Milling machines are controlled either manually or by mechanical automation or by numerical control (CNC). Virtually all milling and engraving equipment cnc is able to move the tool along the axis Z. This allows incremental coordinate use functions such as milling grooves, engraved 3D surfaces (2.5D surfaces from other sources, which means the limited use of this technology for milling high-grade 3-D surfaces, such as c concave or convex side surfaces) for engraving surfaces, often use additional tools such as bevel cutters, milling cutters with round tip, which can significantly increase effectiveness of engraving works in comparison with all hand engraving techniques.

Multi-engraving-milling machines – a type of milling and cnc engraving machines with the ability to use more three standard axes xyz. Horizontal milling machines, along with that have C or Q axis, which allows horizontal fixing tool, which can move in a circle about the center of the workpiece. Fifth-axis controls the slope of the tool itself. Types of milling and engraving machines, and main components: horizontal milling machines console widely-universal – with additional milling heads Universal (rotary table) vertical milling machines (including the console) with the mobile portal beskonsolnye Phillips table copy-milling machines Milling drum instrumental shirokouniversalnye Machines Milling Machines continuous action, including contour milling