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The Chard

In this case, it can be interesting to read the article without light, is not what is lost, hung in network of orchards. Finally there is the aji, which has similar features but does not require so much as the previous ones.But there are also plants that call for much less Sun, as it is the case of the aromatic and leafy plants such as lettuce (which even should be protected from strong sunlight and heat) or chard.A special case is the spinach, which according to the source requires a lot of light or in the same amount as the chard. Hit the tab of forums, which is the source with more back to bancar what says, and Additionally, in the differentiation between growth and flowering, may be the reason of why there are so many different opinions: to lengthen the days (more than 14 hours of daylight) and overcome the temperature 15 C, the plants become vegetative phase (rosette) elevation and production (emission of stem and flowers).The production is much reduced if heat is excessive and long photoperiod, given that the plants remain in the rosette stage very soon, so that an adequate growth is not reached.Finally, with regard to brightness, copy three forums tips for plants indoors with low light:-placed near a light bulb artificial, but a more than 30-40 cm. put mirrors behind plants that increase the luminosity. The walls painted white and clear furniture also provide more inner luminosity. Depth of the pots: another aspect to be considered is development which have their roots, which will depend on the depth and size of the pots required for optimal growth. In some cases, it is very clear that required a significant height, as it is the case of the carrots; but there are others where you have to know the development, as it is the case of chard, which while it does not seem, requires enough volume. .

The Opportunity

We will have already determined, the scope of which involves the possession, fantasy, l, dreams, success, failure; We will have not taken account as say, that we are the center of the universe. In that journal live, we must be fully aware of what represents the opportunity to enjoy, using a new day, and not allow ourselves to be limited by the senses, but go beyond them, delve into dimensions and worlds new, related to our conscience until we wake up and placing us in our reality in order to support our growth. Chopra us He says, that the world does not end on the horizon and the Sun does not really advance across the sky. You have to see time as a fragile collection of threads woven moment to moment. Credit: Brad Pitt-2011. Every time we take a decision, we create a new thread of events, starting from the moment present., before making the decision, that thread of time does not exist. Seeing time in this manner, as something subjective and creative, for example, magician can weave their own version of the events within the network and thus alter the past and the future. We should be awake, knowing make all things where we act in such a way that we are attached to standards of respect, care for self-esteem, being assertive, take advantage of the time that was bequeathed to us. In short, every day that we are given the opportunity to stay, we should be awake, attentive to the signs and signals, in everything that you provide education that helps us to be better and know the opportunity of life that is given to us. We must not neglect it.

Installation Panel

In a country where, in some regions, the sun if makes gift the entire year and in others appears for the most part of the days during the year, to disdain a clean power plant as the solar energy is not only wastefulness, but a true disrespect to the environment. The production of solar energy requires the use of devices such as the fotovoltaico solar panel. This equipment is capable to transform the solar energy into electric energy. Although the power plant of the sun is gratuitous, the use of this type of panel has in the acquisition cost its main limiter factor. The fotovoltaico solar panel is formed by cells that catch the light of the sun, called solar cells or fotovoltaicas cells. The energy produced for this panel is generated through the photoelectric effect. The fotovoltaicos panels count on a controller who is responsible for defining the amount of energy that the panel must transfer to the batteries.

The system of production of solar energy account still with storing device of energy that is capable to distribute it or in days at night where the solar rays are not capable to produce the energy, as in cloudy days. The electric energy produced and stored is distributed by the existing electric chain in the house. The installation of the panel can be carried through of two forms: in parallel or without series. The installation in series adds the chain without modifying the tension, respecting the Law of Ohm. The installation in parallel, in turn multiplies the tension with the unchanged chain. The installation also can be mixing, binding the panels in parallel and series. The installation depends on the purpose of the application and the values on desired tension and chain.

The equalizao of the load is protected with the installation of diodes. The place of rank of the panels also deserves attention. She is necessary to choose an area next to the consumption place of the energy, but that it does not have sombreamento. The places most common of installation of the solar panel are roofs, poles, flagstone, enter other spaces. For each desired place, it is necessary to use the ideal supports in order to prevent any type of incident in the installation or elapsing of the use. Beyond the place, the positioning of the panel also must follow some basic cares that draw out its use or that they prevent future problems. The installation to have to be made respecting an ideal inclination of form that does not allow the accumulation of dirt. The setting of the panels also must consider the action of natural agents, as the wind or storms.

Classroom Melee Fighting

It is no secret that each of us wants to have an iron health, a nice athletic figure, a stable psyche. In this age of high technology and furious life dynamics of health problem is very acute, especially in urban areas. Bad environment, lack of exercise, constant stress make people old before retirement age. But already become a victim of the attack the dregs of society on the street today could be absolutely anyone. But, having in its arsenal several elementary punches and kicks, put together in bundles, can adequately recover from this situation.

However, even the most simple technique of warfare must be worked out to automatism. In humans, for the first time touches the secrets of martial arts, once there are questions: 'What strikes the author has in mind and why he calls them the elementary? And what is this technique? And may I also learn to protect themselves and their families, and that for this need to do? " It is this below and will be discussed. Firstly, what is it all right. Indeed, it would seem, bought some gas spray or electric shock, and live quietly. However, by and large, very few carry any means of self-defense, the more they are able to apply correctly. Yes, and you will not use the same gas cartridges, for example, on public transport. In addition, a person with experience in such things just will not let you get it out of pocket, there are some tricks. And so the problem of inactivity and fight with endless stressful gas canister definitely will do little to solve. But the skills of close combat is always with you, they help in many life situations that at first glance is not related to the fight.