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Maternal Behavior

Features of maternal behavior in birds. Poeznye advice for the farmer. Females birds begin to show parental interest and long before the appearance of offspring, which is associated with certain physiological characteristics. In Unlike mammals, birds, hatching is not an embryo, but only an egg in its initial stage of fertilization. And the birds in the ovary is a lot of rudimentary ovules. In wild birds during the breeding season, one or more of the them (depending on the type of poultry) grows, accumulating nutrients, becoming egg yolk, which is surrounded by tissues of the ovary (follicles). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Microsoft CMO. When the egg matures, the follicle breaks and the egg, surrounded by egg yolk, falls in the oviduct, in the upper part of which merges with the male gametes (fertilization), after which the fertilized egg continues its movement along the oviduct.

During this promotion yolk enveloped protein that is produced in a certain part of the oviduct. In the lower part of the oviduct, the egg is delayed for a long time – is the formation of the shell. Thus, the egg of birds is the yolk, while protein podskorlupnye shell and the shell – this add-on required for the further development of the fetus outside the mother's body in the air. Coming out of the oviduct and getting into the air, the egg cools, due to which the protein several contracts, and blunt end of the egg shell podskorlupnye diverge, and between them formed air space (nougat), which are available through the pores in the shell due to the difference of osmotic pressure is absorbed air. The same technology formed an egg and poultry. Birds are divided into nestling and brood. At first the eggs are smaller and poorer in yolk than in the second, and embryonic development ends at the earliest stage. And they same output, blind and naked chicks, helpless, which require parental care.

From poultry, these include doves. In precocial birds, eggs are large, and the young displayed the most developed and mature, which is capable of not only follow the mother, but also self-peck for food. This includes all agricultural, domestic poultry – chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl. Oviposition and hatching in the wild birds after education married couples seek out his own territory and engaged in hatching eggs laid.


In other words, what searchs almost that the time all is a hiding place against what can magoar in them, wounding or to harm. some times we are so pra low, that any said word outside of hour can ache as one I beat in the stomach. The great problem is that to live in the top of the mountain of where you contemplate the others without being seen it implies simultaneously in not participating, becoming mere an observer of the life. then you create a rule of contradictory survival there: I> Isaiah 44Deus longs for its life something very superior the one that everything that exists in the planet Land.

But in what we understand as now, It also has plans for its physical life, what he ahead needs to be led and to be concluded. Jesus, when praying for its disciples, asked for to the Father who did not take off them of the world, but he exempted that them of the evil. I do not ask for you take off that them of the world, but that the free ones of the evil. Joo 17Em today, we make use of a perfect alternative: to search the shelter in God, without with this losing any of the good and happy things, which> we have right. Next to the Father, the biggest challenges will be loosers, and that old sensation of I beat in the stomach will be substituted by the affection of a hand friend. Video: To attend video, where I speak on ‘ ‘ Alternativas’ ‘ , it visits our site in section LINKS. Or click in the address below:.

Welcome Party

Not have time to look back as the day passed, and we can go home or on a romantic date in a very elated … or condition. There's really who as it turns out. But what if you still decide to dating in real life? Yes! Just because a stranger in the subway is not the same pristanesh! Yes, and lonely woman sitting in the same coffee shop is not a fact that free, or just not ready for a sudden invasion of her personal space. There really is not something that the dating for marriage claim, but simply compliment can be perceived as a hidden sexual assault. Here for such targets with a high guarantee of success is definitely there, and clubs dating for serious relationship, of which Moscow has formed a dozen over the past 10 years.

Everyone is working on a particular principle express dates. 10-15 and 20 women and then come here to flirt party in hopes of finding a soul mate. Some might think that this is a sort of dating someone in the evening for 30, 40, and more … What the clubs do not go to the normal dating pretty women, and in most desperate young women who have no interest for our heroes amorous front. Well here it is just the most powerful delusion! In our dating 'Romance' come different women, including in the age of 30. And many who radiate sex appeal that does not mean that they are ready to immediately surrender within 10 minutes of dialogue, flirtation format adopted party. Just do not think that there is catch nothing.

Just what is even! 🙂 Well, what else is there to grow – already will depend solely on you. The main thing is to tune in to get pleasure from the party of acquaintances. Just for this we are trying to turn the party into improvised show, with guest artists, dancers and entertainers. And we have a banquet for all participants in party flirting, so you can eat meat and fish appetizers, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a little more heat his desire to glass-another good wine or champagne. And the script itself a party shall be designed to help you better understand his interlocutors, to look at them in different forms – from communication to competition and dances. In general, the advantages enough – you only dare. And the next party dating we have a special offer. August 25 we celebrate the birthday of those born in August. Therefore, all the birthdays and guests a true celebration with cake, sparklers and fireworks display of colorful confetti. And you will find our wonderful leading Greta, the winner of various competitions and actress known series. Good Welcome to our party on 25 August and allow yourself to unlimited fun! Source

Musical Ability

Musical ability, their formation and development of one of the most interesting problems, which attracts the attention of researchers for many years. The study of this problem is urgently due to the fact that the development of musical taste, emotional responsiveness in childhood creates a foundation of musical culture of a person in the future. Recent decades are characterized by a significant increase in attention to the development of musical abilities the younger generation, more and more attention is paid to early childhood care and early education of children. Opened children's aesthetic centers, preparatory groups under normal and music schools, choirs studios. But in fully carried out the systematic development of preschool children in a preschool educational institution.

Psychologists have long established that the age of 2-5 years most favorable for rapid development of the child. Musical education also needs to be addressed at an early age. Music is more than any other art form, is available to the child. The earlier children are attached to the world of music, the more music they subsequently become, and the happier and more desirable for them to be more meetings with the music. Musical art, directly and strongly influences a person, in the first years of life occupies a large place in its general cultural development. Music classes in kindergarten contribute to the continuous familiarizing the child to the world of beauty, the formation and development of his musical abilities. However, in pre-school education there is a contradiction between the need to develop musical abilities of preschool children and the lack of developed technologies and techniques aimed at raising interest in the music, the accumulation of musical-creative experience. The observed contradiction actualizes the problem of musical abilities of preschool children through improvisation as a form of creative activity. Source: Peter Thiel. Author Natalia Denisova

Global Internet

Present strongly dictates its own terms, and so our time is now considered the age of information and technology related to its use. So often we doubt and do not know who can really give useful advice. That would be okay if we asked for advice from someone with whom we communicate around us. Look closely at the street, passing a few meters you will surely encounter a person with your phone and it says that we are constantly in touch with a lot of people, among whom there must exist someone who can share recipes or give good advice on relationships. However, relying only on personal connections are not worth it. Neisklyucheno that someone who is willing to share with you any useful advice can be wrong. You can not be sure that they got really competent advice, for the reason that this people may not have sufficient experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications: And if he has certain knowledge, nor the fact that he will share all the secrets and subtleties of an issue. If you are a Global Internet user, then you no doubt this is just a plus.

Since you have a great opportunity to communicate, exchange information by users like you. Visiting a chat or a thematic forum, you have opportunity to discuss the urgent problem or ask for advice, for example by choice of hardware. If you are in the near future plan to buy a washing machine or dishwasher, electric kettle, or anything else get tips to purchase household appliances with appropriate specialists.