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German Federal Joint Committee

The benefits of more expensive new drugs is not always given, so frequently proven home remedies in an official study shows resorted to, that the higher price of new drugs is often not justified. That emerges from a review of the relevant highest body in the health sector, the German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). Two of three new drugs for serious diseases actually longer than the previously common drugs help patients of according to official examination. However, most of these preparations miss the certificate of a really significant added value. Quite a few also draw on proven home remedy. Arnica specialist for cuts whopping more than 150 substances contains the yellow pollen of arnica. The silica is of special significance.

This Oxoacid stimulates the self-healing in the tissue and in the musculoskeletal system. Due to this effect is the extremely effective with cuts and bruises. Arnica in sprains, contusions, sprains and bruises is also very effective. These ALLROUNDER can soothe even with joint pain. Particularly in the acute cut wounds or similar injuries, a wrap soaked in arnica solution can accelerate the healing process.

60% (In the pharmacy available) just mix 250 ml cold water with 1EL arnica essence. Then soak a cloth in the solution and wring out. The injured point can then be wrapped. Duration of action depending on the severity of the injury about 15 minutes to 2 hours. If necessary, the wound with a bandage can be fixed. Rose evokes eyelids up not only for lovers the Rose has long been considered Queen of flowers. What today however most no longer aware is that she used already for millennia as a medicinal plant. The essential oils and tannins of the rose petals have for example a decongestant effect. Thus applies the rose as a remedy for irritated eye area or insect bites. So you can for example for 10 minutes put simply fresh and ungespritzte petals on the closed eyes. Thick insect bites pluck off some rose petals and remove the resulting in the rubbed juice onto the affected area. Pansy relieves Sun allergy pansies are very popular as a balcony plant. Many garden is adorned by the pretty flowers of the Pansy. But not only the beautiful appearance, but also the contained salicylic acid this plant turns into something special. Since these acids contained in the herb of the Pansy, Pansy have an anti-inflammatory effect. Especially for a Sun allergy it is advisable to drink a cup of Pansy tea daily. This will relieve the redness and decreases the itch. Simply boil 2TL of Pansy herb in 150 ml of water for five minutes. In part 4 of our small health Primer for the flower world, is about herbal remedy for high blood pressure and dry, irritated skin.

Beware Of The Heat! 5 Steps To Protect

Heatstroke is frequently underestimated involves a failure of multiple organs, the often deadly consequences has In the summer it is common to circulation problems. The body is sensitive to heat. It is particularly problematic when the high air temperature exceeds the own body temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius. There is the real danger for the health of a sunstroke or heat stroke. What is actually in the body before him? Why the summer heat threatens the health? And of course more importantly: How can you protect yourself from the consequences of a sunstroke or heat shock at all? To know how to protect the body against heat, you should first understand what is at high temperatures in our body is.

First of all, the blood pressure drops. Heat, blood vessels dilate to better give off the heat. A similar side effect can occur with dehydration. The body loses just at high temperatures plenty of fluids through sweating. If you take up then too little fluid, the blood can circulate worse. The consequences can be nausea, dizziness and headaches. In particularly bad cases, you suffer a heat stroke. At a stroke the body temperature rises to over 40 degrees.

The body produces no more sweat. The resulting shock conditions and disorders of consciousness can permanently damage the brain. 1 Step: Enough and right drinking it is advisable throughout the day distributed bottled water to drink approximately 2.5 to 3 liters. Ideal thirst-quencher, providing sufficient minerals are also diluted fruit juices and vegetable juices. Also recommended are the herbal and fruit teas. Alcohol and black tea or coffee should be avoided, however, as far as possible. Should also be taken on the temperature of the drink. Ice-cold drinks quench thirst while in the short term, but these in turn stimulate the production of sweat. 2 Step: Move to the right Time motion stimulates the circulation.

Revolutionary Insights

40 Years bring new, revolutionary insights – 95 per cent of all diseases share a common cause which have a stomach ulcer, the headache, knee problems and tension, back pain, kidney weakness, sciatica and high blood pressure? A single common cause! Don’t you think? Follow me, then continue reading. As you know, we find along the spinal nerve switchboards, which are associated with a wide range of functions and organs. These switchboards is disturbed or is constantly irritated, then a malfunction will result on short or long. Example gastric ulcer: the nerve of the stomach on the false static of spine about a conscience is disturbed period, then your stomach will react offended, that is, in many cases, an ulcer is formed due to the irritation of the relevant nerve control center “Stomach”. But how does a false static of spine? Here, I would like to take a look in the construction industry, in the planning of the House.

What happens when we make a home on an inclined plane? Here are some problems are inevitable in the long term: walls become unstable and show cracks, bricks are loose at the worst and dissolve (leaning tower of Pisa), i.e. We plan the base of the House and observe the statics = just plain (base). What is the basis for the people? Here, the basin plays a central role, the center of the people. The basin wrong, because a unilateral embargo imposed, then we force the spine in a curvature, i.e. the vertebrae not unrelated parallel natural position.

Now the disc no longer serves as a shock absorber, but is responsible for the irritation of the nerve switchboards in addition to the vertebral bodies. The cause of a unilateral blockade of the basin is still no clear approach in medicine. I can determine clearly one experience and work from the last few years with the people that about 95 percent of people worldwide suffer from a unilateral blockade of the basin. This blockage of the basin brings on one side massive mobility, which tries to compensate for the opposite side of the body, and both variations create the basic building block for problems in the whole organism (E.g. knee problems). Easily comprehensible and at any time can be assigned. How is your opinion, you can follow my way of thinking?

League Stomach

Belongs to the already very long existing folk wisdom of medicine the assumption that stress on the stomach suggest it is a tense situation, because it has a potentially unpleasant date on. Maybe going to a public authority or you must pass an exam. Just the thought of it makes nervous a. Suddenly, in such a situation, many complain of diarrhea or other gastrointestinal complaints. But what does the stomach with an appointment to do? From such symptoms out of the popular belief has been a long, stress would affect the stomach. Is that really so? Beating stress on the stomach? What is stress in our body? Initially, adrenaline is secreted. This organism is in readiness and thus prepares a soon upcoming activity.

Already then cortisol distributed a few minutes, to mobilize all the forces. The effect of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol accelerates the heartbeat, thereby increasing blood pressure. From this the result is that the organs and muscles are faster supplied with oxygen and nutrients. What happens to the stomach? If the nerves are too tense, run the stomach peristalsis and the formation of gastric acid from the rudder. Stomach problems are indeed often stress dependent. The stomach responds stress namely via the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, the stomach can be described as a projection body for stress.

Permanent strain can lead to days stomach pressure and stomach rumblings, which often is associated with nausea and bloating. According to the technician, health insurance would have to do a quarter of the population at least once in life with an irritable stomach. While women are affected twice as often as men. Symptoms of an irritable stomach the usual signs of an irritable stomach is bloating, cramps, nausea, vomiting or regurgitation. So a doctor diagnosed a horse’s stomach, but two other factors are needed. The complaints must be longer than three months. In addition, there must be no organic cause for the symptoms. According to the German gastronomic League, 30 percent of irritable stomach patients at the same time, an irritable bowel syndrome would have to suffer. Symptoms of an irritable bowel syndrome the typical signs of an irritable bowel syndrome are bloating, irregular bowel movements, stitches in the heart area, increased sweating, circulatory disorders, and problems with urination. Terminally stress reduction and conversion of the dining plan on well-tolerated food obviously help as the initial measures. Overload should be avoided and regular movement supports the digestion. However, the disorder of gastrointestinal function is not curable. Therefore, patients need to learn to live with the discomfort and avoid the triggering factors. Peppermint main fabric of Mentha piperita is menthol. Its antispasmodic and slightly numbing effect on stomach irritation and intestinal problems. First appeared in the article “the assumption that belongs to the already very long existing folk wisdom of medicine that stress on” the stomach hit”here present as a basis for dier press release on the blog health portal.

Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic therapy as an alternative treatment method – a report from Dr. Peter Stankovic, a urologist from Unterhaching prostate infections, overactive bladder with urge bladder weakness and the so-called pelvic pain syndrome are unfortunately the most common diseases. Now, a recent study has confirmed the magnetic therapy as a useful alternative treatment. Magnetic field therapy regularly appearing and neutral information service currently “this and other issues is taken up professional and informative. There, you can look up the facts to this more widespread form of therapy. Patients with Chronic prostatitis, pelvic pain syndrome or constantly recurring cystitis often have a neverending Odyssey through various trade practices behind them – often without success.

But there is a chance to get this common and painful syndromes in the handle – thanks to the alternative treatment options with the magnetic field therapy (MFT). This result has the highlighted parent European Urological Society (EAU) in its latest guidelines. The prestigious and practicing urologist Dr. Peter Stankovic reported in the latest edition of the “magnetic field therapy news information service” in detail about his positive experience with this therapy for his patients and explains in detail how this form of therapy does work and when she can be applied. Since 1998, the magnetic field therapy in the United States in the treatment of functional disorders of the lower urinary tract is applied in particular in the treatment of symptoms of overactive bladder with urge bladder weakness, stress bladder weakness and the chronic inflammation of the prostate. In the “magnetic field therapy up-to-date information service” urologist Dr. Peter Stankovic pointed out that several studies report good results in the treatment with the magnetic field therapy.

Based on this alternative therapy is a large, pulsating magnetic field of extremely low frequency. The magnetic waves penetrate into the pelvic floor and rain that there Pelvic floor muscles by selecting the lower pelvic nerves. The effect and manipulating magnetic fields and magnetic field therapy is currently in the zweimonatig appearing information service of magnetic field therapy”by physicians, health practitioners and physiotherapists explains. The four-sided information service reported the versatile applications of magnetic therapy exclusively neutral and independent, ad-free. Learn more about this information service can be found in the consumer portal in the article under… bin contents. . The consumer portal tips-provided by the a lot of information about the magnetic field therapy, among other things there is a magnetic field clinic in the six doctors there and answer a veterinarian on the subject. Many health-interested users questions there, and it is recognizable how many complaints the magnetic field therapy can be successfully used.

December Calendar

Physician training for 2009 already allow doctors and other players in the health care sector at an early stage for 2009 and beyond can plan their visits to Congress, uses the editorial staff of the Spitta calendar medicine Congress constantly their hot line to more than 7000 operators and PCOs worldwide to the Terminakquise. Over 1600 events for 2009 and more than 500 for 2010 are the result of this communication. You are already visible in the online calendar at for subscribers. In December, they are published in the book, CD and PDA version. 6000 dates listed for 2008.

The online calendar is updated daily. Quickly search functions such as subject, topic, place, country, period, you will still find the relevant events. He can immediately go into details by linking with the respective Congress homepage, or contact the Organizer. Who wants to get easily the search uses the mail agent which automatically sent him the latest dates of its choice. In addition there is the ability to transfer Congress entries from the online calendar in the Outlook calendar. So, no important date falls into oblivion.

Central Bank

The informal economy has been dedicated to carrying on their activities to the length and breadth of the country, growing in unrestrained form, anarchistic form to measure in which the crisis is accentuated in the major cities of Venezuela. Monica Figueredo, the respect the opinion, Venezuela presents an unstable economic scenario, being between one of the main causes of the informal economy, political uncertainty, due to a Government that has led to changes, actions that in some way has seriously affected survival, behaviour of firms and of course, on the quality of life of the Venezuelan. Actions that have not followed a systemic management integrated into plans strategic economic chord to its reality, more than anything else, has been given much improvisation that has seriously affected its economy and its productive sectors. Has developed a significant informal economy, which has given way to that appear many entrepreneurs who start a small business in search of their livelihood to face up to their responsibilities of living and, in some way, provide a service to fellow citizens, in order to meet their needs through a required product, always within a limited field of action andseriously affecting many businesses that operate within the formality, which comply with all regulations that the Government demand, especially before a very dynamic, menacing tax that the State since then, it has imposed. The Venezuelan current reality continues to be significant economically. And in regard to employment, the former President of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Dr. Maza Zavala, thereon comments, which worried the Venezuelan labor situation, because even in the informal sector are It shelters an important sector of the country’s work force; the idea is to decrease by the absorption of existing enterprises and micro-enterprises by creating. 60% Is the index of the informal economy, noticing an alarming and significant way in all major cities of the country, through hawkers, people who sell products already elaborated, often ignoring its real origin; but there are those who have given life to products that have been created, developed through homemade, with rudimentary technology, but which nevertheless are demanded by the need for the consumer to buy it and, moreover, its accessibility to the price over the competition..


Dominate the time, thats the sereto of successful people, time and good management of the resource most precious human, in this based nestro exitop or failure, many have become rich and famous to know to manage your time, time is gold is so invaluable that can only win if we are not organized with our time, likewise is incalculable losses that we could have if we don’t appreciate it. Carlos Gallego, expert web marketing consultant, entrepreneur online us recommends through his program dominates your time techniques more effective used by successful people and entrepreneurs; in this program dominates your time we can appreciate and value all our resources, it is a program that helps you not only to grow in the business area, helps you also grow in your professional, personal and family. Carlos Gallego says in his blog: you may perhaps seem paradoxical, but many people are more productive when they work in a relaxed atmosphere. In this context, an environment also relaxed It implies that it is organized and orderly. The idea is that you taste be at your workplace, albeit just a desk in a corner of your room.

As the taste is personal, everyone will find a way to own to organize his Office as it suits you, but the following recommendations will help you to optimize your space to make your day more productive. 1. Your work environment must be attractive for you: probably spend several hours of your day in this place, so it is essential that you feel comfortable, and have your style. You have to fix it so that everytime you go there and you see it, you feel good. Do you feel that in your current workplace? It analyzes what are your main feelings with your environment, and if you feel anxiety, boredom, reluctance, boredom is time to make some changes! You focus on what you wish feel to see your Office, or your desktop.

Tips For Choosing Your Hosting

The objective when selecting a company for hosting and housing must be bet on a company that ensures the stability of the external hosting service and allows the webmaster focus all their efforts in the development of your web site business, without having to worry about housing issues. In this sense, and above all SMEs facing, most providers offer the possibility of hiring dedicated or shared servers which, in the latter case, does not require specific knowledge in networks. Another point to consider is the capacity of accommodation to acquire. In general, it is advisable to add an additional 30% to the capabilities of the hosting that you want to hire, especially if refers to the web site of a company that will require greater resources than a personal page. In this regard, should make sure that your hosting service provider company has a technical service and customer in Spanish 24 hours a day, since many companies dispense with this bracket to provide some cheapest prices, to the detriment of the quality of the service. Regarding transfer of our service, it is interesting to make an estimate about what will be the approximate value of the daily visits that you will receive the web project, hiring an accommodation or another depending also from the number of downloads that are envisaged. Finally, one of the infallible to select a good provider is sure, in addition to their official status or popularity, this has, if not all, most of their automated services and that has an answer fast and effective customer Center.


Everyone is an expert on something and should write a book. With accessible technology today, is very easy. Find a Publisher or pay enormous expenses of printing is no longer required. The Internet has changed the rules. If you are an expert in any area, from sport fishing to the training of dogs, as losing weight, any sport, cooking, business, mechanics, hobby, coaching, etc.

UD is a candidate to write a digital book. An ebook or digital book, is an excellent choice for a person who would start in the Internet, since it will help to position itself as an expert in your area of expertise. Another advantage is that a digital book can be a small oil well that will be generating income passively while Ud develop your business on the Internet. Below I will share with Ud an effective strategy that will ensure that your digital book is a success: 1.-in your page website, or blog, place a registration form for an autoresponder ( to collect email addresses of people who are interested in your topic. Apart from asking them your name and your postal address, place a locker that will allow them to write the biggest question I have about the subject x where Ud is an expert. This will you allow to do a survey of the market and know exactly what are the hottest concerns that have people interested in your topic. 2. Direct traffic towards your page through articles, social pages, forums, etc.

3 free.-as get you questions, start to answer them by writing articles and a weekly newsletter. The weekly newsletter is to keep in touch with their subscribers and articles are going to carry out two functions: to) they will generate even more free traffic to your website and will be very effective, because you will be directed to the specific needs of your niche market. (b) in addition will be part of their future ebook content. This way Ud will write a small part of his book every day. 4. When received between 150 to 200 questions, grouped into 10 to 12 categories. These will be the future chapters of your ebook. 5. Divide each category into 3 sub-category and place one or two items you already typed in each sub-category. Your digital book is now ready! 6. Raise your book digital to a platform that allows you to sell with the help of affiliates as 7.-even can publish it and sell it as a printed book with the help of with this simple formula Ud may start in your business over the Internet with success, since you will know exactly what are the specific needs of your market and so you will be able to satisfy optimally.

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