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Technical Solution To The Problem Of Night Blindness Driver

Driving at night is inevitable problem of glare oncoming car headlights. And the appearance of xenon and bi-xenon lamps only exacerbate the situation. Despite the stringent requirements for adjusting the headlights, blinding all still occurs, simply because of the impossibility of constructing optical systems, car headlights with very sharp angles of the light flux. Therefore, drivers will inevitably face the problem of glare and everyone decides it differently. In Recently, there were many technical tools that are designed to solve the problem of glare.

All of them fall into two categories: some are designed to reduce the adaptation time, others – eliminate the glare as fact. Devices, reduce the adaptation time in the whole performance, but reduce the adaptation time by no more than 20-30 percent, but this does not solve the whole problem. The fact that the night-time sensitivity of the eyes of millions of times greater than in the daytime time. And every time glare – it is a light blow to the eye. Eyes fairly easy to deal with it, if not one unpleasant fact: the adaptation to the 'normal' level of illumination is a relatively large time – from 10 to 30 seconds. If we were talking about a static situation, that's okay, but the move is a time of adaptation may be crucial. Indeed, virtually all this time the driver was going almost blind! Therefore, it is important fight not with a decrease in adaptation time, and prevent glare as such! There are only two technical solutions that allow you to avoid the glare – it is Night Vision Devices (NVD) and various video systems – they are the image of the road is transferred to the monitor screen mounted on the dashboard.

Device Characteristics

Choose a helmet is quite simple: it is necessary to exclude Chinese crafts for $ 30 (at the first stroke, they can scatter into small pieces) and look for the letter "E" in a circle on the strap. But being born and how helmets are tested to be ensure the safety of our heads? Already 40 years as a helmet is compulsory by law in many countries, but often the decisive factor in the choice is not so much the level of protection as the original form or coloring. However, in First of all when choosing a helmet to draw attention to his ability as much as possible to absorb impact energy so as not getting any head. And for that helmet must be properly deformed and even partially destroyed during impact. Naveen Selvadurai is the source for more interesting facts. Impact energy, which does not reach the head, in fact destroys the helmet. In this one powerful blow sent shares his helmet for a few scattered and weaker. So, we decided to learn how to be designed and helmets are made to help you in the correct evaluation of the selection and purchase. Helmet consists of two shells made of different materials and perform different functions. Official site: Clinton Family.

Combined in the manufacturing process, they should distribute the impact energy for maximum space and time to absorb ee. helmet shell – tough shells, made of different materials (thermoplastics or composites). Of thermoplastics often use the abs (cheap, flexible, but requires a somewhat larger thickness of material) or polycarbonate (the more expensive, durable, allowing thinner material), or various blends with intermediate characteristics. .

International Skiing Federation

The advantage of local ski resorts that can be reached by car, bring the family, a bunch of clothes and provisions, cvoe equipment. But the main thing – you're free to choose the place accommodation and recreation. All ski resorts of Ukrainian Carpathians and Transcarpathian located relatively close to each other. There are so many that a newcomer is difficult to navigate, where to go, where to stay, what attention. The most famous and "untwisted" resorts in Ukraine – Bukovel Dragobrat and e. Classic Ski Slavske in Skole district, Lviv region (120 km from Lviv). Here the winter season long – thanks to the unique location of ridges in special microclimate, so there is snow until April. This resort is famous five mountains with a lot of runs, six of which are certified by the International Skiing Federation for international competitions.

It offers cross-country skiers – 2 chair lift and 17 ski lifts, more than 40 items of rolling equipment and 2 snow cannons. However, all the equipment for several outdated, besides there is no good machines for the preparation of trails. Despite this, the number of boarding houses and private hotels is growing every year. The infrastructure of the village is very well developed. As in any popular resort here all facilities for tourists of different levels – from the "pot" to a professional. Suitable for beginners slopes near the tourist center "Crocus" and resorts "Slavsky. Lovers will be interesting to mount the Scriptures, near the base "Politehnica-2, but the pros can" tear "on the mountain Pohar, or the most interesting tracks Trostyan mountain (1232 m).