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Judith Kakaza Prince Zeller

“Beck IT: new reporting tool management templates Passau, July 19, 2010 – Beck IT, one of the leading software and consulting firms for workflow solutions in the SAP environment and manufacturer of national and internationally successful workflow solution maxflow invoice input processing, is immediately the growing requirements of vendor management in companies in specific account with the mining tool is” an additional tool to further process optimisation and efficiency available. The mining tool is fully integrated into SAP as well as the standard products of Beck IT and allows for statistical analysis of input data, as they (maxflow, maxpost, maxbanf) of the standard products of Beck IT or are generally provided by the SAP System. The reports can be displayed in tabular form as well as in several graphical variants. Examples of possible evaluations supplied by the mining tool and which might be particularly capable discount bills of importance, are about terms Invoices from the parking to the number reaches, as well as the processing time at each stage of the Rechnungseingangsworkflows (substantive examination, approval, etc.). The data base can be both vergangenheits-like consist also of forward-looking data so that the mining tool can be used as well to create a maturity preview.

At the same time, the application of the drill-down technique, the data either can be viewed through simple zoom in varying detail, ensures a high level of user friendliness. “Lutz Otterbach, head of sales at Beck IT: the data prepared by the mining tool show potential vulnerabilities within the process in a very concise form, so that targeted countermeasures can be taken to remedy the financial planning security is supported in companies.” More information about the mining tool (screenshots, examples of analysis reports, etc.) as well as via its standard products maxflow (workflow solution for the processing of incoming invoices), maxpost (Interface for data transfer from any legacy systems) as well as maxbanf (workflow solution for the approval of purchase requisitions) represents the lower Bavarian companies upon request at your disposal. About Beck IT Beck IT both SMEs and large companies helps the overall planning, development and implementation of workflow solutions in the SAP environment. While the German company headquartered in Passau, Germany has become a name as one of the leading expert in optimizing processes in an SAP environment since its inception in 2002 through intelligent software based workflow solutions. During the processing of incoming invoices and requisitions sets Beck IT with its in-house-developed standard products maxflow maxpost and maxbanf appropriate approval workflow optimize national and international standards.

Halloween Party Invitations

Templates for sending your greetings Halloween and Halloween party invitations available in the download area of the letter online portal for free letter online-portal offers free templates for Halloween Ratingen, October 20, 2009 – if you want to send Halloween greetings or party invitations, you have the possibility of the predesigned templates of the letter-online portal ( downloads) to use, are available free of charge via download. Official site: Hillary Clinton. And the best thing: you can change your greetings and invitations via the BoP \”sending the software directly from your PC: from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient!\” Detailed instructions about the function of BoP\”, the letter-online-portal, is available as a download in PDF format and videos available. Information to the letter-online-portal under, the Ratinger company mail to print the possibility to produce all business correspondence, online offers and a physical at the end of the chain generated and is letter set to. The letter-online portal, short BoP\”called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, quotes, direct mailings, etc. The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved. No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery to: from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient! The handling of mail sending over BoP\”( is easy and without minimum quantities, without charges and without a contractual commitment to the all inclusive price\” possible: the complete letter printing & delivery – from 55 cents. (1 page S/W printing plus VAT) The product ranges of the standard letter to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer request which is printed black and white or colored, one double-sided or even a remittance to. Also in the price still cheaper shipping info letters / info post (addressed, identical items) – with or without inserts – is possible. No matter whether 1 letter or 500 letters be sent out: the customer paid only the letters that he sends as printing and shipping order.

Coverport Templates

Web platform provides digital helpers for convenient download. The Web platform for easy publishing now offers the new product category “Tools and templates”. The two tags are available for Excel Tools, sample texts and other templates for business use. More and more companies rely on such digital helpers as they simplify various office duties and to have downloaded comes in handy. For more information see this site: technology investor. If for example a small business its profit and loss account for BBs tax auftsellen must, but not in a complex special software wants to learn, he can download a corresponding Excel tool just for 11,95 euro and save so much work and stress. Just as there are for various professional groups of short portraits, which are easy to customize and suitable for online use. More partners who are looking for an additional marketing channel for their digital content, are always welcome at Coverport. The procedure for partner for the delivery of product data and files is couldn’t be any easier..

Application Builder

How your application is a success it is disheartening if cancellation after cancellation. Often, applicants may not realize what they have failed. It is the letter of the company as such usually not to see why the company has no interest. Also, Renate Muller made these experiences. Renate Muller had already written 31 applications during the last 3 months (name anonymized).

Regardless, the 28 year-old bookkeeper had no success. With good luck, at least the application documents were sent back. It wasn’t a lack of qualifications or work experience, both could present Mrs Martinez. “I was at my wits end. Even the free application that I worked to have availed nothing. I had already don’t want to apply for a job,”says the 28-year-old. Renate Muller then heard from a friend of the application generator. “She could write applications using Application Builder, just with a mouse click.

The application builder resembled their qualification with the job offer off and made an exact text proposal. The application builder needs supposedly only 15 minutes for an individual application. If this would have told me someone else, I wouldn’t have believed it.” After the next cancellation on your application Renate Muller remembered her friend’s recommendation. Renate Muller entered their data, was looking for a suitable job offer and had created after 15 minutes a suitable application. “So good I had to describe my qualifications. It was fun almost, to assemble the application so accurately simply by mouse click, therefore I have applied for another 3 more abroad. I did not know, that write applications can be as simple and that gets you a good response, even in these times. I was suddenly more often invited to interview and have now also a great job as an accountant in Vista.” The application builder is not a snapshot, it was developed during a period of 2.5 years. What is now the special am Application generator? It is, of course, first and foremost the fit of the cover letter. While other application software customizes the letter often only to the applicant, the application generator also fits the letter on the job.

Coming Designer

In early August the American favorite brand guess-opened detailed designs and current fashion trends with the typical mix of casualness of American and international style. (Source: technology investor). The McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin gets international growth of the renowned trend brand of guess. From August 2 are all in the enjoyment, the popular denim brand in the designer outlet Berlin shopping and this 30-70% lower than the price recommended by the manufacturer. The collections on 242 square meters in usual stylish atmosphere are offered. Guess part the long list of perfectly matched designer and lifestyle brands in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin thus. The collections boast high-quality materials and unusual designs. In conjunction with the European-oriented fits and styles, classic and at the same time sensual fashion is created.

The new exciting line of guess by Marciano reinvents the style of guess. With modern designs in the form of chic evening dresses, formal and casual creations, this collection addresses all trendy and stylish customers. The 1981 based Jeans Company has found after more than 30 years, its place in the fashion world and is one of the most famous denim brands in the world. In addition to women’s, men’s and children’s collections, guess designs also shoes and accessories. The brand due to its unusual advertising campaigns and stars like Claudia Schiffer, who love the creations became known. Press contact: Caroline Muller PRESS FACTORY GmbH l Karl-Marx-Allee 81 l D-10243 Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) 30 / 28 87 90 02l fax + 49 (0) 30 / 28 87 90 03 facts & figures Designer Outlet Berlin which was Designer Outlet Berlin in Wustermark in Berlin opened on June 18, 2009. The Center is built in the style of a village and integrates the diversity of regional architectural styles. With its prestigious brands and the year-round reduced prices, it offers a shopping experience unique to the Berlin/Brandenburg region.

Infrared Heating Panels

Company design heating commissioned Seibersdorf of laboratories to test their infrared heating panels Vario/Ecosun IRC produced for several years and the company distributes design & heating from 6511 Zams/Tyrol-infrared surface heating panels. This large, evenly-radiating heating panels are ideally suited for use in spas (infrared cabins, saunas), as well as for heating of residential areas. With regard to the increasing demands on the heating panels in the commercial sector, the Austrian Research Center “Seibersdorf of laboratories” was awarded technical radiation protection assess the infrared surface heating panels Vario/Ecosun design & heating in April 2012. Peter Thiel oftentimes addresses this issue. For an infrared surface heating Panel of type Vario with a size of 78(B)x65(H)x1,2(D) cm at the Research Centre was sent for testing and evaluation purposes. The Panel is connected via an electronic ballast unit directly to the mains supply (230 V AC). In the laser application lab Seibersdorf were required Measurements carried out on the 26.04.2012.

With regard to a possible burn of the skin and damage to the eyes, the irradiance measured before the heater were compared with international limits. The distribution of surface temperature on the front of the heating Panel as a function of time was measured using a thermal imaging camera. The Panel was in a thermally stable state after a heating time of 30 minutes. The maximum surface temperature on the front of the infrared heating Panel amounted to 80 C. Area due to the determined during the measurement, the maximum surface temperature of about 80 C was almost exclusively in the infrared C radiation (IR-C, wavelengths above 3? m) and only a very small part in the infrared-B range (IR-B, wavelengths of between 1.4? m and 3? m) emitted. At a wavelength of 8.2? m was the maximum of emissions.

Both the measured value for skin irradiation (380 nm – 1 mm) as well as the reading eye irradiation (780 nm 3000 nm) was regarding the corresponding Compared to threshold. Finally resulted in the following findings according to opinion No.-LE-G-0214-1 / 12 of 27 over earmarked for optical radiation of infrared surface heating Panel Vario/Ecosun IRC: A comparison of the measured radiation values with the international limits suggests, that a burning of the skin or damage to the eyes by the infrared radiation of the tested IR surface heating Panel is not possible. Prerequisite for this is of course a proper use of the heating panels and normal pain of the user. Description of the company: The company design & heating deals mainly with various design products on the topics of wellness, warmth, well-being headquartered in Zams in Tyrol and is your service partner for infrared cabins, saunas, infrared heating systems and heat with style. Contact: design & heating wife Sonja Rangger Magdalenaweg 13a 66511 Zams Austria Tel.: + 43 (0) 5442 64799 press contact: Martina Frenzel wellness and media Phillip of Ward eight road 32 50678 Koln Tel.: 0221 4537373

Internet Design

The sofa system SET is through the Sitzfeldt online store available. With the interactive SET Configurator can get the customers easily create your individual sofa. That’s not enough, who can experience live SET in the Berlin showroom and soon in Cologne. From 12 to 14 April 2013, Sitzfeldt opens its second showroom in Cologne Rheinauhafen where SET will be also exhibited? On Sitzfeldt there are exactly three things that unite in each sofa of brand Sitzfeldt: Nice, clear design, maximum sustainability in manufacturing and a surprisingly low price. Thus, Sitzfeldt manages something that previously seemed incompatible with the purchase of furniture. Sitzfeldt builds beautiful furniture for people with high demands. Sitzfeldt stands for traditional furniture-building craft and contemporary shopping on the Internet. Sitzfeldt is quality and best price.

Sitzfeldt combines the best of all worlds. Sitzfeldt is: easy sofa. Without compromises. About Steffen Kehrle industrial designer on his diploma “, at work in his Munich Studio Steffen Kehrle (born in 1976) is however every one he is a visionary of everyday life. Good design involves a high degree of functionality for him first and foremost. With his claim to develop proven, he convinced renowned customers and the international experts.

He passes the basis of its success, the passion for thoughtful design, as a lecturer at the Kunsthochschule Kassel to the next generation. About the red dot design award with the red dot design award the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen created one of the most prestigious international competitions. Its award, the red dot”, has become world-wide as one of the most coveted seal of quality for outstanding design. The award-winning products shows the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen for at least a year in the red dot design museum. “” “To properly evaluate the diversity in the field of design, divided up the red dot red dot design award in the various disciplines: product design”, red dot award: communication design “and red dot award: design concept”.

PVC Flooring

Ecological and beautiful the desire to acquire the customers not only aesthetic, but also environmentally friendly products, is increasingly at all levels and also the floor industry takes into account this development. Quieter, warmer and durable as laminate flooring, this slip-inhibiting and room sound positive, is an ideal complement in the portfolio of a ground provider Designboden and satisfies the consumer in beautiful way to ecological and harmless floor coverings. Actress is a great source of information. For the Ruthener masterpieces, sustainable and responsible action means not only the renunciation of tropical wood and solid wood flooring, but also taking into account the environmental consequences in the product development. The company ensures that the end user due to the high quality enjoys long on his ground and stumbled about in search until a product has passed both the optical and the environmental test. “We can not comprehend, that one finds unacceptable plasticizers in the toys, but to not bother that play children in nurseries, KINDERGARTENS and of course also at home on floors, which contain these harmful chemicals “, as Ludger Schindler, Managing Director of the masterpieces.Like practical PVC flooring used in old people’s homes and care institutions – with so far not estimable consequences “, as Ludger Schindler,” and from these dangers we want to distance ourselves clearly with our products. Therefore highest value was placed at the new Designboden collection DD 350S in the current country house floorboards format (2052 x 198 mm) on an ecologically faultless production. Our floor combines the advantages of a PVC floor, but not the disadvantages the plasticizers in a high quality and aesthetic product. The floor is 100% PVC free, stay healthy, high-quality and at the same time environmentally friendly.

Incidentally confirmed by the Blue Angels, and especially this independent label will be according to the GfK study from March 2013 by consumers now majority required “, as Ludger Schindler.And for us DD is 350S to another important range component, to offer aesthetic and healthy alternatives for health concern flooring. With the new Designbodenkollektion, which has been available since March, the circumferential V-groove and the imprinted structures emphasize his country house character. The five wooden replicas of white pine up to going to antique grey oak, seem very authentic and the easy care inspires consumers in addition. Because the customer increasingly asks for floors that are consistently ecological in his perception and thereby meet his aesthetic ideas, floors the gap ideally between natural coloured or printed Cork and colored linoleum floors because they are mostly offered in the wood look preferred by the customer. If they are still living healthy, more .