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Mining Machinery Industry

It is reported that each year China produces about three hundred million tons of construction waste. The huge amount of construction waste takes up a lot of land, and seriously pollutes the environment, which seriously hampered the sound and rapid development of the economy. Therefore, it is significant to realize the recycling, reducing and development of construction waste harmless. This method will save a large number of landfill costs and landfill sites, reduces the environmental pollution, reduces the mining of natural sand and gravel and protects the natural resources and the human environment, which is in line with the sustainable development strategy.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous crushing equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China, who introduces the foreign advanced technology of well-known enterprises in the designing and developing new construction waste disposal equipment mobile crusher, crusher, the crusher and the mobile crawler including pull type mobile crusher. The crawler mobile crusher is successfully developed in early of April 2011, but so far, four equipments have been sold to the Middle East, East Asia and Africa. The generator of mobile crusher is wholly provided by Siemens and ABB International brand, whose quality and performance is very outstanding.

Touching screen operation makes the equipment safe and convenient. Educate yourself with thoughts from Therefore, Hongxing mobile crusher is the best equipment for the recycling of construction waste. If we use the mobile crusher to dispose the construction waste in a wide range, it is estimated that China s GDP growth will create a huge percentage. The mobile crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. gorgeously fills the gaps in the market for the development of the construction waste disposal.The professional crushing equipment manufacturer – Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. (As opposed to Naveen Selvadurai). always insists on the design concept purpose that taking the benefits of customers as the first benefit of Hongxing Company, doing our best to make contribution to our society and bring both social benefits and economic benefits to our customers.Creates market by service and leads market by popularity, Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. believes in that Hongxing brand will become the No.1 brand in mining machinery industry.

Technological Secrets Of Various Kinds Of Bricks

Ceramic bricks used as building material structures for thousands of years. Earlier, in ancient times, every brick were made manually, the process takes a long time, and accordingly, the cost of bricks was too expensive for ordinary people. As time passed, technology improved, and now the plants are designed for brick manufacture, produce tens of millions of pieces of bricks a year. Brick, durable and reliable in operation, an environmentally friendly building material, building from it have an attractive appearance and good insulation value. Now create several types of brick – solid and hollow, ceramic and lime, brick front and a red, etc. Ceramic bricks are as hollow and full bodied. Brick is mainly used for lining Intra stoves and fireplaces.

A hollow, or ordinary, for masonry walls. Also, for the construction of the original buildings produce shaped brick – with it you can build buildings the most bizarre forms. The weight of a solid brick varies from 3,5 to 3,8 kg. It is divided by grade, from 76 to 300, this parameter indicates a maximum pressure or compressive force, stand brick, being in the clutch. If the vertical edge to cause a decorative layer, such a brick is facing facing.

Manufacturing brick is divided into the same stages as the production of normal. Facing brick has several forms: it can be glazed with a glassy top layer, double layer, where part of the structure of color clay, agnobirovannym, where the decorative layer is made of a special kind of clay. Ceramic facing brick gives the whole clutch of beautiful appearance. As a full-bodied and hollow bricks produced by plastic molding. Manufacture of ceramic bricks provides an opportunity to create products with through holes along the length or thickness of the stone. If the voids in the structure of the stone does not exceed 13% of the volume of the brick, then Solid brick, in case of exceeding this level – the hollow. Typically, the proportion of voids in hollow form is from 25 to 45% of the stone. Voids created with several goals: reduced mass of brick, reduced measure the thermal conductivity of brick, it is better to look. Such a brick dries faster and requires less time for baking. The temperature inside the brick structure is uniformly distributed, which makes Brick perfectly uniform in consistency, prevents the formation of marriage and cracks. In the production of silica brick main type of raw material is sand and quicklime. These materials are carefully in approximate ratio of 1 to 2, then a mixture is moistened with water. Other additives are required. After forming the bricks they get to dry at a temperature of about 200 degrees C, where in addition are treated with steam. After completion of the brick, you can immediately use for other purposes. Silicate brick has a large mass and high density of stone. It is used in the construction of walls, and when you need a big sound insulation rooms from each other. The values of the thermal insulation of the bricks are low. If your intention is the construction of mini-brick factory, then neperemenno start with developing a detailed business plan to calculate all costs and profitability. You can find almost ready mini brick plants dry pressing production in Russia – this will save you time.