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Archives Packers

I have a site bank of abstracts for student VZFEI many people are questioning what the archive and how to archive work. I shall try to explain everything in detail. What is archive and what archiver Archive – a repository of information. In the computer world, information is stored as files, not in the form of piles of dusty papers. It is not always easy to store on disk a lot of individual files, it usually consumes a lot of disk space and resources better use for this special archives. Archiver – This program analyzes the files and implementing it in the data compression algorithms and / or package multiple files into one archive. After these files are manipulated an extension to it was immediately clear that this is an archive, they take up less space and are more convenient to use. Archivers usually have the opportunity, how to archive files and extract them, but not all.

The most common until the archives are WinZip and WinRar. This is the most convenient and simple packers have a nice interface. Why I use the archiver WinRar? For me it is most convenient archive, because it is easier to circulation, compresses files more than WinZip, create archives rar and zip, and decompress files tar, gz bz2 uucp, etc. How to deal with archiving First you need to buy or download the archive (I advise in Russian, because we live in Russia ), after Why set yourself on your PC. It's very simple, so I will not dwell on it.

Scientific Articles

Over the last decade and a half in Russian mathematics education is characterized by emerging trend to strengthen the pragmatic approach to teaching technology. The consequence of this there is very low development of the vast majority of students cognitive needs. Traditionally used in American didactics (USA) and deposited on Russian soil historically alien to the national pedagogy pragmatic approach to training has led to the fact that as a result of the educational process in secondary and higher education is systematically suppressed activation of the cognitive needs of students, inhibited the development their thinking skills, logical culture of students, resulting in reduced publication of scientific articles and monographs, the publication – it is all the result of the scientists of the future under question. Developmental training as one of the principles of domestic didactics was a dead-end direction in today's pedagogy. Reported adverse events are not specific to mathematics education and teaching other fundamental disciplines, but also for the educational process in general. At this repeatedly drawn attention in the press and public appearances outstanding representatives of national science and culture. Thus, in the open letter to Russian President BN Yeltsin wrote about it right academician Sergei Mikhailovich Nikol'skii, a mathematician of world renown. Academician SM Nicholas, whose authority in the mathematical world is undeniable, is known Mathematics and general education community as the author of brilliant books on mathematics (including for schools).

Much of his work is the publication of monographs and the publication of scientific articles. They are used worldwide as a basic textbooks and teaching aids in a variety of mathematical disciplines and, above all, the mathematical analysis. Implanted in the didactics of American pragmatism, which reduces the study of mathematics to endless repetition of similar problems and the development of automaticity in the use of algorithms for solving standard problems, leads to the oppression of mental abilities of students. It does not create optimal conditions for their creative development as human beings, drowns the individual development of intelligence. For example, when solving a quadratic equation focuses on only the algorithm for finding the roots of his well-known formula. At the same time completely ignored its special cases: incomplete or reduced quadratic equation, with even middle coefficient, or use the Vieta theorem. Meanwhile, the mathematical education in Russia for Still, at least the last three centuries are among the leading in the world. While on the International Mathematical Olympiad, we sometimes save, and the first place, but not in the team, but only in the individual standings. We must come to terms with the fact that the two world powers of mathematical XX century – the Soviet Union and France – Russia has lost over the past decade its leadership position in this major and critical area of world culture. Thus we can conclude that non-professional training of young scientists to publish articles with a view to the development of mathematics in Russia.

Portugal. Education In Their Native Language .

The organization of the educational process is always concerned about its members from both sides. If the student chooses a form of education and its effectiveness, parents quality and productivity. The reasons for the increased interest in education today are understandable and justified demands. Speed development of science and technology are so high that the current generation intuitively seeks to quality education. In Portugal There are many schools with a high level of training, ranging from specialized courses and ending with prestigious universities.

Middle part is the school. Matter how hard it would be – it depends the future of today's student. The first stumbling block for students coming from Eastern European countries is language. Frequently Peter Thiel has said that publicly. The first months of the guys spend precious time on adaptation and learning of school terminology which is familiar to them from childhood. All these factors have become the foundation for the realization of the idea to create a school where subjects were taught to the native language. In 2004, the first Slavic school took the first 9 students.

The school opened in February and May have had about 40 people. Today is the first Slavic school of more than 270 people from the former Soviet Union countries, either temporarily or permanently residing in Portugal. The guys from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, , Moldova and other republics receive a quality education and interact with peers in their native language. Operates a branch in the South and will open a branch in the North. Staff of the school is stable and not changes.


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Naval Battle

This activity was co-ordinated by the professor who asked for to each one of the pupils to indicate a coordinate in accordance with the drawing in the picture what he would indicate that he would be eliminating a boat, or, a pupil of the game. E, therefore, this pupil gave continuity the same to the game making. As example, let us cite the coordinate 2E (fig. 3), that it indicates the position of Eduardo. from there, the same gave continuity to the game. as if sees that in this imagemo name of Lara is in it has detached, it means, therefore, that the same one was the winner of the game. This practical activity, however, if conforms with the activity of annex 5 because the position of each pupil in the picture Naval Battle is the same of each point marked in the annex in relevance. 2E takes the example of Eduardo in the coordinate.

While number 2 make reference to reference the latitude, the letter and if relates to the longitude. It would be seemed the situation of point C of annex 4, that it is in the position of 40 latitude north and 60 longitude East. The spite of that if it designated in this chapter, is attempted against says it of PERKINS (1992) on the direction of the learning: ' ' we need schools where they not only predominate the thought and the memory, we need one to know reflexive (grifo ours) ' '. Leaving of this, this activity is seen that, for having in its planning the proposal to stimulate the pupils to discover and to construct knowledge through motivations that leave of the professor. For such, one gives credit that this can be one of the first steps for the renewal in practical pedagogical educative, in contrast of what PERKINS (1992) refutes in its text regarding the education when the evolution of the diverse medias ahead of mechanization opposes pedagogical practical them that occur in vertical way without any form of plea of the pupils.

State Implantation

Historical Secondly, we rescue part of introduction of secondary schools project in the state, because we believe that certain care in the elapsed project, can avoid wrong guidance, reaching optimized efforts. Keywords: PROEJA. Education. Professional. 1. Introduction This work has as objective to promote reflections that can contribute in the implantation of the Program of Integration of the Professional Education to Average Ensino in the Modality of Young Education of Adult PROEJA. From one soon analysis of the process occurred in the implantation of a project pilot of Integrated Average Education, in the state net of education of Mato Grosso.

The Project Integrated Average Education was elaborated and implanted for the State secretary of Education and the State secretary of Science and Technology. The methodology used in the research was of qualitative nature. It had as base comments of the reports, official acts of meetings, registers, stories, documents, interviews, surveys bibliographical studies. Its structure is organized in three parts. In the first part, a historical briefing of the Young education of Adult and of the Professional Education in Brazil, until the present moment. In the second part, we present the description of the Professional Education in the State of the Mato Grosso. In the third part, we tell the process of implantation of the Project of Integrated Average Ensino in the State of Mato Grosso as reflection around the points that could be considered, in the implantation of the PROEJA in the State Net of Education in the State of the Mato Grosso, preventing possible impediments. 2. Theoretical recital 2,1 the Education of Young and Adults the EJA? Education of Young Adult is a modality of education supported for law and directed toward people who had not had access, for some reason, to regular education in the appropriate age. Its development folloies history as a whole and had beginning with the catequizao work and education of the first letters, carried through for the Jesuits during Brazil Colony.

Scientific Director

It is important to understand that the supervisor is neither a sponsor nor the editor of the thesis, and the student should not rely on the fact that the manager must amend the existing research paper in spelling, stylistic and other errors. At various stages of preparation and execution of the thesis supervisor of the problem vary. In the first phase of the thesis supervisor advises on goals and objectives of the study, examine and adjust the work plan, makes recommendations on the selection of literature. In the course of the work is scientific director of the opponent, pointing out the shortcomings of the argument, composition, style, etc. and recommends how best to eliminate. For recommendations and observations of the supervisor must treat carefully a graduate student and critically. He may consider them or reject at their discretion, but Competent coverage of the topic, as well as the quality of content and presentation of research paper are entirely the responsibility of the graduate.

The completed and signed by the thesis, it seems undergraduates supervisor, no later than 10 days prior to the defense, who endorses it. After receiving the final version of the thesis supervisor within 3 days of a written response. The response should to be reflected the following: relevance of the topic, the main issues examined in the research paper, the most interesting questions presented, the scientific and practical significance of the study, the degree of autonomy in writing the thesis, the level of theoretical training graduate students, his knowledge of basic concepts and scientific literature on the chosen topic, methods used and analysis techniques, the validity of the findings; literacy presentation of the material, illustrative work. Particular attention is drawn to the existing work and shortcomings noted earlier, not eliminated graduate. Scientific leader motivates the possibility or otherwise of presentation of research paper for protection in the SAC.