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Common Defects

Reeling contamination of surface defect, which is elongated in the direction of rolling cast billets contamination of the slag, refractories and other non-metallic inclusions. Should be: carefully examine and trimmed surface slabs. Formed due to a defect of steelmaking. Defect reeling burnt leaf surface as dark spots of irregular shape, formed from a piece of roll metal become welded to the slab due to violations of casting technology. Should be: carefully inspected and cleaned surface of the slab. Formed due to a defect of steelmaking.

Reeling crack defect surface, representing a gap of metal, formed by rolling the longitudinal or transverse cracks cast billets and filled with scale. According to incyte, who has experience with these questions. Should be: carefully inspected and cleaned surface of the slab. Formed due to a defect of steelmaking. Reeling bladder defect surface is a straightforward violation of the continuity of the surface along the rolling direction, formed from external or subsurface bubble cast billets. Should be: formed as a result of the defect steelmaking. Reeling crust surface defect, which is a partial local delamination metal, formed by rolling crusts wrapped in the form of nonmetallic inclusions, oxide zalivin and sprays available at the surface of cast billets. Should be: formed as a result of the defect steelmaking.

Rolled captivity surface defect, which is a separation of the metal tongue-shaped forms, united with the base metal on one side, formed by rolling or flaws traces of a deep cleaning on the slabs. Need to: improve the quality of cleaning the workpiece. Bundle defect leaf surface in the form of cracks on the edges and ends formed due nesvarivaemosti metal if it sites , non-metallic inclusions and internal discontinuities.

Archives Packers

I have a site bank of abstracts for student VZFEI many people are questioning what the archive and how to archive work. I shall try to explain everything in detail. What is archive and what archiver Archive – a repository of information. In the computer world, information is stored as files, not in the form of piles of dusty papers. It is not always easy to store on disk a lot of individual files, it usually consumes a lot of disk space and resources better use for this special archives. Archiver – This program analyzes the files and implementing it in the data compression algorithms and / or package multiple files into one archive. After these files are manipulated an extension to it was immediately clear that this is an archive, they take up less space and are more convenient to use. Archivers usually have the opportunity, how to archive files and extract them, but not all.

The most common until the archives are WinZip and WinRar. This is the most convenient and simple packers have a nice interface. Why I use the archiver WinRar? For me it is most convenient archive, because it is easier to circulation, compresses files more than WinZip, create archives rar and zip, and decompress files tar, gz bz2 uucp, etc. How to deal with archiving First you need to buy or download the archive (I advise in Russian, because we live in Russia ), after Why set yourself on your PC. It's very simple, so I will not dwell on it.

Google Earth

For example, the area of Arctic sea ice has decreased below the low recorded in 2005, and is close to an absolute record for the satellite observations, established in 2007. At least 2005, when the ice area was reduced to 5.32 million square kilometers, was observed on September 21. The absolute record set in 2007, was awarded on September 16. Then the area of ice declined to 4.13 million square kilometers. These ‘records’ – a sign that the Arctic climate change are much faster, and humanity is really necessary to bring the issue of global warming on national level. According to ecologists, the decrease in ice accelerates global warming. The ice reflects sunlight well, followed by a dark surface water that accumulates the heat.

In his turn, contributes to warming of permafrost thawing, which will actively allocate greenhouse gases, increasing the warming even more, added the researcher. Scientists have discovered that cows are Earth’s magnetic field German and Czech scientists after reviewing satellite images and mapping service Google Earth have come to the conclusion that the domestic cattle and red deer and roe deer are able to feel the Earth’s magnetic field and have his body during feeding and rest along the lines of force. The researchers studied 308 pictures of pastures in almost all parts of the world – in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America, and noticed that all of more than 8.5 thousands of animals that were in these pictures, graze and rest, pointing the axis of the body along a north-south. Similar results were obtained studying pictures of wildlife – deer and roe deer. About three thousand of these Animals caught on satellite imagery, also have their body from north to south. Amazingly, this ubiquitous phenomenon, apparently, has not been seen previously by shepherds, ranchers or hunters. Scientists believe that the simplest explanation for the observed phenomenon is the sensitivity of animals to magnetic fields. To test this hypothesis, the researchers analyzed the orientation of the cattle in areas with large magnetic declination, where there is the greatest divergence between the direction of the magnetic pole and the geographic. As it turned out, the magnetic north pole in this case was the best predictor for the animals than geographic north.

DVD Courses

Today, at the age of information technology, is becoming a popular self-study video courses through different from the authors. The reason is that many people want to learn how to earn online. But who would today took up the matter, he did not get in the end, the fact is that not enough skills and experience. Here then, and come to the aid of video courses on creating websites, videos for promotion of sites, different video courses on painting in Photoshop (e), to flash animation – because without this knowledge, man is very difficult to adapt to the world of electronic commerce. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brad Pitt by clicking through. Through videos, online beginner predprenimatel recruited by repeating the experiment actions that shows the author of a video tutorial. Studying these courses interesting, because it is not forced cramming of material at the institute. You learn the material quickly, and most importantly that it is deposited in the brain, employed as visual aids. Agree that there is a difference between the 400 pages of printed text Tami and 8 hours of video DVD video study course.

Now a huge number of video tutorials on any topic but very few sites where all categorized and described qualitatively about each video course. And not all of these authors write about the training – but it is so important at this time. People want to know who the creator of this case and seek advice and wishes. In this article I want to tell you about how well all the same, you can save on the purchase of educational material and purchase it at a discount in addition to the author from 5% to 15%. There is a site where Videoprodukty.rf just added the highest-quality video courses you’ll ever need. With this portal is just contributing authors training video tutorials. The whole trick is that the portal encourages visitors to their courses and in return the author makes the site a discount of 10 to 25%, so from here the site and divided their profits in order to have more customers on its network. Buy any video courses at a discount site Videoprodukty.

Scientific Articles

Over the last decade and a half in Russian mathematics education is characterized by emerging trend to strengthen the pragmatic approach to teaching technology. The consequence of this there is very low development of the vast majority of students cognitive needs. Traditionally used in American didactics (USA) and deposited on Russian soil historically alien to the national pedagogy pragmatic approach to training has led to the fact that as a result of the educational process in secondary and higher education is systematically suppressed activation of the cognitive needs of students, inhibited the development their thinking skills, logical culture of students, resulting in reduced publication of scientific articles and monographs, the publication – it is all the result of the scientists of the future under question. Developmental training as one of the principles of domestic didactics was a dead-end direction in today's pedagogy. Reported adverse events are not specific to mathematics education and teaching other fundamental disciplines, but also for the educational process in general. At this repeatedly drawn attention in the press and public appearances outstanding representatives of national science and culture. Thus, in the open letter to Russian President BN Yeltsin wrote about it right academician Sergei Mikhailovich Nikol'skii, a mathematician of world renown. Academician SM Nicholas, whose authority in the mathematical world is undeniable, is known Mathematics and general education community as the author of brilliant books on mathematics (including for schools).

Much of his work is the publication of monographs and the publication of scientific articles. They are used worldwide as a basic textbooks and teaching aids in a variety of mathematical disciplines and, above all, the mathematical analysis. Implanted in the didactics of American pragmatism, which reduces the study of mathematics to endless repetition of similar problems and the development of automaticity in the use of algorithms for solving standard problems, leads to the oppression of mental abilities of students. It does not create optimal conditions for their creative development as human beings, drowns the individual development of intelligence. For example, when solving a quadratic equation focuses on only the algorithm for finding the roots of his well-known formula. At the same time completely ignored its special cases: incomplete or reduced quadratic equation, with even middle coefficient, or use the Vieta theorem. Meanwhile, the mathematical education in Russia for Still, at least the last three centuries are among the leading in the world. While on the International Mathematical Olympiad, we sometimes save, and the first place, but not in the team, but only in the individual standings. We must come to terms with the fact that the two world powers of mathematical XX century – the Soviet Union and France – Russia has lost over the past decade its leadership position in this major and critical area of world culture. Thus we can conclude that non-professional training of young scientists to publish articles with a view to the development of mathematics in Russia.

American English

It's no secret that nowadays the most common language is English. It has long been the language of international business communication, information technology and the Internet. Brad Pitt shines more light on the discussion. Also use it as serious organizations like the un and unesco. Every year the English begin to learn more and more people. This growth is connected not with the expansion of horizons of people just simply English became the universal language of human communication different nationalities and cultures.

But this will have political and economic reasons related to the role played in the past, the British Empire, and now the usa – very developed country economically and socially. However, the linguistic features of the language will also increase its prevalence in the world. In itself it is very easy, words do not change on cases, numbers, leave the rules are pretty simple, so English may learn and to master not only children but also adults. English has many varieties (British, American, etc.), it is evolving so far and is expanding his vocabulary. The main difficulty arising for learning English – is undoubtedly translations of texts, because it is very important to bring a set of words to readable literary language. In contrast, translation from Russian into English, you may encounter such a problem, as the translation expressions that are unique to our language and they understand only the Russian people. The whole world is now communicating in English, and to know it is considered very prestigious. After all, the high-paying job requires people who fluent in English and all abstracts are prepared for it though. I hope that soon all, without exception, will own this beautiful language to perfection!

Education And Technological Advances

While we are in a changing society full of innovation and surprise forms and means of achieving a single goal, education was not exempt from this change or transformation. since some years has transformed and improved the way that educators convey their knowledge to the learners, with the above, we refer to support teaching and technological resources used for research and teaching of pedagogy in a classroom and why not say, beyond. Today in education, the student is and must be proactive to get ahead, the demands of current pedagogy so require. Technology in education is the bridge between research and theory and is a decisive improvement in the quality of teaching-learning process. technological procedures are part of the teaching methods and educational tools that are provided to teachers a way to implement the achievement of the objectives, by creating of activities, from the characteristics of program content, which could guide and direct the student toward a specific purpose.

The information technology applied to the field of education in order to streamline the educational processes, improve performance of the school system and ensure access to the conventionally excluded groups, allows education to be for everyone, anywhere and with a highly affordable cost. New technologies and their incorporation into the education sector promoting the creation of new learning environments that directly affect the actors in the teaching-learning process, that is ultimately learner and educator is to prepare for self-learning.

This opens a challenge to our educational system, concerned about the acquisition and interpretation of information and reproducing it on the basis of previously established patterns. For all the foregoing that the education system goes from being a model to be a model unidirectional multidirectional. Currently, there are substitute and in many educational institutions of our country, the textbooks for more open and flexible model, where information is located in databases, and tends to be shared among several students this is an alternative aimed at modifying the classroom and hall classes, interaction with peers and teachers who do not have to be located in the same spatial context. But what is truly relevant to applied technology education is the achievements obtained by the student, since not only achieved the increase of knowledge but the development of creativity in them. He moves the student from being a passive to be a local interactive feel to technology and education as their own.

Latin America

Finishing we cite Foucault that affirms the educative act it is an act politician. In such a way, all act politician presents a pedagogical act, that is the act politician, the form to lead, to govern, has a pedagogical social construction that if develop through the organizations of the state of each government, therefore, the politics has pedagogical components, one practical one, a form that uses the school and the social medias to construct its proper sustentation and at the same time to produce culture popular. In all popular culture or popular education, always it has a different distribution of the knowledge, we ask that type and or forms of knowledge is distributed the people? Thus, the social inaqualities are reproduced by the education that in turn produces a culture differentiated and that consequentemente it forms a people with values differentiated in the proper society. The symbolic resources, that is, the signs of modernity or after-modernity are produced by the dominadora elite of the half producers of culture and the power to determine to produce or to reproduce cultures is defined for that they withhold the power politician. The conquest of America was carried through by the Spaniard because they had symbolic resources to make conquests, as weapons, technology, knowledge, at the same time where it conquered created a dominant culture, fact this that devaluated the culture of the natives, thus, economic and commercial knowing was one of the ways for the cultural and regional conquest in Latin America. The priests of the church catholic, beyond being joined the conquerors, had carried through written on the arrival of the Spaniard, etc. creating a superior and dominant culture, with the registers of the historical, social, economic moments and politicians of these. Modernity appears with the industrial revolution, mechanization, the hierarquizao in the production that consequentemente impacta in the social organizations also the school, that is, the proper massifica school if in modernity with clear objectives to prepare the workmanship hand it market and to favor the new demand of capitalist revolution.

Portugal. Education In Their Native Language .

The organization of the educational process is always concerned about its members from both sides. If the student chooses a form of education and its effectiveness, parents quality and productivity. The reasons for the increased interest in education today are understandable and justified demands. Speed development of science and technology are so high that the current generation intuitively seeks to quality education. In Portugal There are many schools with a high level of training, ranging from specialized courses and ending with prestigious universities.

Middle part is the school. Matter how hard it would be – it depends the future of today's student. The first stumbling block for students coming from Eastern European countries is language. Frequently Peter Thiel has said that publicly. The first months of the guys spend precious time on adaptation and learning of school terminology which is familiar to them from childhood. All these factors have become the foundation for the realization of the idea to create a school where subjects were taught to the native language. In 2004, the first Slavic school took the first 9 students.

The school opened in February and May have had about 40 people. Today is the first Slavic school of more than 270 people from the former Soviet Union countries, either temporarily or permanently residing in Portugal. The guys from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, , Moldova and other republics receive a quality education and interact with peers in their native language. Operates a branch in the South and will open a branch in the North. Staff of the school is stable and not changes.


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Make shares attractive and innovative if we analyze what it costs a couple of developers inside of a few empanadas and make them go dancing down the street and see the impact caused is clear to us that it was not something new but expensive. The best part of this action is that he summoned to the press, generating propaganda, i.e. free advertising in various media. Repeat that action is not new, so the impact will be definitely lower, not to say almost zero. In short No it spend a fortune but to hire creatives correct. In lean times there is no better option that sow advertising and harvest results. Each business is a different planet: in the same way that when something hurts us we the doctor, when the business does not work as we hope, professional help is definitely the best choice. Original author and source of the article.

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