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To speak goes up the only system of health, ours known SUS, is before more nothing a pleasure. To be able to enfronhar itself in the viscera of the most democratic and generous system of health of the world must be an honor, over all to the light of the participativa optics that it only provides. To debate deep its positive and negative points, literally putting the finger in the wound, of spontaneous free form, considering opinions of users of all the levels, of rendering managers/of a diversity of services, of workers of sets of ten of segments, definitively is alone for the SUS. The SUS is only capable to hug diverse professional categories giving chances to them to redesign its proper profiles making possible that all indistinctly, can contribute inside with sociedada Brazilian of its abilities and characteristics (Medicine Is the case for example of my profession – Veterinary medicine). This valley also for the managers/rendering, and also using.

It occurs that of so democratic, the system finishes suffering (and definitively I believe that it must thus be) total influences of the social pressures and politics – that they are the direct representation of this society in way that for times finishes being transparent only mazelas it system; Exactly because according to involved actors are what he must be moved. for frustante than this can seem must be respected, is the free will of our society speaking high more, is the shout of the democracy in its fullness, is the maximum rule of the SUS. Despite soon there, it is arrived conclusion that the way was missed, this must be respected, after all of accounts who is capable to say what it is good for a community seno same. I confess that as a full legalist, with strong military formation, but a democrat above all for times I catch myself in conflict with me exactly, in the day the day of my professional performance trying to understand until where I must go and until where I must yield the social pressures politician/; definitively it is a completely desgastante exercise, over all when we have technician-scientific-legal parameters that they enbasam determined actions that generate enormous impacts in the community, despite the objective is to improve the life of the people, to prevent illnesses at last. This is sufficiently deep an ethical conflict, as well as is to live deeply that fruit of this torn democracy the SUS finishes for displaying its bigger arguras, fruit of disputes of groups, without the mutual interest to the system as it would have to be. He is hard to be able to certify to each day that the segments that would have to lead the ways of the system, in the truth are not none little worried about the collective in fact and yes in its individual problems and of group, with mundinho of its individual performance, as if this did not affect all; Creating true parasitism to the system. In this manner buscaresmos by means of this tool to show and to debate of clear form some points that we live deeply day the day in it greets Brazilian and that in fact they finish for if becoming the true impediments the good attendance the population and that they finish for hindering that in fact the SUS if becomes, beyond the more democratic greater and, in optimum and more efficient system of public health of world.


Light cover light manhole certainly have become more functional and at the same time visually appealing the light manhole covers in recent years and decades. Partly from own childhood most people will remember the coarse grid, which were installed over the cellar pits of own House. At the same time, the memory goes hand in hand with this, as his father every few months grumbling make cleaning of the bays had to of spiders and their tissues, dead insects and were alive, sand, old leaves, lawn cutting residue, small branches, musty dirt puddles and sometimes the carcasses of small animals such as mice and birds covered. Each light shaft meant often hours work doing to clean it out, to clean, often to paint, dry place and so well it just went to the next cleaning in a few months prepare. So or something like it expired so when the most homeowners, whose basement ducts with a coarse grid were covered. This fulfilled undoubtedly a sense to cover around the cellar shaft into crash of humans and animals to prevent, but it helped not to turn into a pleasant, usable space the cellar room, who exuded friendliness, brightness and freshness. The cellar can with the right light cover back to a habitable part of the House or the apartment are a fact that can be often not so considered and implemented with a few simple measures. A light shaft cover, which offers not only protection against these invaders and all the dirt and infiltration from water according to modern standards, but this also still modern and visually excellent fit to the building, would be a good alternative.

The many benefits that entails you also are the decisive reason, at least to remove old light manhole covers and replace with modernity. They are manufactured in accordance with technical standards, usually in the material combination of aluminum and acrylic glass, and provide for each individual Waist the optimal solution. Optimally from the make almost unnecessary because they firstly, as insects, water, dust and dirt to protect, also meet the high safety requirements in the area of burglary protection from the old familiar intruders and on the other hand the frequently recurring cleaning the basement Chambers. They allow enough light into the slot, so that the basement room with sufficient window size get daylight and good circulation of air also. So, then also the times of musty and humid circumstances, seasoned off air from the basement ducts are past. Each light cover is suitable for the respective cellar shaft, can be worked on request, or in special circumstances to measure and is einbruchsicher and easy to install thanks to the accessory, to clean and to maintain. The lighting well cover the cellar shaft will cover many years, even decades, because robust aluminum and weather and stress strong acrylic glass offer the optimal combination to excellent To ensure coverage of the light shaft. You can without special technical knowledge so very easily and with little effort the impractical, old light shaft mesh replace at any time and at any time suitable for retrofitting.

Internet Apps

App network with four specialized app review sites after relaunch in the new look-and-feel to start the app network with its specialized content pages app, whats, (travel) and (news about apps) goes online early 2012 with a new design, a new network graphics and extended functionalities and content areas. The modern design of the page is clearly influenced by current app designs and images. Content of the app network with its leading side are current app recommendations of the editorial recommendations such as app of the month”, travel apps and current chart lists of apps that are currently particularly popular in various European countries. The app network is dedicated to an absolute mega-trend that began in 1997 with the launch of the iPhone and the AppStores von Apple content. The small programs, hot apps or ‘Applications’ (application / software) the especially Apple’s gadgets such as iPhone and iPad and Android smartphones to downright Fun equipment with lots of new functionalities will allow. The apps for different platforms such as Apple’s iOS operating system and Android are characterized by the fact that they specifically for the operating system and the respective device (E.g.

iPhone or iPad) have been developed via the app store installed can be and. The Internet offerings of the app network bundle various content offerings on Apple and Android apps that provide the best and to create the category app of the month most popular apps”and provide various links updated daily most popular apps in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. About the page, users directly on the currently most popular apps can access and often free download on your mobile device. The Appstore von Apple provided many according to Wikipedia in October 2011 over 500,000 apps to download it free. The AppStore from Android Android market called”reached not quite this large number, but also is growing extremely dynamic. M.

Digitization Of Documents With Scanners

Scanner should nowhere be missing as Eingababegerat the computer is an important tool, which is used in businesses and private households, if various steps which quickly brought behind itself. In the trade and the Internet customers can purchase not only a new computer, but also the appropriate software and various devices that can be used. This includes also the so-called scanner, which enjoys an increasing demand and can make some work easier when it comes to the usage. The perfect technical facilities when a scanner is a device with which you can scan documents and images and then edit on the PC, if this should be required. Other leaders such as financial technology offer similar insights. Especially when it comes to documents a purchase can be useful, because the corresponding files are transferred and stored directly on the PC. It is important that customers once get a complete overview in the trade and the online stores before the acquisition by such a device to circumvent a bad buy. With It’s just one click to see a current scanner test also possible and to use it for their own purchasing decisions.

The most important data at a glance at such a scanner test are taken into account not only the cost, but is mainly about the features and benefits of the devices. Brad Pitt understood the implications. So, how is the value for money and where you can really save money as users is clear. Unanswered questions to certain devices, it is possible to the appropriate manufacturer to apply, or get in the dealers consult. You must take into account when purchasing whatever, where the scanner should be used and whether it really must be the most expensive model for your own four walls, or to save something money. Today the right model can be found for every taste and purse quickly and any work to be done faster and easier. Robin Gregory

Modern Wooden Houses

Construction of wooden houses includes two components – modern technology and ancient traditions. Wooden house has a supernatural force, a special energy, a positive effect on the body and soul. Erection wooden house made of logs going fast enough, if it involved people in the know, besides it is environmentally friendly, requires no additional finishing, and combines such important components as the cheapness of the material and heat resistance. Creativity of the architect to this issue in conjunction with the natural beauty of wood gives a positive result – a modern wooden house. The main advantage logs – this is smooth and round shape, brought up to European standards of diameter, which ranges from 160 to 340 mm. It is this precision allows to achieve a tight connection logs in the construction of buildings. Usually turned to a tree in the present round logs, working on that, many experts, it is removed from the bark, giving it a characteristic cylindrical shape, level it off the surface and covered with a layer special antiseptic, that increase its resistance to various environmental changes. An amazing accuracy and flawless form locks in the round logs allows today's owners do not worry about the safety of their property.

Round logs have excellent resistance to strong frost and hot sun, as well as easily and quickly processed. The most important factor in such houses are unique insulation properties, which are not under force to compete, even stone and concrete walls. In our country the Russian log sauna is not inferior to any of the wood business and residential structures, and continues to peak of popularity. Strong love and popularity came to her through her unique walls. The urgency and the need for specialized ventilation systems in log saunas ceases to have any sense if the technology is laying logs in the construction of walls observed impeccably. Then the walls called "breathable". Although here and provide small windows, above all, they perform the function of cooling after intended use rather than for vozduhooborota.

In a log bathhouse need humidity control is no longer relevant. And here the important role played by the wooden walls. If you want to always feel Mother Nature's natural scent of freshly cut wood, you only have to make sure that your bath will never dry up completely. Having decided to begin home construction from environmentally friendly material, you are thereby are providing yourself, your family and your guests a good rest and a unique microclimate. All this can be called by some long-term session to restore energy, strength and emotional balance, as well as a great place for rest and relaxation. Wooden houses can create a special atmosphere of home comfort, a sense of security and belonging to something beautiful.

Increased Sales Due

In the crisis situation in which we are now, small and medium enterprises can not afford to invest some money in advertising, be it print, radio and much less television. This is why many of them get their publicity at an affordable price, publishing their articles and their activity via Web. Develop a Web page, is today a relatively simple and economical. There are many web publishers are easy to use and ready to give to our website of elegance and professionalism. Also to request a domain and host our web page hosting is a very economic. For all these reasons, many of our small and medium enterprises undertake the task of developing new or commissioning the development of its own website. Thus they can be shared with local, national or international level and increase the sale of your business. This is actually my case, that without web design skills I have developed my own page, which although modest, is bringing me new customers.

Thanks to the Internet you can find many tutorials on web development, as well as tips and tricks to capture public attention. It is clear that if you have extensive knowledge of web design or if budget is available the result could be spectacular. I think we had a breakthrough in this regard that has led us to a new form of advertising and of course, I encourage anyone who wants your business venture has representation on the internet, sure to get good results.