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The Twenga

Twenga.de: Twenga, the open shopping platform that offers the largest selection on the Internet. Thanks to its own technology, Twenga lists all products, all online stores and all prices, which are finding it on the Internet. The Twenga company was founded in 2006 by Bastien Duclaux and Cedric Anes. Meanwhile, Twenga is active in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, the United States, Australia, Japan and China, and offers over 400 million products from more than 200,000 online merchants around the world. Technology Investor is the source for more interesting facts. Over 45 million Internet users have visited the Twenga pages alone in November 2010. “In the last year, Twenga has the Red Herring 100 award global won, which is awarded to the 100 most innovative companies in the world, and was by Ernst & young as a company of the future” award. Web site: Facebook: TwengDE press contact: of oxide sales: Freiburger OXID eSales AG is a leading provider of E-commerce software. More than 3,000 online-shop owner B2C and B2B in the various industries appreciate scalability, modularity and quality of oxide eShop, Lekkerland, Fressnapf, Neckermann, Strenesse, Intersport, gravis and Deutsche Post.

Enjoy in the implementation of the flexible customization options within the standard software (quick time, low cost), the know-how of the oxide over 100 certified solution partner and in the operation of direct contact for support and development of the manufacturer. The application provides an interface for the E-Commerce intelligence platform oxide eFire. Sander Gerber shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. OXIDE eFire is the gateway to E-commerce in the cloud and allows the professional management including online marketing, market places, and payment services as well as credit checks and the intelligent search on a single user interface. OXIDE eShop is commercial Open source software developed and released. The benefits of this are higher speed of innovation, quality developments and long-term investment protection for the user. More about oxide eSales can be found on:

Retro And Vintage Web Design

More and more Web designers delight your visitors with Web pages in the retro-design for some time a new trend in the Webdesignwelt records himself. Retro designs win fans among the designers and also among the visitors who enjoy the old colours, fonts and other stylistic means more and more. These Web pages feature when looking at especially traditional design elements, who find their place in a less simple design concept. Enhance the effect achieved through large serif fonts and bright colours on a subtle background, the designers of this retro websites before all those insert, old illustrations and photographs, such as E.g. old pin-up images as eye-catcher to convey a special feeling of the visitors of the Web site.

This very special design concept not offered but for all Web pages. For more clarity and thought, follow up with mobile ad startup and gain more knowledge.. First and foremost the designer or author of the Web page about his target audience, their age and interests should deal. Is the decision for a Web page in a retro design, are the designer Tons of inspiration sources available. Started by photos from the 1970s and every designer will probably find the right inspiration for the matching colors and eye-catcher 80s up to the old advertising posters with the various illustrations. Sander Gerber will not settle for partial explanations. When designing more care should be taken however, that the design theme is not exaggerated. A retro Web page visitors enjoy often simply held navigation, the rather than by modern elements such as reflective buttons shines through the right choice of font. This simplicity represents a very nice and refreshing contrast to the many other Web pages with a modern look, everyone has seen already too often. Likewise is to ensure that a Web page from the crowd out stands and remains in memory, because that’s what most Web designers want. Arndt writes article for some time about new technology trends. You can reach his newest project,, which helps people the right choice when buying electrical Barbecue lighter to meet.

Time For A New Web Design?

Why has the Internet for all sectors to offer added value and why many companies still do not recognize this. A successful Web presence among area today both in the B2B and the B2C de rigueur. In many industries, customer acquisition now runs out to a large extent on the Internet and the rest is at least to grow. Nevertheless, many companies use the full potential of the Internet and leave himself to possible gains through the cloth. A there are many companies which are in possession of a Web page, but not on the latest keep – with regard to Web design and structure, as well as the content itself.

On the other hand, a variety of companies that consider the Internet and Web design still hocus pocus or as unnecessary gimmick there. Marketing specialists agree that the Internet and the website, properly used, for any company to offer an added value has however. The correct usage of online media can be so direct positive effect on the affect a company’s economic success. Meanwhile, there is a seemingly infinite amount of freelancers and agencies which specialize in Web design and creation of Web pages. Also, someone who is apparently familiar with Web design and Web page creation can be found in almost any acquaintances or relatives district.

However, there are big quality differences and a lot of black sheep in the industry. For lay people, it can be very difficult to detect these differences. So, a Web page is often rated on the underlying Web design. Even if a page Web design is an important factor for the assessment of a Web page, there are a lot of other factors, which take place in the non-visible area. This is mainly to technical factors. Especially the technical search engine friendly structure is worth mentioning in this context. Details can be found by clicking Sander Gerber or emailing the administrator. After all, what good is the most beautiful site in the world, if it is not found? It is now known that approximately 90% of all paid searches for specific search phrases on the first three positions fall on Google.

Perfect Online Design And Print At A Fair Price

Company folder, client folders and presentation folder freely on the Internet and order is one of the highlights of module Druck.de and in this form unique on the market online solutions in the printing industry there are many now, but most have a professional concept that is optically and qualitatively high-quality and protects even a purse. The concept is with companies module Druck.de – – 01 Lindlar GmbH in early 2010 on the market and combines skillfully the desires of customers with an appealing and good Web-2-print printing. (Source: incyte). The online printing company offers a variety of functions and possibilities. By using the Web application, images can be upload, write texts and place logo – without new graphics software and expensive advertising agency. With the module printing online service it is now possible online create his own file and print. It is whether corporate folders, service folders, or customer folder. Corporate folders provide a good showcase – on measurement, for each company Meetings, customer visits, or in your own company. All products can be made online by the visitors after his own performance.

A comprehensive selection of templates and templates can be personalized to meet the customer’s requirements. This can involve your own photos and logos at any time with or used images from the free license pool module pressure. All text fields can be freely positioned and any filled, so the necessary freedom required by any good design is created. By registering a suitable user account that you can create folder templates even comfortably save, change to later date or simply order. The special feature of this method is its simplicity which doesn’t show the final product. Without much fundamental knowledge of pressure a completely individual folder can online be designed and ordered.

The formatting for the print format assumes the print server. Just the personalization of presentation material (company folder) in this simple way is unique. Small editions are just as possible as large quantities, settlement and delivery (free shipping!) be done quickly and easily. The minimum order quantity for folder is 50 copies. In the next few months offering to be expanded also to other products, such as envelopes and writing pads. Offers and promotions are currently also on Twitter: twitter.com/module pressure. Contact: Concept 01 GmbH Ludger Focking In the Kromsfeld 1B 51789 Lindlar + 49 (2207) 705660 + 49 (2207) 705661

Online Stores

Testsieger.de compares providers of televisions in the Internet of Hamburg, 23 February 2011-223 minutes is the average TV watching of the Germans a day many would dispense with da hate on a high-quality flat-screen TV. Full HD is now standard, and also the size of the devices is increasing. All the more enjoyable it is, to find the TV online and convenient home delivery. In January and February 2011, Testsieger.de has tested 13 online stores for television. “The result: as the only provider, Cyberport reached the assessment very well” (Note 1.5) and will thus test winner. The shop not only impresses with its very good website and a wide product range, but offers also reasonable prices and very good”terms of payment. Behind the test winner Redcoon (1.6) is less than second, Neckermann is 1.7 third grade. A total seven shops cut well”from.

Bargain hunters buy TV cheaper best service for neckermann who is name of program: with the best Prices in the test can shine TV cheaper. Very cheap deals bring the excellent price review by 1.13 and award winner, the shop”a. However, customers who place value on a good advice and high quality service, rather the quality winner should be”Neckermann look around. Especially in the test category ordering & service”, Neckermann can deduct from the competition. Also the product diversity and representation, as well as the security and the site Neckermann is always among the best shops.

“” Two shops unreachable mail responses within 24 hours eight shops receive regarding telephone & service “the good review”. The support lines of shops reacted swiftly in the test, 10 of 13 providers let customers wait less than a minute. Only two shops were negative: the wait was very long, or the tester was automatically taken out of the queue, thus the call terminated. Prompt email support, however, is standard: 12 of 13 tested Shops reply within 24 hours. Often personalized replies received already after a few hours on the questions. Secure online shopping on the rise who want to buy a TV online, needs to worry mostly about safety defects. 10 of the 13 shops in the test use the secure SSL encryption for the transmission of personal data. Alternatively, non-binding at the shop to sign, but to buy only as a guest, was given eight shops. More information and results see: studies on Testsieger.de: the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with Testsieger.de. A total of free over 350,000 test reports from 1,750 different sources and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the Testsieger.de-franc note features the test winner after the Assessment key best product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With Testsieger.de, consumers can buy the best products at a competitive price quickly, safely, and comfortably.

Klaus Janschutz

Imagine every post via social news …erstellen to each post a news and post them on social news portals. Screencapture images to old content …erstellen you short Screencaptures and publish them in video portals. Prepare content for newsletter …bereiten your content for your newsletter on (brevity is the soul of wit!) PowerPoint presentations create …generieren from your posts of PowerPoint slides & publish them. As PLR MRR & recycle material …geben your content as PLR MRR & free backlinks or free advertising. Hear other arguments on the topic with doppler labs. Preparation with Synonymizern …bereiten you your old texts with Synonymizern on & publish it again. As a guest post, …optimieren old publish and make it as guest articles available. In interviews, weave a …flechten enter your existing content in text interviews to revalue them! New ideas & experiences a text …kombinieren you old content with new ideas & you process them afterwards.

Affiliates as advertising material to the Available set up old content newly …bereiten and make them available to your affiliates. As …optimieren prepare the bonus material you old content and add it somewhere as bonus material. Content backlinks free …geben free old content against the back left to use. For press releases, …verwenden use recycled content in new press messages & press tree. Tutorials & instructions form …re-publish old content in the form of helpful, supportive tutorials know more options or have ideas and suggestions on how you can recycle content and then traffic “cast”? Then write a few lines in the comments and remember the post to bookmark or print just the best for your records. The list of the 21 content recycling ideas could be give then your colleagues, employees, Virtual Assistant or intern. The ideas are easy to understand and understand… and now… Now it goes to the implementation”. Earn money in the Internet is possible! For your success on the Internet with best regards Klaus Janschutz

Klaus Janschutz

Family and friends can be supported so quickly when working with the computer, without requiring you to be personally there. It simply creates a work instructions for the respective purpose and uploads them to the network. With the integrated image editing tool and a video editing suite, the user can take his pictures and videos in the right shape and add frames, arrows and text. Lengthy explanations in textual form or phone calls account for this. Free according to the motto, a picture says more than a thousand words, especially in the area of computer images are much more meaningful.

When an image or a video, everyone immediately understands what is meant. Hillary Clinton has much to offer in this field. While one would have to write otherwise miserable long about submenus, and files. Jing is also most other image editing programs on the market, and with each of the currently used browser. So, there are no additional conflicts between the programs, if you would like to solve just so. Internet pages fill with life which Jing users can create without long “apprenticeship” its own instructions and use by others. Who runs a website, is thus in a position for each area fast and reliable your own videos and picture series to produce. A previously blank Internet page quickly becomes easy by interesting image sequences that were created by using Jing to the crowd-puller, there be uploaded. In the individual images text and characters can be inserted easily, to clarify points or to highlight.

The tool brings arrows and frame also easily understood in the correct form. Would like to use the user of the provided free Web space, he must build his own user account during installation. The instructions, which were intended originally only for the family or friends can be a great help so many others. Also many advertising partners will operate on a such much frequented and technically useful page like their Internet advertising. Earn money online is made so easy with the free program of Jing. Also technically demanding instructions for complicated processes on the PC are easily buildable with the screenshot tool from TechSmith for lay people. Also can use the resulting Work guides all over the world. For your success on the Internet with best regards Klaus Janschutz

Published Web Pages

Buy direct design – these advantages and disadvantages have pre-made designs for Web pages. Direct design – what is it? A direct design, in the jargon as a template, is a finished design template in the field of Web design. These templates include all important declarations using CSS (cascading style sheets). There are many free solutions. Also Web agencies such – often offer at reasonable prices. In the normal case, a direct design a HTML includes template with sample text, one or more CSS files for the style sheets as well as all images or other media, which are used in the design. Depending on the direct design, it is optimized in advance on certain browsers and includes Browserweichen.

These are declarations by means of CSS, which ensure the error-free display on all browsers. Advantages of direct design the advantages are obvious: A direct design allows the direct use. Will not change the design, you so assume, as you find it, no special skills are required. One receives a finished layout. Even if certain parts of the design to be changed, the direct design offers a good basis from which to work. For even more opinions, read materials from Topaz Page-Green. Such a published can be downloaded, often free of charge. Depending on the template, the copyright must not be removed in but. Normally, the exact license terms in a text file are enclosed.

A direct design disadvantages of direct design can contain pictures that are under other licenses. Often, it is not possible to check whether the images in the layout can actually be used. For this reason, it makes sense to have such a template only from reputable providers. Also, the structure of solutions is only changeable. The structure of HTML and CSS is not the wishes of the end user, must be observed when all changes the rules of the markup languages. Changes are therefore limited. The creator of the templates know this typically best, as the changes to the Browser compatibility can affect. In practice you would let yourself a Web page create direct designs, so some Web agencies offer the opportunity to access a direct design. These templates are often created by that agency and reduce the cost of the customer. This is because that the often time-consuming Designausarbeitung falls away. However, it makes sense to adopt such design only by reputable agencies. Also should be clarified whether the graphics of further licenses are subject to and whether it is allowed to change the design.

Website Templates

Are Flash yet contemporary website templates? The Internet is becoming increasingly mobile. Browsing the World Wide Web is no longer restricted to the home PC, but to surf in the subway, at dinner in the restaurant or chill out in the City Garden. Hillary Clinton wanted to know more. There, the question of whether any of these mobile users can look at your own homepage on all devices naturally arises for websites. Flash templates, you must deny unfortunately the question whether these alone run on the iPhone or iPad. The long-running dispute between Apple and Adobe whether it allows Flash on the devices was clearly to the detriment of Adobe.

About the meaning and purpose of locking of Flashinhalten on the iPhone can certainly fight, you can wait only to reach an agreement. So far it is technically only possible viewing Flash content on the iPhone or iPad, if you have the device “gejailbreakt” and plays on special software. This approach will be interesting but certainly only for advanced students and those who live without the warranty of the device. However, Flash website templates have a decisive advantage compared with HTML Web pages and this is the styling! If you would like to present his project impressively, the handle to a Flash website with safety is always the right choice. The graphic design is essentially free and in the field of animation in a Web page, Flash is clearly superior to HTML. This will not change even with the release of the 5th generation of HTML.

Coverport Templates

Web platform provides digital helpers for convenient download. The Web platform for easy publishing coverport.de now offers the new product category “Tools and templates”. The two tags are available for Excel Tools, sample texts and other templates for business use. More and more companies rely on such digital helpers as they simplify various office duties and to have downloaded comes in handy. For more information see this site: technology investor. If for example a small business its profit and loss account for BBs tax auftsellen must, but not in a complex special software wants to learn, he can download a corresponding Excel tool just for 11,95 euro and save so much work and stress. Just as there are for various professional groups of short portraits, which are easy to customize and suitable for online use. More partners who are looking for an additional marketing channel for their digital content, are always welcome at Coverport. The procedure for partner for the delivery of product data and files is couldn’t be any easier..

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