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In each one of the fields of activity of the Odontologia, since the general clinic to the verbal whitewashing, tasks of distinct levels of complexity can be identified. In the attainment of the quality aesthetic-functionary in Odontologia the qualitative advances of the odontolgicos substances are distinguished quepodem successfully to mimetizar the structures dental and made compatible to the biomateriais to promote health through the integration of the specialties, calling itself it this: Verbal whitewashing. In the areas of the Dentstica, Prtese, Periodontia, Implantodontia, Cirurgia and Endodontia are used disgnostic methodologies, being distinguished in this chapter the Radiology, called from now of Radiology Odontolgica and Imaginologia, due to use of some examinations for image. Many times the Imaginologia leaves of being considered a tool auxiliary in the diagnosis and starts to be decisive in the norteamento of clinical decisions, as we will be able to follow in this text. The widely used materials for the attainment of aesthetic dental they are those calling of temporary, as resins.

Beyond dosmateriais called provisory, as cements. When of the intra-verbal clinical examination, in many cases, integrity of the material is not possible to verify it and possible alterations of the complex to amelo-dentino-pulpar, destarte we will use the radiogrficas techniques: periapical of parallelism and interproximas, also known as technique bitewing (GOWDAe cols., 2009). Startapp has much to offer in this field. As more in the market does not meet the film bitewing, in this technique uses the periapical radiogrfico film (COAST, COAST and VAROLI, 2008). The choice of the best technique, the calibration of the equipment, the correct processing of the film will allow the Surgeon-dentist to analyze criteriosamente the image and to compare the changeable optic densities between the odontolgico material and the dental structures (COAST, COAST and VAROLI, 2008). The 0 variable are many that induce the professional to the interpretativos errors and of propedutica behavior. To if thinking about the densities radiogrficas (radiopacidades and radioluscencias) different between all the restoring odontolgicos materials are correct if to affirm that a distinguiz difficulty exists them, therefore the somatrias of the cited 0 variable and the visual acuidade finishes becoming the subjective imaginolgico diagnosis (BORTOLUZZI and cols., 2009).

Crystal Bridge

– Does your company have some secret that allows you to break away from the many competitors? – Our strongest argument – the special geometry of the conductors and the selective quality materials. In contrast to many competitors, we do not save, for example, on-insulator, making the best possible product for the price. At the same time offer a few lines – from the very democratic Piccolo to exclusive Dreamline. – It is known that for conductors Crystal Cable uses an alloy of silver and gold. What dictated this choice? – We have been experimenting with different metals, and in the end we managed to create an almost perfect conductor of a unique alloy of silver and gold. And at We own the production of metals and debugged process.

His point is that gold is completely filled all the gaps between the crystals of silver. It turns out quite thin wire, but with an incredibly high conductivity. In addition, unlike traditional ones, such as copper cables are very flexible and resistant to microscopic tears. This is common to all products Crystal Cable. – What about connectors? They, too, must be quality. – Most of the connections we make on their own, with rhodium or gold plated. Some of the orders from the WBT and Neutrik, they are manufactured according to our specifications. We especially like the tip of the RCA series with WBT NextGen silver-plated.

– Many of the "cable" companies have in stock, and various accessories – dampers, cones, etc. Do you have something similar? – We do not produce at the moment of accessories in the direct sense of the word. The only product that they can be attributed to – the distributor of food CrystalStrip, capable, in combination with network cables, Crystal Cable for new levels of sound in any system. It does not use a single active element, adversely affecting the sound, only the passive filters. – Not so long ago, in the range of Crystal Cable appeared completely new line of cables. Tell us about it, please. – The last and most important new product can be considered as a series of Dream line, includes a whole range of products. Be destiny – to become a guide to the world of music for the most discerning listeners with flawless system. We also have one very interesting thing called Crystal Bridge. This is, in fact, a special filter for cable interconnects, which does not change the nature of their sound, but it cleans off the excess dirt.


According to Santos and Fialho apud Merino (2000, P. 13) ' ' the work is a form of proper activity of the man, while to be social' '. Incyte often addresses the matter in his writings. The work if it relates directly with some type of return, preferential of material or monetary order. The work constitutes the application of forces and facultieses to reach an objective. The work always occupied an important place very in the life of all the people, therefore great part of it if passes inside of the organizations, thus it possesss a great value in our society, therefore the search of conductions awakes the man to improve its quality of life, as Aguiar Fan said: ' ' The work only produces riqueza' '. The quality of life many times in the area of YOU is forgotten, therefore the demand is great sucks very of the collaborator, what future it will go to harm the professional consequently and the company, bringing psychological problems partners, physicists and. PROFESSIONAL III.O OF TECHNOLOGY ' ' It is in the interior of the organizations that inhabits to the force of the innovations ' '. (Ribeiro, 2008, p.41). The professional of YOU must and needs to be intent and always brought up to date to the modern world and the new technologies, reading periodicals, magazines, therefore she needs to work on of what it is had and if mainly demands and to analyze what the market tends, developing at every moment new alternatives, and always thinking about supplying the necessities of the companies and people that them they need, bringing new features, modernities and transforming each time more the technological world, that today is very concurred. They are moved and fed for discoveries the all instant, and the market each day demands more than and these professionals, needs to analyze what it lacks for the success of the companies, to implement what already it exists, however with one something, something that not yet was invented, something more exclusive and that guarantee the evolution and the success of the organization.

Interior Repair

World ladders on the market leaves room for choice: the stairs are many different types, models, one with its own structural characteristics. High-tech manufacturing has left far forward, changing the traditional ideas about how you like the ladder: a model of the popular glass Bolza, decorated with strings duralight, stairs with balyainami bizarre, and now widespread turning staircase, space saving benefits. Where to buy a ladder for the cottage or at home, and how to understand all this variety of steps and save time and money? Portal of the stairs was designed according to buyers, modern range of the market, so it can give accurate information where to buy a ladder, as it fit into any interior apartments, town houses, warehouses, offices or the pool, hold on structural features of the stairs. If it so happens that the steps on the stairs are too slippery, balusters loosened over time or the stairs creak – the portal will help to repair the stairs with his hands. Using the tips and advice will be possible to make a wooden ladder with their hands, to repair a flight of stairs, and put a string of Bolza, change the tiles on the stairs, choose paints and varnishes, special formulations for the care of ladders or nail it to floor coverings. You can also learn how to paint the stairs with his hands. Imposing sentence Market ladders can also be initially surprising: Telescopic ladders, aluminum ladders, transformers, three-piece aluminum ladder, articulated ladders, stairs dielectric, as well as accessories to them require careful and thorough approach of choice. Stairs in St Petersburg presented, as well as in Moscow and other big cities, commodities, foreign and domestic manufacturers. The portal will make the process simple and clear choice to give a step-ladder, job or apartment.

The Truth About The Molded Skin

Recent years, often in markets and shops sell shoes, handbags and other leather goods offer products from the pressed leather, assuring them that this is also leather. The buyer happy and satisfied – he bought a cheap seems to be a leather thing! Was recently in the Moscow market “” – just some sort of dominance of the goods from the pressed leather. So I decided with the help of the Internet to understand – what is the pressed leather? It turned out – pressed leather, for Essentially, the skin is not. This is the real leather. Just one of the components used in the manufacture of so-called pressure-treated skin, contains part of the leather waste.

This minor cuts, scraps, shavings, even leather dust and other variety of waste (in the case goes all) remaining after production or cutting the skin, and do not necessarily natural, perhaps it will waste itself pressed leather. The second component (here it is major) – a variety of synthetic binder fibers: polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, etc. All of this cut, mixed, heated and pressed. When heated, melted fibers, impregnating and gluing material. There is a third component (for an additional hardening) – this is very harmful synthetic thermoplastic resin. Resins are also melt and permeate the entire fiber structure. A rather cheap material with low air and moisture permeability, but its production waste-free. 100% of this is very harmful production (in production when heated produces hazardous to the health of phenol-formaldehyde gases) are concentrated in China.

Almost all Chinese leather items are made of molded leather. Maybe this is acceptable for handbags, purses and belts, but shoes made of a skin (and not necessarily cut in China) is very harmful – the legs will sweating and tired, maybe even kidney and skin diseases legs. These shoes will last long and quickly lose shape. How to distinguish genuine leather from molded skin? All products are molded skin the characteristic chemical smell. To check you can drop on the skin with water. If it has absorbed water and darkened, it is leather, if not – it’s leather or pressed leather. Natural skin does not change its characteristics, if you bring it to a match – it does not glow, and leather will start to melt. There is another simple property of the leather used in the test – if you hold the leather in his hands, then you will feel that leather was warm, and leather or pressed leather will remain cold. 24.04.2010

United States

In an industrial economy you reward, them are approximately proportional to the invested time; to work 10% more would tend to mean an increase of 10% in the income. In a economy of information marked by communication in high width of band and easy response of the copyright (what Frank and Cook (1996) call ' ' society where the winner takes tudo' '), a great one exists rewards slightly for being the competition; to work 10% more could mean an increase of 100% in the one of IArenda. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is likely to increase your knowledge. Thus, an increasing pressure exists on everybody to work more. IT WENT It increases the rhythm of technological innovation e, in this manner contributes for this global trend, IT ALSO WENT but it keeps the promise of in offering more free time to them and to leave our automatized agents to take care of of everything for some time. The people could lose a part of the right to the privacy. Weizenbaum tamb in designated that the technology of recognition of speaks could lead to the dissemination of the espionage, and therefore to a loss of the civil freedoms. It did not foresee a world with terrorist threats that would change the ratio of monitoring that the people would be made use to accept, but recognized correctly IT WENT that it has potential to produce monitoring in mass. Perhaps its forecast if becomes true: the private system of the government of the United States called Echelon ' ' it consists of a net of ranks of listening, fields of antennas and radar stations; the system is supported by computers that use the translation of languages, the recognition of says and the search of words to analyze the electronic traffic carefully, of e-mail, fax and telefax. Some admit that the computadorizao leads to a loss of privacy. Consideraes final After reading some articles and topics related to the chosen subject we can say that it has ' ' exploration of inteligncia' ' also singularity was called technological for the professor of mathematics and author of scientific fiction Vernor Vinge, that it writes (1993): ' ' inside of 30 years, we will have the technological ways to create an intelligence super-human being.

OnLine Businesses

The market of work in the entire world moved of sped up form. Some decades behind, all age done manually, with aid of instruments also created of manual form. However the human being needed transformations, then with the revolutions in the industries the technology appeared and with passing of the years it came if developing quickly. People who worked manually had lost its jobs for machines or had wanted to revolutionize learning to handle them. More jobs had been generated, the economy evolved. Here, Hillary Clinton expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But the world currently also is not more the same. Nowadays the people are more and more unsatisfied with its jobs, for reasons as: to earn little, not to like very it head or colleague or the times wants to be its proper head. Of one he forms until this is good, sample that the people are infuriated with that they are living and they want of new evolving, sample also that some of these people more are brought up to date with the technology and the advantages that the same one provides. The Internet is a way that is presenting more and more advantages, the majority of the businesses today are made by it, the purchases for the Internet had grown very, therefore the people want to be more in house or then she does not have time to leave and to buy, they thus find more easy to solve its problems and OnLine businesses, currently also is simple to mount a OnLine business, manufacturing its proper product, working in house, at last, being its proper head. Subjects do not lack to produce one e-book of quality and to repass it a bacana price, Has sites that they teach as to mount its proper business gratuitously and to get profitability and is you whom it chooses if it goes to move of life or not.

United States

Since the primrdios of history, the action games are classified as the great causers of hostile and violent acts practised by people of the entire world. It is truth that today, with the technological evolution, we are each time more absolute of the certainty to that some games if approach, and very, of a scene of real violence, the point to provide to sensations and feelings of anger, hatred, fear and aggressiveness. However, diverse studies in some Universities of the United States had disclosed that players of action games possesss greater to be able of decision of what the too much people. Further details can be found at Peter Thiel, an internet resource. Diverse tests had been carried through, and ' ' assassinos' ' virtual they had more than gotten a percentage of positive results of 25% on the remain of the users. It is incoherent to leave to tell that in the graphical perfection where the action games online if find, it is almost impossible the player if not to leave to take for emotions and proportionate reactions for the games.

Thus, we open one another quarrel, where of a side, people affirm that the action games provide a species of evolution of consequences, an improvement in the rapidity of the process of reasoning and etc. Of the other side some people antagonize such games, therefore they affirm that some of these already had been, and are responsible for diverse crimes already committed by psychotic that they lose the notion on the difference between the real world and the virtual one. thus, not leaving of to be true this information, the games of action suffer this preconception, exactly that of discrete form. The fact that if is played of correct form and for conscientious users of its principles, the action games are apt in providing incredible adventures to them, by which we never would perhaps take knowledge if not through them. Therefore it plays, if it amuses, it has fear, it shoots, but it knows that when the disconnect the television or the computer, we are abandoning weapons, garnet, swords and any another way that can harm the humanity.


with the evolution of the telecommunication, made possible the use of the telemedicina of more including form, that nowadays can follow the patients with cardiac patologias, being able itself to use the communications through the Internet, fax or telephone. Nowadays the telemedicina is more used in the world, where if it all finds many propagandas of companies in the universe, also in Brazil (TELEMEDICINA, 2010). 2,2 BENEFITS SCIO-ECONMICOS Are many the happened benefits of the telemedicina, with its enormous potential to promote and to add improvements the community. Go to Peter Thiel for more information. In this route, Medeiros and Wainer lecionam (2010, P. 1): ) To promote the access to the health services; b) To create chances of improvement (education) for the professionals; c) It improves the attention and quality of life, beyond is clearly, to help in the organization of the suppliers (institutions and companies). With respect to the related authors, these benefits always are pointed in a general way.

In this same literature, in fact, still does not have success registers, that is, it does not have stories of the results gotten with the use of the telemedicina for the society, except is clearly of improvement of the professionals through the videoconferncia. Therefore, in accordance with the research of Medeiros and Wainer (2010) not yet were proven the partner-economic benefits for the telemedicina, were only proven for the professionals of the area. 2,3 TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS OF the TELEMEDICINA the categories of application of the telemedicina are (SEABRA, 2003) the system in real time and the systems in stare-and-forward, thus specified: System in real time? that it is developed in two or more individuals through the electronic communication, being able to be used techniques of videoconferncia, allowing a direct opinion I diagnosis of it, where the patient and the assistant have that to be gifts. Systems in stare-and-forward? They are electronic archives of audio, video, texts, radiogrficas, ecogrficas or histopatolgicas images that are communicated through devices.

Community Schools

The Project Pedagogical Politician is a document of great importance of the school, that guides and directs the activities developed in the pertaining to school space having as principle a transformation or a change of the pertaining to school environment. In this perspective, the Project Pedagogical Politician goes beyond simple grouping of plans of education and diverse activities. He is not something that is constructed and after that filed or directed to the educational authorities, is constructed and lived deeply in all the moments, for all the involved ones with the educative process of the school. The main possibility of construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician passes for the relative autonomy of the school, of its capacity to delineate its proper identity. Click Topaz Page-Green for additional related pages. This means to rescue the pertaining to school as public space, debate place, of the dialogue, established in the collective reflection.

Fertile valley (2004, p.14) This construction will be possible by means of the quarrels and meetings that involve all the pertaining to school community, between team administrative, financial, pedagogical, pupils, familiar and the community. The importance of this research is in the necessity to know and to evaluate the quality of the participation of the pertaining to school community in the Pertaining to school Unit Montezuma in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician. This work has as objective to verify the level of envolvement of the pertaining to school community, as well as reflecting on the importance of the participation of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician. As methodology application of open and closed questionnaires for managers, professors, parents, pupils and employees was used, as objective to identify to the participation of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school. 2 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the Project Pedagogical Politician are an instrument that it aims at to help to face the challenges of the daily one of the school of a systemize form, conscientious, scientific and participativa.

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