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Window Classroom

Aherana allows to create a new type of object – a new classroom – to apartir of another one already existing. The new classroom keeps osatributos and the functionality of the classroom of which drift; therefore, we say that it ' ' herda' ' the characteristics of that classroom. To mesmotempo, it can receive attributes and functions special not encontradosna original classroom. Coming back to the example of the one window programWindows, this type of object could call Window. When creating umtipo of object to function as box of special comatributos dialogue is a window, as the exhibition of buttons and options.

Onovo type could call JanelDilogo and would inherit caractersticasda classroom Window, also receiving the exclusive attributes from one caixade dialogue. One of the advantages of the inheritance is the easiness of localizarerros of programming. For example, case an object derived from outroapresente an error of functioning; if the original object funcionavacorretamente, is clearly that the error is in the part of the code that implementaas new characteristics of the derived object. The inheritance allows, also, to reaproveitar the written code previously, adaptando it the novasnecessidades. This is very important because the costs dedesenvolvimento of software are many raising. Hand-of-obraaltamente specialized she is expensive; the process is delayed and subject unexpected aocorrncias. Polimorfismo Polimorfismorefere it the two more object or capacity to answer to the mesmamensagem, each one its proper way.

The use of the inheritance becomes-sefcil with the polimorfismo. Since that mtodocom is not necessary to write one different name to answer to each message, the code is maisfcil to understand. For example, without polimorfismo, to insert novoempregado, the following code would be necessary: Colaborador1.InsereColaborador Gerente1.InsereGerente Presidente1.InserePresidente In this in case that, Colaborador1, Gerente1 and Presidente1 they are objects dasrespectivamente of the classrooms Collaborating, Controlling and President. With opolimorfismo, tipode is not necessary to have a different method for each object.


Altina Magalhes Coast During much time the books printed matters had been most important half of diffusion of the knowledge lived deeply for the humanity. The alfabetizao was initiated with the orality, later the writing. Today the books had passed also to be distributed in the electronic format. The digital culture considers a new strategy of alfabetizao, that happens from the manuscript of the keyboard keys of the computer that they are presented the child and it since very early it goes having contacts with varied written texts, games, photos, musics, slides, films, videos, drawings, animaes and other tools that give it possibility to it of multireadings at the same time, this makes with that the child interacts and conquers autonomy in its process of alfabetizao. Before, through printed matters the physical and visual aspect of books was steady and controlled in exclusive way for the author. Already currently the electronic book is fluid, dynamic what it facilitates the sprouting of other styles of writing and reading that demand use of new forms or didactic strategies for the development of the letramento process. The digital culture takes the educational processes especially to suffer a deep transformation in the phase from alfabetizao and the process from letramento that if initiates each time more early. The classroom is transformed into a colaborativo space of learning.

The position of the professor will have to make possible the apprenticees to develop diverse abilities through shared, collective and social attitudes. In these molds the school does not have to use the computer as a tool, but as a transforming agent of the educational process as a whole. Valley to stand out that the computer by itself, does not possess an interactive, transforming characteristic. The way as the school uses the computer, the Internet and other technologies are that it will be able to stimulate in the pupils the creativity, the transmission of information, new forms of sociability and the development of the cognitivas abilities.

Crystal Bridge

– Does your company have some secret that allows you to break away from the many competitors? – Our strongest argument – the special geometry of the conductors and the selective quality materials. In contrast to many competitors, we do not save, for example, on-insulator, making the best possible product for the price. At the same time offer a few lines – from the very democratic Piccolo to exclusive Dreamline. – It is known that for conductors Crystal Cable uses an alloy of silver and gold. What dictated this choice? – We have been experimenting with different metals, and in the end we managed to create an almost perfect conductor of a unique alloy of silver and gold. And at We own the production of metals and debugged process.

His point is that gold is completely filled all the gaps between the crystals of silver. It turns out quite thin wire, but with an incredibly high conductivity. In addition, unlike traditional ones, such as copper cables are very flexible and resistant to microscopic tears. This is common to all products Crystal Cable. – What about connectors? They, too, must be quality. – Most of the connections we make on their own, with rhodium or gold plated. Some of the orders from the WBT and Neutrik, they are manufactured according to our specifications. We especially like the tip of the RCA series with WBT NextGen silver-plated.

– Many of the "cable" companies have in stock, and various accessories – dampers, cones, etc. Do you have something similar? – We do not produce at the moment of accessories in the direct sense of the word. The only product that they can be attributed to – the distributor of food CrystalStrip, capable, in combination with network cables, Crystal Cable for new levels of sound in any system. It does not use a single active element, adversely affecting the sound, only the passive filters. – Not so long ago, in the range of Crystal Cable appeared completely new line of cables. Tell us about it, please. – The last and most important new product can be considered as a series of Dream line, includes a whole range of products. Be destiny – to become a guide to the world of music for the most discerning listeners with flawless system. We also have one very interesting thing called Crystal Bridge. This is, in fact, a special filter for cable interconnects, which does not change the nature of their sound, but it cleans off the excess dirt.

The Truth About The Molded Skin

Recent years, often in markets and shops sell shoes, handbags and other leather goods offer products from the pressed leather, assuring them that this is also leather. The buyer happy and satisfied – he bought a cheap seems to be a leather thing! Was recently in the Moscow market “” – just some sort of dominance of the goods from the pressed leather. So I decided with the help of the Internet to understand – what is the pressed leather? It turned out – pressed leather, for Essentially, the skin is not. This is the real leather. Just one of the components used in the manufacture of so-called pressure-treated skin, contains part of the leather waste.

This minor cuts, scraps, shavings, even leather dust and other variety of waste (in the case goes all) remaining after production or cutting the skin, and do not necessarily natural, perhaps it will waste itself pressed leather. The second component (here it is major) – a variety of synthetic binder fibers: polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, etc. All of this cut, mixed, heated and pressed. When heated, melted fibers, impregnating and gluing material. There is a third component (for an additional hardening) – this is very harmful synthetic thermoplastic resin. Resins are also melt and permeate the entire fiber structure. A rather cheap material with low air and moisture permeability, but its production waste-free. 100% of this is very harmful production (in production when heated produces hazardous to the health of phenol-formaldehyde gases) are concentrated in China.

Almost all Chinese leather items are made of molded leather. Maybe this is acceptable for handbags, purses and belts, but shoes made of a skin (and not necessarily cut in China) is very harmful – the legs will sweating and tired, maybe even kidney and skin diseases legs. These shoes will last long and quickly lose shape. How to distinguish genuine leather from molded skin? All products are molded skin the characteristic chemical smell. To check you can drop on the skin with water. If it has absorbed water and darkened, it is leather, if not – it’s leather or pressed leather. Natural skin does not change its characteristics, if you bring it to a match – it does not glow, and leather will start to melt. There is another simple property of the leather used in the test – if you hold the leather in his hands, then you will feel that leather was warm, and leather or pressed leather will remain cold. 24.04.2010

OnLine Businesses

The market of work in the entire world moved of sped up form. Some decades behind, all age done manually, with aid of instruments also created of manual form. However the human being needed transformations, then with the revolutions in the industries the technology appeared and with passing of the years it came if developing quickly. People who worked manually had lost its jobs for machines or had wanted to revolutionize learning to handle them. More jobs had been generated, the economy evolved. Here, Hillary Clinton expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But the world currently also is not more the same. Nowadays the people are more and more unsatisfied with its jobs, for reasons as: to earn little, not to like very it head or colleague or the times wants to be its proper head. Of one he forms until this is good, sample that the people are infuriated with that they are living and they want of new evolving, sample also that some of these people more are brought up to date with the technology and the advantages that the same one provides. The Internet is a way that is presenting more and more advantages, the majority of the businesses today are made by it, the purchases for the Internet had grown very, therefore the people want to be more in house or then she does not have time to leave and to buy, they thus find more easy to solve its problems and OnLine businesses, currently also is simple to mount a OnLine business, manufacturing its proper product, working in house, at last, being its proper head. Subjects do not lack to produce one e-book of quality and to repass it a bacana price, Has sites that they teach as to mount its proper business gratuitously and to get profitability and is you whom it chooses if it goes to move of life or not.


with the evolution of the telecommunication, made possible the use of the telemedicina of more including form, that nowadays can follow the patients with cardiac patologias, being able itself to use the communications through the Internet, fax or telephone. Nowadays the telemedicina is more used in the world, where if it all finds many propagandas of companies in the universe, also in Brazil (TELEMEDICINA, 2010). 2,2 BENEFITS SCIO-ECONMICOS Are many the happened benefits of the telemedicina, with its enormous potential to promote and to add improvements the community. Go to Peter Thiel for more information. In this route, Medeiros and Wainer lecionam (2010, P. 1): ) To promote the access to the health services; b) To create chances of improvement (education) for the professionals; c) It improves the attention and quality of life, beyond is clearly, to help in the organization of the suppliers (institutions and companies). With respect to the related authors, these benefits always are pointed in a general way.

In this same literature, in fact, still does not have success registers, that is, it does not have stories of the results gotten with the use of the telemedicina for the society, except is clearly of improvement of the professionals through the videoconferncia. Therefore, in accordance with the research of Medeiros and Wainer (2010) not yet were proven the partner-economic benefits for the telemedicina, were only proven for the professionals of the area. 2,3 TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS OF the TELEMEDICINA the categories of application of the telemedicina are (SEABRA, 2003) the system in real time and the systems in stare-and-forward, thus specified: System in real time? that it is developed in two or more individuals through the electronic communication, being able to be used techniques of videoconferncia, allowing a direct opinion I diagnosis of it, where the patient and the assistant have that to be gifts. Systems in stare-and-forward? They are electronic archives of audio, video, texts, radiogrficas, ecogrficas or histopatolgicas images that are communicated through devices.

Community Schools

The Project Pedagogical Politician is a document of great importance of the school, that guides and directs the activities developed in the pertaining to school space having as principle a transformation or a change of the pertaining to school environment. In this perspective, the Project Pedagogical Politician goes beyond simple grouping of plans of education and diverse activities. He is not something that is constructed and after that filed or directed to the educational authorities, is constructed and lived deeply in all the moments, for all the involved ones with the educative process of the school. The main possibility of construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician passes for the relative autonomy of the school, of its capacity to delineate its proper identity. Click Topaz Page-Green for additional related pages. This means to rescue the pertaining to school as public space, debate place, of the dialogue, established in the collective reflection.

Fertile valley (2004, p.14) This construction will be possible by means of the quarrels and meetings that involve all the pertaining to school community, between team administrative, financial, pedagogical, pupils, familiar and the community. The importance of this research is in the necessity to know and to evaluate the quality of the participation of the pertaining to school community in the Pertaining to school Unit Montezuma in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician. This work has as objective to verify the level of envolvement of the pertaining to school community, as well as reflecting on the importance of the participation of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician. As methodology application of open and closed questionnaires for managers, professors, parents, pupils and employees was used, as objective to identify to the participation of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school. 2 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the Project Pedagogical Politician are an instrument that it aims at to help to face the challenges of the daily one of the school of a systemize form, conscientious, scientific and participativa.

Internet Information

The growth of the Internet is being very great vocs goes to see that this starts to have characteristics of same reality. To guarantee a set where it has diversity of available information, the resources are all the tied specific projects, are a thing that has that to inside have base of projects well done and determined by the states of the public hospitals. Some extremely important objectives are being placed. The first one of them: to assure the ample diffusion and access to the information disponibilizadas for the net. It means, still has a certain resistance of one some pursuings of administration of information, that history of that information is to be able, of wanting to keep information under control, without dissemination. The objective of the project is accurately to finish with this. The intention is to produce information and to make with that they they arrive at the users, the agents of the SUS, the diverse controlling. E, mainly, to create the call has controlled social, to make possible the social control on the health.

To aim at increase of covering and improvement in the quality of the information. Some of the systems, for example, the mortality system, the born system of alive, are basic systems for perception of the Brazilian social reality. They still have covering deficiencies, nor all the cities obtain to produce the information in time and the hour and the quality of the information, some times, leave to desire. Then, this objective is also placed. E, evidently, implantation of managemental systems that can make possible that component of managemental improvement of the SUS. A thing that if emphasizes very in this context is that it is not enough to pass numerical information on morbidade, mortality, is necessary also, to pass the information of normative, legislative, administrative character, that people do not have the habit to make.

School Environment

The use of the TICs in the pertaining to school environment Prof Regina Dutra Maria Introduction Each day that passes computer science if becomes constant more in the life of the people. In the pertaining to school environment it comes being inserted of gradual form. Today all bureaucratic work can be made in faster and efficient way. The school comes functionally changing structural and in new relation the TICs. Until little time all done age manually inside of the pertaining to school environment. A delayed work and that it was become damaged more easily with passing of the time.

Today the schools possess Xerox machines, the secretariats are equipped with computers hardwired to the Internet and can make the linking between schools speeding, thus, the work of collection of information in relation the life of its pupils and employees. technology investor might disagree with that approach. Through this article I intend to make a small reflection on the importance of the information technologies and communication in the pertaining to school environment. Development the use of the more popular technologies is if becoming each time. The people use technologies all instant, either in house with new household-electric that facilitates the life, either with devices that if they connect and they interact with the external world, either in the environment of work where the new implanted technologies all the moment, or in the pertaining to school environment where works as of confection of bulletins, I register in cadastre pupils and employees, certifyd of conclusion of course, descriptions and plus a infinity of activities is made with the aid of computers and machines of Xerox. The schools, still, count on Internet for connection with the supervisions of education, secretaries of education and too much schools, minimizing and speeding the information. According to BRANCHES ' ' the use of the new technologies has provoked transformations in the social reality, confirming the importance of the use of the computers and the digital medias in the Educao' '.

Pedagogical Communication

The education institution, as formadora agency, needs to offer to the pupils the access to the knowledge produced for the society. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Topaz Page-Green. For this, must to think process educational about context social and technological, so that educating can open ways for its action politics, in the direction to unchain a process of social inclusion and distribution of wealth that are, also, its social function. Of one it forms generality, can currently be perceived that in the educational process of the institutions ‘ ‘ what it is taught moved, but the way as if teaches remained ‘ the same; ‘. Of basic education to the superior, the new technologies enter in diverse ways: new substances to be studied to be able to concur in the work market; new tools that apiam the process of search and processing of the information; new methods of organization and communication of such information that apiam the process of learning for the use of resources multimedia and interatividade. But, in general way, education institution, as a physical space that congregates children, adolescents and adults in groups for determined period of the day, remains as old. in this direction, is basic a reevaluation of practical the pedagogical ones. In the opinion of Oliveira (2003), the introduction of the Technologies of Information and Communication (TICs) in the education can not represent a pedagogical innovation, therefore the use of sophisticated practical old technological resources in educational is not guarantee of a new education. Thus, this research has for purpose to investigate the new habits of study of the students and its unfoldings in the process of pedagogical mediation that if of the one in time and pedagogical space in the educational scene, with use of some supports since the traditional ones (printed matter) until the digital resources of mediation (Internet net).

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