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CSSC Equipment

Sump OM-2 is designed to determine the percentage of the total sand and washed sand in a sample of mud. Sump OM-2 is designed to determine the percentage of sand in a sample of clay solution. The content of mud solids drilled rocks and undissolved lumps of clay is determined by the sand content in the sample solution, who defend a 1 min rest in the sump of the sample, diluted with water ratio of 1:9. The device consists of several parts: a cylindrical vessel with a sealing lid, which serves both for measuring the solution; glass burettes, which strengthens the lower part of the vessel at screw and washer through the crossbar with a rubber gasket. Sealing is ensured by attaching a burette with a rubber gasket. Specifications: Capacity tank, cm : 500 15 Capacity tubes cm : 10 Capacity cup, cm : 50 1 range for determining the content of sand in the sump, cm : 0,5-10 Graduation tube, cm : 0,2 The delivery tank SM-2 includes: settling OM-2, glass, manual. 'Chemical Technology '- a wide range of chemical products, equipment and appliances. Chemical products for industrial and laboratory supplies, organic and inorganic acids and bases, and salts of organic inorganic acids, organic solvents, indicators. The equipment necessary for full functioning of a modern laboratory equipment for nefteanaliza, chromatographic and electrochemical analysis equipment to analyze the physical and chemical parameters for any media, as well as ancillary laboratory equipment for sampling and sample preparation, weighing equipment, and thermostat heating equipment, mixing devices, electrical laboratory equipment and much more. Hydrometer ADB-1, EBE-2 Viscometer, Cone spreadability of the CD-1, CTC Laboratory LGR-3 mixer LMR-1, OM-Drain 2, Pycnometer P-1, instrument Vick, BM-6, SVC-01, KC-3 KC-5, SNS-2, Stalagmometr ST-1, PKN unit-2, CA cylinder stability-2 NTF-acid-OEDF acid, lime, borax, 5 water, 10 water, Mel, caustic soda technical, Polyelectrolyte MIC-402 and Silica Gel IBC, KSKG, SHSMG, Sulfatsell-2 Sulfonol, Activated carbon, mud powder, barite, dolomite weighting, CSSC, Neonol, saponified tall pitch VPRG reagent (dry hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile) Reapon, Sial, FHLS-M, GL-1 Graphite , Graphite Grease, Lubricants, thread and surfactant consignment note PKD-515, Wetting OP-7 OP-10, Penta-465, CMC, PAC-B, PAC-N SNPH, corrosion inhibitor Vikor.

Perforated Metal Sheet

Progressive method of production method of punching holes – logging, much cheaper cost than the same drilling holes in some cases almost tripled. About this method will be discussed in this state.Voobschem perforation. -General description of metal sheets can punch from a thickness of 0.4 mm. Maximum thickness for punching: structural steel up to 12 mm, stainless steel up to 8 mm. When we use all sorts of metal – steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, as well as other materials, such as: plastic, cardboard and so on. Ongoing coverage of the surface – galvanizing, a protective coating that gives the product a beautiful and aesthetic, if necessary, to carry out welding, bending, etc.

With high machine tool can cut down the complex contours, holes of different shapes and sizes, it allows the use of perforated sheets as element of interior design, stairs, facades. The number of variants of holes could be called endless – more than 1000 species of perforations with a variety of holes – round, square, slotted, triernye, decorative, etc. Production of stamps at the factory in accordance with the parameters of the order. At the main warehouse of the enterprise always has perforated sheets with standard sizes 1000h2000 mm, and some positions envelope 1250h2500 mm 1500h3000 mm. -Method of manufacturing the steel sheet, a standard or specially cut to size using a press knocked holes. The most common format – 1000h2000 mm, maximum size – 1500h3000 mm depending on the applied tool.

Larger orders may for some types of perforations to produce the product rolls out wide 1000.1250 and 1500 mm. Depending on the type of perforation holes are knocked out one punch-functional, while the sheets more thickness or with special perforations, the dual punch or the entire width of the sheet. There are several types of high pressure presses, with which it is possible to perforation for structural steel to a thickness sheet of 12 mm, and for stainless steel to a thickness of 8 mm. At thicknesses greater than 12 mm, the holes are usually burned or produced by drilling. -Material Material: punching any metals, with the agreement can be perforations and other non-brittle materials, for example – plastics, cardboard. Application: ventilation systems in acoustics (use for sound insulation, silencers, noise walls), filters, baskets, cover, covers (not just safety, but also as a decoration), the elements of architecture and design (casings, decorative ceilings, bars, reinforcement, liners, vent covers, decorative wall), screen (the area for Sorting in agriculture, technology for the sorting of materials), conveyor and conveyor belts in severe operating conditions, cable trays for electrical wiring, furnace trays for bakeries and confectionery, metal seat made of perforated sheet for stadiums and sports facilities, profiles for facades of buildings and radiators, and many other pieces of perforated sheet on the requirements of customer. Company PromMashResurs

ISO Cukurova

In 1986 the company started production of earthmoving and industrial machinery, based on his own licensing under the brand name CUKUROVA. Annually produced 2,000 vehicles, which include forklifts, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and excavators. Assembling the machine is in manufacturing plants on an area of 14,444 square meters. m in Tarsus (Turkey), the total area occupied by the company is 109 710 sq. m. A few years company significantly increased its share of both the local and the global market and has achieved significant sales in over 30 countries worldwide.

Already having dealer network in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the the former Soviet Union, Cumitas working to expand its dealer network throughout the world and strives to meet the needs and demands of its customers. For the production of new and existing machines used Hardware renowned manufacturers and the latest technology. In the machines manufactured match concentrated power, performance, safety and convenience for the user. Production Company has been tested and certified. Due to the above, the company is now ready to be a major player in all markets. Currently, the company received from the Turkish Standards Institute Certificate management quality system ISO 9000:2000. The company's research and development activities of the company are supported by the Research Council of Turkey Science and Technology. The following models of machinery CUKUROVA you can buy in our company 'CVH'.

Wheel Loader Cukurova 940 Backhoe Loader backhoes Cukurova 880 Backhoe Loader backhoes backhoe loaders Cukurova 883 with Cukurova 885 Backhoe Loader Excavator backhoe Cukurova 888 Technics is able to compete with the leading manufacturers because of its low price and excellent quality! Power, reliability and unsurpassed ease of use. Company 'Cukurova Makina' one of the first to equip their truck control system of new generation. The hydraulic system, available only for models 885, allows the operator to accurately monitor the work of backhoe and loading bucket with convenient handle. In addition to convenience in administration, this system allows to vary the speed and direction of movement of workers under any load, to facilitate the work operator to increase oil life and reduce the temperature of the oil tank. Special equipment is simple to use, took control of multiple components and assembled in compliance with the recommendations and technologies factory under the supervision and with the participation of the company Liebherr. It is able to successfully compete with the best of the world's leading manufacturers of earth moving equipment. Improved and reliable hydraulic system, stored for long time extreme load, double gear hydraulic pump, virtually maintenance-free and less noisy compared to their counterparts, the hydraulic system controlling the speed is much saving fuel, the maximum angular visibility, work on the surface of any complexity and movement (optional) – all to benefit the most when operating machinery Cukurova. Cukurova machinery can be equipped with quick-release hardware, hydraulic hammer, buckets of various sizes and purposes. You can test-drive, a comparative test and just see the technique in Cukurova, by contacting our by CVH. As the magazine CVH Material Handling (495) 925-51-19

Extreme Hair Loss

Therefore, a false or deficient nutrition may result depending on the predisposition of the body to hair loss. Therefore a balanced way of life is enormously important, because not least external influences as well as asthma or allergies promote hair loss. Deficiencies in the hair can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle and diet. Because a poor diet can promote not only a mineral deficiency, but also result in the acidification of the body. All these factors can lead to hair loss. Treatments for extreme hair loss just like the reasons are also the forms of relief for hair loss deeply. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Thiel.

That’s why special care products we recommend to wash your hair. Peter Thiel often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Also the mental balance should be respected. The solution of everyday problems helps the body. The hair can be strengthened through a slightly altered way of life and also the body. Extreme Hair loss is a reaction of the body and affects many people. By avoidance of acid-forming foods, the body can properly work and support hair growth. To detoxify the body and to support, has to be drunk abundantly.

Toxins that inhibit hair growth can be substantially reduced through regular drinking of herbal tea and water. Even the optimal combination of products is very important. Special ingredients can cause damage to the hair. Therefore special care is advisable to wash your hair. Also the mental equilibrium must be maintained. Therapies, as well as resolving problems can help to recover. Therefore always an individual treatment is one of causes for the variety of hair loss. But we should bear in mind, that an increased hair loss occurs in many people and is also a natural process.

Venezuelan Technology

It is essential to remember that first and foremost the companies are formed by human beings, who have needs and goals, which sometimes accept, or not rationally. Today, companies must be always evaluating the tools that can offer them emotional intelligence, since it can help control the attitudes of the staff in the Organization, thus determining the potential for learning skills practices such as self-knowledge, motivation, self-regulation, empathy and personal relationships, that will undoubtedly serve employees as the basis for their personal and professional development. 3 What is the reality of technological management in Venezuelan companies, where have been its weaknesses and strengths? How can it benefit the quality and productivity? The technology space, is revealed as a dynamic process of irreversible progress, because to the extent that evolving technology, critical factors for the success of any company, regardless of its magnitude and its main economic activity, they may change the technological impact can be up to alter the nature of the competition and the already established competitive advantages. Emphasis is on defining all those production processes with their respective rates that ensure favorable results, paying close attention to the technology that is used, continuous improvement, maintenance, life cycle, dexterity, training, skills of technicians, operators as well as regards ergonomics that may lead to optimal productivity. Emphasis on providing knowledge and its applicability in all matters concerning the quality assurance, the national and international rules of quality, training its staff in function of this, and assuring the need to achieve a quality competitive requirements posed by companies in the current scenarios. Trains the specialist providing them tools, methods that allow better integration of the individual with the machine, leading to operators, technical, foster their creativity, innovation in everything that is manifested in continuous improvement, to generate all the necessary fixes that avoid that the quality is of, for example, the achievement of the disappearance of zero defects, queueoperating costs, is to consider proposals that will guarantee, in addition to the quality, productivity.

GemPlus Card International

Secondly, the payments by means of magnetic or bar charts can be conducted only in the mode of on-line. For payment transactions should contact the bank and obtain a permit. In this situation, the main problem is ensuring reliable, fast and inexpensive communication. For payments using smart cards are used principally new solution, all operations are performed in the regime of off-line. With the integrated chip card itself authorize the payment directly to the outlet.

Third, smart cards have increased reliability and safety. Integrated circuit card provides sufficient 'intelligence' to decide whether to permit payment, and a high degree of protection against unauthorized access. During initialization, you can lock the chip and block access to any changes in the data. Copy or duplicate the data also impossible due to the unique internal code fixed inside each card. The process of multi-card personalization making it one of the most reliable forms of data storage. All about personal user data and account status is encrypted and is protected by coded passwords.

The big advantage of smart cards over other plastic cards is their ability to analyze information to mathematical calculations and draw logical conclusions. When you try to hack the card is capable of independently temporarily or permanently cease its operation. More info: Peter Thiel. In addition, smart cards are much superior to all other representatives of volume of stored information. High quality smart card gives them longevity in circulation, compared with other types of cards, and unique performance characteristics. For example, GemPlus Card International has established for its smart cards the following parameters: time storage – 10 years; storage temperature – -20 to +55 C; the minimum number of rewrites – 10 000 times, the maximum recording time of one byte of information – 10 ms.

Winter Adhesive

The second reason is similar to the first, with the difference that it is not about the properties of the material and the properties of surfaces, with whom he has contact. Because of their physical condition also depends on temperature and humidity environment. For example, according to the instructions of most manufacturers of shingles, it can not be laid at temperatures below +5 C. The fact that the shingles (a sheet with several tiled tiles) has on the one hand adhesive layer, which provides a better grip with wooden base or spread out over its surface lining the carpet. The technology provides that the sun's rays heat the stacked roof and melt the adhesive layer that provides tight grip shingles with the base. In winter, when the sun barely warms, it will not happen, so the roof can quickly lose their properties Waterproof, simply put – will start leaking. Similar conditions (temperature not lower than +5 C) required for the installation of wet front.

His technique involves fixing of insulation material to the wall surface with adhesive and mechanical connectors for followed by laying on top of it plaster and synthetic materials. Binder joining the front plate with a base at low temperature begins to dry and crumble. "To adapt a binding agent for the Winter conditions it is sometimes added to salt, – says Igor Latyshev, director of the Group "Staff", working in the field of production and sales of materials for mounting and wall cladding coatings.

Musical Ability

Musical ability, their formation and development of one of the most interesting problems, which attracts the attention of researchers for many years. The study of this problem is urgently due to the fact that the development of musical taste, emotional responsiveness in childhood creates a foundation of musical culture of a person in the future. Recent decades are characterized by a significant increase in attention to the development of musical abilities the younger generation, more and more attention is paid to early childhood care and early education of children. Opened children's aesthetic centers, preparatory groups under normal and music schools, choirs studios. But in fully carried out the systematic development of preschool children in a preschool educational institution.

Psychologists have long established that the age of 2-5 years most favorable for rapid development of the child. Musical education also needs to be addressed at an early age. Music is more than any other art form, is available to the child. The earlier children are attached to the world of music, the more music they subsequently become, and the happier and more desirable for them to be more meetings with the music. Musical art, directly and strongly influences a person, in the first years of life occupies a large place in its general cultural development. Music classes in kindergarten contribute to the continuous familiarizing the child to the world of beauty, the formation and development of his musical abilities. However, in pre-school education there is a contradiction between the need to develop musical abilities of preschool children and the lack of developed technologies and techniques aimed at raising interest in the music, the accumulation of musical-creative experience. The observed contradiction actualizes the problem of musical abilities of preschool children through improvisation as a form of creative activity. Source: Peter Thiel. Author Natalia Denisova

Whats New LED Lighting Technology Offices Retail Zalo

Development of production technology of LEDs has reached a level where it becomes possible to use them for basic, functional lighting. New items of technical light emitting diodes are capable of effectively replace traditional sources of technical, industrial and office lighting. Firstly, this propeller ceiling led lights to direct light. Recessed LED-GS with one, two and three rotating light sources are regulated in two planes. As well as hanging lamps propeller LED-SD. Such lamps are analogues of the traditional halogen used for accent lighting trade halls, cafe, reception desks, but they have two very important advantages. This is a very low heat and low power consumption.

In fact, the use of led lamps with a power consumption of 18-54 W at overburden expensive electricity bill. And virtually no heat will benefit both the wellbeing of staff and visitors, and on a mode-conditioning facilities. Secondly, it is raster Recessed lighting LED-C002. This light unit is similar to conventional fluorescent lamps, installed in the ceiling of type 'Armstrong' s modulus 60h60sm. However, he does not need to work starters (ballast, ballasts), and more economical to 2-2,5 times! By illumination, LED-6001 with 40W power consumption is equal to four 18 W-nym fluorescent tubes (total-72Vt). Learn more about this with Naveen Selvadurai.

Ceiling recessed led luminaires downlight, designed for point illumination, available in several sizes. Stylish LED-N47 diameter of 150mm and a luminous flux 90Lm, uses powerful LEDs Nichia (15W). Connected to the network 220 via power supply (LED driver). LED-N20, 136mm diameter, is turning "Downlight" to regulate the direction of the luminous flux value 420Lm. LED-N29 (diameter 130mm, 560Lm) has very little depth of insertion-only 43mm. That is simply indispensable in narrow ceiling space. Summing up, we denote again the benefits of led lighting for functional lighting: Huge lifespan – 5-7 years without replacing the bulbs Can be used in locations where lamp replacement difficult to implement or impossible. Low operating costs. Low power consumption – several times smaller than traditional bulbs. Low load on the mains, due to the low power consumption. Low heat, high fire safety. Operating Temperature Do not use ballasts (ballasts, chokes, starters). No stroboscopic effect (pulsation, flicker). High environmental due absence of mercury and other hazardous gases and deposition. No need for special disposal. Vibration and shock resistant. Good color rendering – Ra80. Surrounding area and things look natural.

Russian Federation

Most people live without regaining consciousness. R. Schlegel. Dear friends! Federal Agency on Youth Affairs in partnership with the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation is the most bright ambitious program of national youth project "Russia-2020". We want to get the answers to these questions. 1. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field.

What Russia will be in 2020? 2. How and by whom will be implemented personnel, cultural and innovative revolution in country? The main task of the project – to give young people the country the opportunity to realize their talents and prepare for a revolutionary change and, as a result, take their rightful position in society and the country's renovation. Project, including one form or another, touches every young person, and only on talent, personality and activity of each will determine where he will be whether he will be a leader or a follower, a builder of his own life or serving number ". Participation in the national project "Russia-2020" will make you different. It is our duty – to warn you about the consequences: change your lifestyle, the logic of action, world.

Disappear the concept of work as one meaningless routine, which spans a lifetime. However, it will disappear and the fear of losing or not found. Grand and precise concept of "DRAFT" will now determine the rhythm of your life. Increase social mobility. You'll easily move from one project to another, moving from city to city, from country to country. Your relationships and contacts will be the subject of envy.

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