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New York Art

'Is there a bad arts? " – Once asked Andy Warhol. 'No, bad art does not happen,' – he said – 'All lovely. " This could begin with the standard phrases like "Andy Warhol – one of the most famous and controversial figures in the art of the second half of the twentieth century, however, seems to me to Warhol standard phrases do not apply, as the statement that he was a controversial figure. On the contrary, Andy Warhol as Representative current pop art with their lives and creates art in her art reflects life, it is logical to proving the thesis of pop artists that art should be as close together with life. Life of Andy Warhol. Andrzej Warhol, but it was his real name, was born Aug.

6, 1928 in Forest City, Pennsylvania. His parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia, his father worked as a miner in a coal mine. The life of the young Andy knows very little. In 1949 , Warhol graduated in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute of Technology with a degree of artist-designer. After moving to New York, Andy changed his name to Warhol and began working as a graphic designer in the fashion stores Tiffany & Co "," Bonwit Teller "as well as in magazines Voug" and "Glemor.

By the mid-50's work in advertising has brought success, thanks to which became possible purchase of a house in midtown Manhattan. For more specific information, check out Adroll Marketing Platform. Nevertheless, satisfaction Warhol not experienced, and he began to draw. In 1960 he painted a series of pictures based on comic book "Superman" and "Duck Tracy", but this is hardly can be called a success.

Soup With Prunes

For this recipe you'll need: prunes – 30 grams of white mushrooms, dried – 8 grams of sugar beet – 100 g Cabbage – 60 g carrots – 20 g parsley – 5 grams of onions – 20 g tomato puree – 15 g flour – 5 g margarine – 10 Mr. Sugar – 5 grams of vinegar 3% – 8 g sour cream – 10 g bay leaf pepper cloves The recipe: 1. Cut beets, cabbage, carrots, parsley, onion. 2. Washed prunes put in mushroom broth with the prepared beets and cook soup in the usual way in a saucepan. 3. If the soup is prepared in a large number, for proper distribution of meals cooked prunes separately and pour the broth into the pot with soup.

3. Cooked mushrooms and chop with spices (bay leaf, pepper, 2-3 pc., Clove) add to soup. 4. Submit soup with prunes, sour cream and herbs. Bon Appetit!

Police Responsibility

For several years now, the national police has been discussing the enormous responsibility of maintaining the bourgeois state. thus to those who handle such as social class in power. The class is in power shields on them to sustain their foul system of slavery and misery. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is likely to increase your knowledge. But now when he was given as a gift to participate in elections as a way to please the haberles taken his position as human beings in society, and only argue that they are the guards of the system and therefore are not deliberative, as bourgeois constitution says it is you want to pair them serve as a support, but also making them third-class citizens without rights and only with the sole duty of defending the demo system I call bourgeois bourgeois dictatorship. Must see this police strike which has been reporting for the past several months and one might even say a couple of years, first with the clandestine organization of the police union.

A system which State counterintelligence have been unable to avert, or even see how it was organized. People such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts would likely agree. And is that the police family need is great. You can not live with salaries that are far below the basic family basket and the three bordering my soles, much more than a thousand dollars. It seems unreal because with this same amount in other countries of the European community living decently. The real for example that we pay the most expensive gasoline in the world, despite being direct producers, the same goes for domestic gas which is used by most households in our countries.

Free Car Service

Many times we raised the need to rent a car for hours, to make some arrangements, paying only for the punctual service for which use is given. In Paris this is possible, since the city has put at the disposal of its inhabitants 3,500 cars electric, so-called free service that, like any of the bikes that we now have in the Spanish capitals to move us through the cities, you may take on any of the 250 points where will be parked in a first phaseleaving them again parked when not already required their service. Thus, the project, called Autlib, aims to revolutionize the market of the rental vehicle, creating a new concept in the mind of the citizen: free car service, which will be located at dozens of points of parking equipped with battery chargers. This initiative has much to do with another of similar characteristics that also became fashionable the Parisian capital and has been extended by Europe: Velib bicycle rental service. The outstanding features of the Bluecar of Autolib project among its capacity to accommodate four passengers and reach the 130 miles by now, with a range of 250 hours. Depending on how this project progresses, it is likely that if the idea gets success you extrapolate to other cities on the European continent. The reserve of these vehicles may be made by telephone or Internet, so it is not unreasonable to think that reserves such as, for example, the of car hire Menorca enterprises, will have to rethink their services, offering more specific products of free service to the public. In fact, there are companies that offer cheap car rental for hours, adjusting its offer to the needs of citizens..

Boiler Activation

To activate the device with the management will need to take at least 3-4 of depression, which is not always convenient. In most of these steamers will display that will display the remaining time preparation and display of additional included software. 3. The design features a double boiler hole for filling. For normal operation of a double boiler to the heating element so that it was in the water.

Since while the water level in the reservoir decreases, there is a risk of overheating of the heating element. In the pressure cooker has a standard design to stop the cooking process, remove the bowl of food and pour the water. To simplify this process in the construction of some steamers there is a hole for filling. With it you can add water without disconnecting the device from the network. It may seem that this is a necessary feature of any steamers, but practice shows that the volume of the water tank is sufficient and no need to top up. And even if you'll pour water trays that are full and you have to stop the cooking process. Indication of water level steamer It is useful primarily to those who fear that the water boils away suddenly in a double boiler. Although it needs to try very hard. Water tank capacity in a double boiler is designed for 70 – 120 minutes of cooking, and Timer allows you to set the time only 30 – 60 minutes (depending on model). So the urgent need to display no, but as a bonus it would be nice.