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British FSOL

And there were, in Actually, wrong. Amorphous Androgynous – super-group, which appeared as if straight from the psychedelic '60s. From the old FSOL it remained very small. Concerts impression jam session with accomplices, Ravi Shankar, master computer. Their music, After only 15 years old, formally, does not cause feelings of innovation, as it was in the 90s, and FSOL and the company is no longer the messiah with magazine covers, speakers in prime time in front of crowds of tens of thousands of people. Abstracts by Timothy Leary (Timothy Leary), crossed with the atmospheric, gloomy and lazy techno, remained in the same era, which were, for example, the cover plate first FSOL, performed in a simple and angular computer graphics. On the other hand, experimental avant-garde electronics in general shifted from stadiums to clubs and not particularly spacious hangars.

Nevertheless, the ideas of the British duo will be enough to head more than one generation of experimental electronics, are attracted to the academic art. As, however, they have enough ideas and Schnittke (Alfred Schnitke) with Iannis Xenakis (Janis Xenakis). Whatever it was, The Future Sound – the same face of electronic music of the past decade, which, for example, were Aphex Twin, Autechre and The Orb. FSOL – not even so much music just as some audio-visual performance. It is equally important sounds of synthesizers, experimenting with melodic and rhythmic structures and general surroundings on the stage, even from all the equipment on it set only one big screen, which is broadcast images of musicians sitting in the studio.

Final Release

So it’s time to end the project Pegal. Since the release of its release somewhere podevalis disgruntled customers, specially prepared program for identifying problems is almost not needed. We are absolutely honest declare that this time there was no formal declaration of a failure. Yes it is true it would be known on our forum (). Nevertheless, in a program of such complexity can not be infallible, at least so think our programmers. Therefore, all the while they searched, tested, optimized, even a potentially bad points.

Nice helped our freelance beta testers for what they are thank you very much! Made over a thousand edits, that protect even the theoretically random error. To date, we can openly look into the eyes of its customers, because thousands of times rechecked my code. In addition, during this period have been added and new features. In Basically, this is a complex of facilities. Also, new algorithms, which are required by our clients.

Subsequently, we will tell about the innovations. And today we put this project on the shelf. But while not too far, the library Pegalya compiler vectorization remain on the server, ready for any remedy, if you still need this. Maybe not all sold out his plans all did not happen. But today we come to the line when starting a serious transformation. Of course, our programmers have extensive experience and in primarily concerned about reliability, but still “Pegal” should remain as an absolutely reliable version. The next version of the City will first be tested on human volunteers. Meant to so many new and useful. The same applies to video analytics. Already proven ideas will withdraw it at a new level. A whole cluster of technologies will be devoted to warning, capable to get anywhere and everywhere, and most importantly, highly secure. And finally, will still make the dream of a new design, this created a department of “usability”. The first version will see our beta testers. A Now you can download the () final release GOALcity Pegal. Just say that the update is not required, the previous release was not seen in any problems. “Farewell, Pegal! – Programmers say. – Long years of service in the field of security! “. In this version as the latest technology that its potential will suffice, at least for the next 15-20 years. Even the warranty period is 5 years.

Dating Online

How to properly and correctly to meet on the Internet for free dating site! If a few years ago it was thought that the Internet ads are placed only old losers who could not find your soul mate real life, but now there is the fashion trend to get acquainted through the network, on free dating sites. Dating sites often hang out boys and girls who are too young to be recorded in the discharge rejected by loved ones. (As opposed to Peter Thiel). The reasons for the failure of online dating has a car and small truck. But the main thing – it is already mentioned above, the lack of seriousness in their approach to the process of dating. A lack of clear purpose dating.

All other causes, in most cases, only the consequences of these two. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Michelle Smith Divorce. Nothing could be easier for anyone, how to get acquainted with the Internet you liked person, but for some reason online dating cause strange problems for many people. How to make a nice first impression on a potential partner? How or in what way his interest? Where to start, once signed up for free dating site. The most important thing is your pictures, because they must be really good quality, not made on a simple mobile phone, but at least on a qualitative digital camera, ideally – in order professional photographer. You should not be photographed against the backdrop of steep machines (especially foreign) and in large companies to praznikah (I'm fifth from left in the third row).