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Education And Technological Advances

While we are in a changing society full of innovation and surprise forms and means of achieving a single goal, education was not exempt from this change or transformation. since some years has transformed and improved the way that educators convey their knowledge to the learners, with the above, we refer to support teaching and technological resources used for research and teaching of pedagogy in a classroom and why not say, beyond. Today in education, the student is and must be proactive to get ahead, the demands of current pedagogy so require. Technology in education is the bridge between research and theory and is a decisive improvement in the quality of teaching-learning process. technological procedures are part of the teaching methods and educational tools that are provided to teachers a way to implement the achievement of the objectives, by creating of activities, from the characteristics of program content, which could guide and direct the student toward a specific purpose.

The information technology applied to the field of education in order to streamline the educational processes, improve performance of the school system and ensure access to the conventionally excluded groups, allows education to be for everyone, anywhere and with a highly affordable cost. New technologies and their incorporation into the education sector promoting the creation of new learning environments that directly affect the actors in the teaching-learning process, that is ultimately learner and educator is to prepare for self-learning.

This opens a challenge to our educational system, concerned about the acquisition and interpretation of information and reproducing it on the basis of previously established patterns. For all the foregoing that the education system goes from being a model to be a model unidirectional multidirectional. Currently, there are substitute and in many educational institutions of our country, the textbooks for more open and flexible model, where information is located in databases, and tends to be shared among several students this is an alternative aimed at modifying the classroom and hall classes, interaction with peers and teachers who do not have to be located in the same spatial context. But what is truly relevant to applied technology education is the achievements obtained by the student, since not only achieved the increase of knowledge but the development of creativity in them. He moves the student from being a passive to be a local interactive feel to technology and education as their own.


Over the last decade, technology has advanced far ahead. Computers have become much more mobile, compact, powerful. Now we will focus on such gadgets as netbooks. It should be understood that the netbook – is, so to speak, compact laptop screen size is almost always lies in the range of 7 to 11 inches, having low productivity and designed to connect to the Internet. Therefore, its so called – internet + notebook = netbook. Originally netbooks designed as low cost computers (which cost $ 100) to a computer for children in developing countries (such as in Bolivia).

And very quickly became interested in netbooks world community. And in early 2007 with the advent of the netbook ASUS EE PC 700 covered the whole world boom. Since then, sales have appeared hundreds of different models of netbooks, from budget to luxury. Peter Thiel insists that this is the case. But, typically, filling them almost identical. Most often the central Processor is Intel Atom (developed by Intel Corporation and went on sale in summer 2008). The amount of RAM in the range of half to one gigabyte, and the screen size is not more than eleven inches. We turn to the software. In netbooks, apply operating system based on Unix, or from a family of Windows (usually Windows XP).

With regard to the application software: proivoditeli usually complement device free office suites, small games. Typically the manufacturer expects that the buyer will set everything you need. After the success of ASUS EE PC 700, many corporations, such as Acer (Taiwan), Lenovo (China), Epson (Japan), Asus (Taiwan), Dell (U.S.), Benq (Taiwan), Toshiba (Japan), Samsung (Korea), Roverbook (China), MSI (Taiwan), LG (Korea), Fujitsu (Japan), NEC (Japan), Hewlett-Packard (USA) presented their netbooks on the market. If you found it interesting in this website article, or you want to buy a netbook, but not imagine where to start, maybe you need to know about netbooks all (well or almost everything), then go into the portal offer.

Decorative Coatings Venetian Plaster

So, what is plaster. By definition – it's just a thick paste for the walls. Peter Thiel can provide more clarity in the matter. But lately, more often it is used as decorative elements. Of course, paper wallpaper – is history. In addition, they are naturally not durable. Plaster, of course, the price will be higher than simple wallpaper, but it will serve much longer.

Also cut out pictures of the wallpaper you are unlikely to, and come up with your own design may well, just talking with professionals, or simply read the additional material. What are types of ornamental plaster? It turns out a very large range: Venetian plaster, structural masonry, plaster relief, as well as mosaic coatings, etc. Each type of decorative covering has its own characteristics. Application methods are almost identical, except for minor differences. For example, let's talk about the Venetian plaster.

It is clear from the plaster marble flour, when applying a special technique creates the effect of marble. At certain light walls seem transparent, made of solid marble with no seams and joints. Venetian plaster is used for finishing walls, columns, ceilings, etc. Small tips for the correct application: – Apply plaster using trowels, stainless steel leveling base and a spatula. -After the application layer, you should wait about 5 hours. – Polished surface with fine emery cloth. – Finishing 2-3 layers of Venetian plaster is applied with an ordinary trowel. There are other decorative finishes. For example, except you can create a marble effect "Aged marble>> create a mosaic covering, make the effect of natural stone. Decorative coatings are used for both interior and for exterior. They are more expensive than ordinary paint or finishing material. But we can pay tribute that will last for such coverage is much longer and will please your eyes an unusual design. Decorative coatings can be used for walls (both inside and outside) columns, ceilings, etc. Today, many firms engaged in the creation of interior design, interior decoration, decoration, or simply selling the special finishing materials. Ie you can either turn to professionals for help, either independently come up with design, material purchase and fantasize to your liking.

How RSS Feeds Republish On Your Website

This allows you to have fresh, updated content of your site and you are in control of what content to show and how often is updated. (Similarly see: Peter Thiel). First, if you do not know much about RSS or feel you need more information take a look at this and then rejoin us again later. There are several ways to go about publishing RSS content, two of which this article will cover using third party software that will be published the RSS for you. The second is to use a freely available PHP code to generate your RSS pages. If not or have little knowledge of PHP or PHP or programming then we recommend that you use RSS Equalizer which takes care of the complicated things for you.

RSS Equalizer produces HTML format pages that has been transformed from RSS feeds being used as his source. RSS Equalizer is a PHP script that runs from the server so have to make sure your host can run PHP, most web hosts do. Once installed and set up RSS Equalizer can be left to analyze the contents of RSS feeds and reading a few pages produce HTML in your website. If you have any programming experience or know a little PHP then there are some other free tools you can use. These PHP scripts will allow you to analyze the RSS feeds and if you know PHP will give you more customization options. These tools are and / zfeeder.php. If you have the time and think you can handle the PHP then PHP scripts on free will be your best option. If you do not have the time or the inclination and want the hard work has been done then try (RSS Equalizer), its not free, but is the best option for the programmer. Allan is the webmaster at NewsNiche one for webmasters.

Principles Of Construction Of Industrial Plant And Equipment

Spatial location of production facilities, workshops and farms in the territory of the enterprise is carried on the master plan businesses that develop during its creation. The general plan of the enterprise is graphic representation of its territory with all buildings, structures, communications, lines of communication and other communications, tied to a specific area (areas). In enterprises master plan usually presented in two forms: the projected and actual. During its development should be considered: 1) providing direct subjects of work when moving from one unit to another without colliding flows. Financial technology addresses the importance of the matter here. This demand is realized when placing plants in the order of the sequence of the process (procurement – manufacturing – assembly). Warehouses of raw materials are from the importation of goods in immediate vicinity of the procurement workshops and warehouses for finished products – from the removal of assembly plants, and 2) the vast movement of freight transport technology. It provides the reliability and reducing costs of moving objects of labor compared to public transport, and 3) reducing the length of energy communications (electricity, steam, water and gas), 4) nonintersection routes used by employees at work and with her the ways of communication, communications, and workshops. This is achieved by constructing the corresponding transitions, and 5) the allocation of special groups of plants with the homogeneous nature of production (block of shops).

Create separate areas of energy, hot, cold, workshops and offsite service allows you to create normal hygienic conditions; 6) account prevailing wind directions (wind rose). Workshops with harmful fluids (steam, dust, gas) into the atmosphere is necessary to have on the leeward side. This will reduce the overall gas content area businesses and a positive impact on safety equipment in the shops, and 7) the nature of accounting process, located nearby, such as incompatible location near forging and tool or machine shops due to vibration and shaking of the soil; 8) records the terrain, location of railway lines, housing estates in the development master plan. Performance indicators develop a master plan are the size (area) within a plant length of communications, the degree of development of the territory. Less than these rates per unit of production, the more successful arrangement. In addition, important indicators of a rational plan is to supply normal hygiene and working conditions, availability of backup space for expansion of the company, aesthetically expressive architectural shape buildings and premises.