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Changes in Technology

Technological change is not important in itself, but it is important to the extent that they affect the competitive advantage. Not all technological changes are strategically beneficial, some may worsen the competitive position of a company and the attractiveness of a sector. High technology does not guarantee profitability. However, the technology help or benefit the value chain of a company, since it extends beyond technology directly associated with the product. SAP One real example Business Systems, Applications and Projects (Systems Applications and Products) For more than 30 years, SAP solutions have helped companies of all sizes to improve their competitiveness by automating and optimizing their business processes. With 10 million users, over 60. 100 software installations, a thousand partners and 23 industry solutions, SAP has a long client list that includes small and medium enterprises and major multinational companies.

All the tools you need for small and medium enterprises. With SAP Business One, both managers and employees have a greater and more effective access to timely and reliable information, allowing them to make sound business decisions. With its offer of a wide range of features and functionality, SAP Business One provides all the tools necessary to lead a prosperous and growing company, including: a Management: Customize and backs up data quickly, thus defining currency exchange rates, permissions and alerts, and accessing information from non-SAP software. a Financial management: Perfect for all financial activities, including general accounting, creation and maintenance of accounts, journal entries, foreign currency adjustments and the budget. a Sales: Easily create price quotations, entering orders, deliveries creating, updating and managing inventory levels of all bills and items of debtors. a Shopping: Manages all activities with suppliers, including contracts, orders, update stock numbers in stock, imported goods, manure management and credits and payments.

Business partners: Organizes and effectively monitor all information about its customers, distributors and suppliers, including profiles, contact summaries, account balances and sales forecasting analysis. a Online Banking: Manage without effort all financial processes, such as cash receipts, creating checks, deposits, advance payments, credit card payments and bank reconciliation. a Warehouse Management: Manage inventory levels, items, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses and stock transactions. a Final assembly: Define precisely the lists of materials, create work orders and checking or doing reports on the availability of products and materials. a Controlling: Identifies the profit centers and the absorption factors for overhead and generate profit and loss reports for each center. a Management Reporting: Create powerful reports for virtually every aspect of your business including customer and supplier debt, sales, cash flow, customer contact summaries, bookkeeping, warehouse stock, financial statements, pricing, customer activities , etc.

Continuing Education

The higher Academy for caring professions, currently interested offers easy and professional-friendly access to further training and qualification opportunities in the welfare field. Offered: training courses, seminars and modern educational concepts such as distance learning. The training in care can be taken weekly and part-time or in the block. Also there together the way also in-house, so in the service mode, training with other employees to perceive. At the end of a successful training, a diploma and a type is issued to the participants. Furthermore provides the higher Academy seminars on. In contrast to the training, a nursing seminar includes only a few hours. In advance, participants will receive an information sheet with educational materials.

Then, the actual seminars are held onsite at the care facilities by a lecturer. The care seminars require also no thesis. Distance learning has a special place in the Academy of nursing continuing education concept. The basic concept of distance education in the health care sector Academy and practical learning in the specific nursing profession consists in the interaction between theoretical learning with the higher. Care professionals can a fully coordinated curriculum track, because the largest part of the acquisition of knowledge through self-study. For this purpose, get sent to the learning materials on topics to health and welfare and edited them independently. At the end, dissolve the given individual tasks that it then sends back to the test. The distance learning is independently, but not alone: additional material to the care will be higher from the Academy in the network provided, also can be support the personal advisors by phone or on-site at the training center.

Of course you can also participate in the organized presence events. The basic concept of distance education in the health care sector is higher in the interaction between theoretical learning with the Academy and practical learning in the specific nursing profession. The higher Academy for Nursing can look back on a fourteen year old tradition of teaching in the field of nursing and health. With an increasing number of participants in the offered trainings and seminars has Academy later became one of the most important providers of training in the care area. All seminars are designed according to recommendations of companies and associations. For the content quality of expertise and of the structure of the seminars, which was training higher Academy of nursing several times awarded, among others as a vehicle for promoting vocational education and training (from the AZAV) and by the TuV SuD certified, as well as the national centre of distance learning.

A Large Tent For Afghanistan

In his meeting with the Foreign Ministers of NATO last week, Hillary Clinton showed to the world one of the most important changes in the foreign policy of the White House. On the meeting in Afghanistan said: If we organize this kind of meeting, is expected to be invite to Iran as a neighbor who is in Afghanistan. A prominent leader of Iran – the hard core of the axis of evil in the Bush era – will be convened to meet with their counterparts from the United States and other countries to treat that, today, is a serious problem which is of concern to the United States and its allies: find the mode to end the military intervention in Afghanistan. The invitation also has his little trap, although this may seem innocent. A month ago, Obama sent a secret letter, which soon ceased to be so because the same Obama alluded to it after Russian President Medvedev. Proposed you holding simultaneous talks on the shield missile of the United States, whose planned deployment partial in Europe bothers to Moscow, and about Iranian nuclear intentions. Obama expressed it this way: is natural that if we halt the Iranian intentions do with nuclear weapons, will be less our need for a missile defense.

There are two aspects that Obama not alluded to, but which must be taken into account. The first is that, most likely, Russia is not able to exert enough pressure on Iran to twist its nuclear course. Prominent Russian analysts strongly remember that Iran is not a country of lower order. Include its millenary history, national pride and its traditional rejection of external pressures. It is not far in the memory of the Iranian people, the memory of the expulsion of the first Minister Mossadeq, caused by United States and the United Kingdom when he tried to nationalize the Iranian oil.