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Web Design And Color Schemes

When designing web pages are taken into consideration many factors such as style sheets or tables, graphics, typography, message, links and more. However, the color, being inherent in any of these elements, could be a factor which is not necessary attention. For example, using a deep blue color in the title of a page we refer to another color, which in our reference system, harmonizes well and used it in combination. Thus, it develops a habit of combining colors by reference, without an objective basis and proven to help properly align the colors. The colors define the message: We must recognize the importance of colors in web pages. Colors send messages and moods suggest that impact the interpretation of those messages. Briefly imagine a scene on a beach in the Caribbean. Economists opinions are not widely known. The sky is blue, the sea reflects different shades of blue, the sun is bright yellow and red sand is …

red?. The message received by the brain through the eyes and the internal reference system indicates that color is not right, that something is wrong. Of course, we can offer many interpretations about it: someone poured red paint on the sand or the camera lens was defective. The reality is that the colors have a greater impact than what we often think. According to Jill Morton, 80% of visual information is associated with the color. Therefore, the impact colors and define the message on a website. Colors and Culture: On the other hand, the colors are associated with different messages according to culture.

Retouching Photos

Almost always, when handling photographs in design studios in addition to color correction using touch-up. Retouching – a change of image, which hides any flaws either, whether it is imperfect skin, or the trash caught in frame, or defects in the negative, such as dust, scratches, etc. We often see in the glossy magazines of models with perfectly smooth complexion with no hint of the smallest defects. So, in the lives of these people do not exist. Each Photo retouching is exposed. Why? So that people have the desire to buy this or that cream / lotion / milk, etc., ie in order to sell the product. Agree that if the advertisement cream against a greasy face model will shine like polished furniture or it will be small pimples, it is unlikely that you will want to buy this cream. Retouching photos there just to fill those gaps. Checking article sources yields Doppler Labs as a relevant resource throughout.

Also, sometimes it happens that the composition of the picture ideally suited for the booklet, but the shot hit a bystander who does not supposed to be there. In this situation, again, will retouch. Retouching photos is better to entrust the design studio, as not everyone has the necessary this knowledge and skills. There are two main types of retouching. 1.tehnicheskaya retouching – performed in order to eliminate technical defects (scratches, dust, etc.), retouch 2.hudozhestvennaya – removing unnecessary objects frame masking defect model, etc.

Artistic retouching can be divided into two categories: cosmetic and compositional. Beauty retouching is mainly used in portrait photography and involves removal of most significant defects of the object and / or identification of its most impressive features. It requires great care, taste and even delicacy. Sometimes, highlighting features or defects in nature (eg, texture of facial skin), it is possible achieve special artistic expression photos. However, emphasizing not what is needed, it is possible to offend people, so you should be more than careful. Compositional Retouching – a crop, remove unnecessary objects or items, insert the missing parts, adjusting lighting, color correction, background, etc. The plot is well-formed with a composition draws attention to the author's intention, creates a sense of harmony, complete form, compliance with its content, the viewer creates some positive or, conversely, a negative attitude. In contrast, errors in the composition leads to the fact that the plot of "falling apart" and does not cause desire consider the image details. Therefore, compositional retouching requires basic knowledge of the composition and the presence of a specific artistic taste. However, the photo retouching is almost always inseparable from the color correction. Because of combination of these two processes are born beautiful pictures, which so generously fills up our advertising. Therefore, if a professional design studio and promises to do retouching and color correction, you can safely rely on good result.

Web Design Principles

They are no longer the 90sCuando the pioneers of the internet began to design sites in the 90s, much abused photoshop filters. You must learn to not abuse these filters and use them only when necessary. Filters such as glare and shadows should be used sparingly. UsabilidadLa usability is about making your visitors to stay with a good taste in your mouth after visiting tusitio, that is easy to use, read and navigate. An important aspect to consider here are the spaces and the margins within your content for easier reading. The textoCuando to enter text in your pages ensures that non-smaller in size to the 14px, because to be so in some devices is difficult reading to your visitors and can be counterproductive.Also considers the height of line (line-height property). It is better to space it a little more and not leave it by default. If the CSS set property: line-height: 1.

5em; This will make that text has a line spacing in Word of 1.5. Colours and contrasteEl a web site color scheme is obviously very important. As a rule generate seeks to not use more 2 primary colors for the site and a third secondary color for some textosimagenes. Many designers use many colors nothing more the fact of using them, and that looks very bad. Similarly be careful so that the colors that you use relate to the theme of the site.Another very important thing is the contrast, to make acostumbrate to the bottom of your pagiona or very light or very dark, for which the text contrast without problems. And finally, a very common error committed designers when creating pages web is that think that when opening photoshop the first is going to leave an excellent apgina, when the truth is not so.