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Ego Sense

See and be seen. The social network provides an excellent setting to do just this. See everyone at the same time we see the best way possible to be more grandiose than life, with beautiful pictures, be praised, to be courted, strong interest that may hide a real need: be united, however, to understand the essence of the connection between us, we must know its root. Imagine that at a time, we were all together in one system, a kind of body composed of countless cells were maintained in an ongoing relationship and mutual. At one point in the process of creating reality as we know it today, this body is fragmented into many parts. With the break we lost that sense of mutual respect between us creating within us, among other things, a sense of emptiness that he has done that since then we are looking for substitutes to that sense of wholeness that once experienced.

In fact, social systems we have created, at its root, unconsciously seeking to restore that lost relationship. That old memory that brings us back to our roots The main protagonist, responsible for the separation between different parts of the system, the ego, which took the center stage in recent centuries has been increasing gradually its power. Nowadays, the ego is reaching a new record and it seems that beside the impressive development that leads us, is digging a deep chasm in our hearts, carefully destroying all types of warm human relationships that we had. The ego makes us feel that we depend on others to meet our needs, drives us to abuse them and use them, but when others fail to benefit, the move away from our life without looking back. In other words, we can not stand the fact that we need from others, forcing us to stand united against our will. This union is pushing us and we even anguish. Therefore, we seek ways to resist and refuse this connection that envelops us all together and they will anyway have to come back eventually. How to achieve a real connection and gratifying is the second part of this article will be released soon


Another approach is to make memorable names so that your customers can type it without work, the name does not have to be descriptive of the product you sell, for example sells books. Also, you keep the name as short as possible so it easy for your customers typing in the url field. Now that you have your website with a name and a clear idea of how you want it to look, here are some important points to build your site. If you have images to your site, you need to optimize first with an image editor, like pix resizer, thereby browsers do not have to block them. This will also accelerate the time Download your page so your customers can see them quickly without having to wait for heavy images displayed on the screen. One of the most annoying things for people surfing the web are pages that take too long to download. All those fancy graphics will not do you any good if instead of waiting for the download page, the visitor closes the browser and goes elsewhere, so consider staying light images and content of your information heavy. You must also think seriously about what colors you're using font and background color.

When in doubt, remember that a white background with black text has been successful for thousands of years!. Your website must also be easy to navigate, all the leagues should be obvious to the visitor, and must be self-explanatory or have information about where the league lead. Now, before you open any page editing software, you must build your site on paper. Decide how many pages you'll need on your site, and define software titles for each page. Think of the images you would like to place on each page and where you are positioned so that they are more effective.

You should plan your site links at this time, it will be easier to follow them up later and will save you time crawls when you are not working properly.

Support Web Site

To date, support Web site constitutes a set of works that have always kept the site in the so-called great shape. If you do not pay attention to such important aspects as the support and promotion, resource inevitably wither away. Not only what the user will enjoy finding the portal, the news is not updated for several months. Technical support and update of the site is an integral factor good vital resource. Therefore, that the site was fun and useful, and above it should work. Reliable support of a site, usually divided into two main types – technical support site and Information support site. The first type is support and maintenance – working to the overall functioning of the resource, while the second option – support and site promotion, including actual content. It is worth saying that the information support of the site is very much influenced by the number of target audiences and, as a consequence, the popularity of your website on the Internet.

Mental Constructs

I judge that could not face happens with the new because they do not know if I can hold it and fix it. I declare that I can not move from where I am and I can not change anything. It draws upon this example and see how it is built the mood of your insecurity. After writing it, read it carefully and ask yourself: What possibilities for action available to you from this state of mind? 2. Create recurring internal discussions to create self-assurance.

Create a new mental construct to create in you the mood SAFETY support you in your path and make you escape this vicious cycle you've been for so long. How could you build the mood of "your security? This is an example of linguistic reconstruction of thoughts that made the same client to create within itself SAFETY I wanted to feel in your life: I say I want to achieve and live X things in my life. Given X, I think even know what could happen, re-I know my abilities and my strengths and I have commitment and desire to achieve what I want. I judge that as I know my abilities and my strengths and I am committed to my dreams, I can handle any problem that arises. I judge that as face any problem that arises, at that time would think possible solutions for moving forward toward my goals because I trust me.

I declare that I can do to make needed changes in my life, moving with courage and action toward my goals. It draws upon this example and create your own linguistic construction mood of security that you want to feel in your life. After writing it, read it carefully and ask: What actions are available from building the mood SECURITY? How many upset if you thought you could avoid this? How many of your current discomfort and suffering could be terminated? Expected to apply these steps and get ready for Part II of this article, where I will focus on assist you to discover your skills and strengths, gain confidence in yourself and confront any problems that arise in the way of your hand. "Until you realize you are what you are and do what you do as a result of your choices, you can not stand in front of your life by connecting with the power that means exercise your ability to choose" W. Forward Mitchell, I'll walk in this way! Love, Ani 2006-2010 Ana Cecilia Vera Vera. All Rights Reserved. Do you want to publish my articles in your newsletter, blog or website? You can if you include the full text below it …