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The Aderbal

Also, it vacilava when the subject hung for the shield of the taxi. The friends commenting: Makes face, you to repent does not go you? It would not really go, if it had grana to make. When der Ramires, when to give? it broke off conversation. The Barbosinha if disembarassed with a good one? the friend spoke of open chest? he took balao and nor he felt tickles? laughing. Sidney also laughed, it laughs to toa. Arriving at the airport it rethink the plans and it concluded: Shield is thing of cool? it said of itself for itself.

Much even so, has said of the mouth for is. In this it parked, needed to wait the time, more than the fog on the city delays the flights, went to be one day of those? it discouraged. Araceli and the pair of thighs that flirted with it last year. Chorosa it, needing shoulder friend, descornada until the soul because the unfortunate person of the husband walked sleeping with the secretary. He measured the low from above mulata, the so pretty one and cheirosa, he did not think two times, in if treating to love, of affective lack, he was craque. He said the friends: I am not of iron, Ramires.

Later, hom that he is hom does not waste woman-good! If it catches you to the Maria? the colleague joked. If to catch, caught? it said in a pretending disdain. A time per week saw Araceli. It made right with the colleagues the schedule exchange, in the cellular one brought the lie in the tip of the language: Maria, I go to have that to take a passenger until Tramanda? or then: I go to give a force Aderbal pro, pra it not to be alone is, you the dangerous one today! Aderbal was the friend imaginary, abetter of the ragged excuses, in house ached the heart when listening, of the limp and black mouth of the wife: The Aderbal goes well? It goes, taking off pains in the column? it chokeed.

The Corporal

The crossed linkings being one of the known theories more are based on the possibility of molecular and gradual damages where they affect the DNA directly, causing small injuries that cause great alterations the cellular functions, causing consequences on the functioning of the corporal systems in general. The social theories seem to be one of most visible in the society in which the familiar environment, for times can be the door of entrance for the influence of this theory in the life of the aged ones during its process of aging. Still being based on Farinatti (2008), the social theories of the aging involve four established theoretical processes in the theories of the social desengajamento, the activity, the sub-culture and the phenomenon ageism. Making a boarding well sucinta of each one of these theories can be identified in the social desengajamento, as a process between the individual and society if they adjust for a withdrawal or desengajamento enters the two with the intention benefits of it lends between both. The theory of the sub-culture analyzes exclusive characteristics in relation to the aged ones, where separations for etria band are developed and consequently they take a segregation process, exactly for not having no type of behavior that can guide understood standards of behavior being thus as a sub-culture. finally the phenomenon ageism that it consists of the discrimination of the people oldest (of the 0 variable) age.

Where two types of very common actions can be identified, that are the discrimination and the preconception where the aspects of the age chronological and appearance of the people oldest, comes to unchain the phenomenon of the ageismo. Chapter 1.1 physiological alterations in the main systems the human body passes for diverse modifications throughout the life and the physiological systems also follow these modifications, being able to vary of individual for individual. We will approach some particularitities of the systems: central, respiratory, circulatrio and musculoesqueltico sinewy.

University Professor

They say palavro to the parents, they do not obey in hypothesis some to them, they do not respect oldest, they do not respect the professors, they are shot wildly in the drink and in the drugs and the parents nothing they can make. Unhappyly nothing they can exactly, therefore what they must have done was when they were in formation, correcting since early its imperfections. They had not made it, not because they had not wanted it, because it forbade them to the law. The law forbids that the parents correct its son, who gives a pat to it in bunda so that it grows more fast. It places that it of punishment in one room without any thing for distraction or seated in a chair so that learns to reflect on the hostile act that committed. That it is of foot against the wall thinking about its act.

That it is of punishment during some weekends, without videogame, television and etc. That are without the monthly allowance, without the cellular one. The adolescents also are forbidden to work. To work only makes well, the free mind is the workshop of the devil. I work with wallet signed since the 15 years of age (wallet of minor work), gaining half minimum wage.

This only made me well. It studied at night and it worked during the day, it played in the vacant hours and the sundays, after the mass. Everything this became me a responsible man, without traumas and great psychological difficulties. It is evident that I am not in favor of aggressions and beatings that cause physical and moral wound. But, simply I do not believe that the education of a child is only with words, it does not understand. It does not have cognitiva capacity for in such a way. Thus, I do not see another method that can supply the old and traditional pleasure and pain, accurately to that she corrects and she makes to be man or woman more fast. Perhaps either therefore that the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent for only dealing with to rights and duties does not dedicate great part of its content for partner-educative measures. Respect the point of view of who apia this new model, but I continue to think that if some pats will not be given in the certain time, unhappyly the world will correct, it will make but it of aggressive and violent form. ITAMAR DA SILVA DUTRA? Lawyer and University Professor

Internet Connections

For that reason you must be always a passage in front of his competition to make sure a significant part his objective market. Therefore you must use all the possible mechanisms, not only so that people visit her Web, but also that clicks in the connections of products and services that you are promoting. An excellent form to obtain this, is creating a list of electronic mails by voluntary subscription; thus periodically you can send a cc$bbs to him inviting it to his Web site to read his new content, or to present/display to them and to recommend products and services to them that she promotes. With the purpose that their visitors leave their data, you could to offer some electronic incentive, or books, software or access to him to deprived areas of its Web. Tool # 4: The popularity of connections Most important of all business in Internet, and this does not escape to the programs of affiliates, is the traffic generation towards its Web site; to concentrate itself in attracting people its Web site must be the first step that must carry out. It must worry in reaching the highest levels of the motors search with the purpose of to generate the maximum possible traffic. The popularity of connections is one of the factors most important to determine the positioning of the pages Web within the motors search; therefore to improve his popularity it must have an aggressive campaign of construction of connections.

One of the best ways to do this – without cost some – is by means of the article presentation in the different article directories; something important to consider is to always place a connection to its Web site in the box of resources. It is important that your articles are excellent, original and of high quality, so that other Web sites can gather them and publish them. These are only four of the many tools that an affiliate can use to maximize its income. The possibilities are infinite and they are only limited by his imagination, creativity, I devise and determination. It uses and it proves all the strategies that you think that they will be able to give success him in his program of affiliates.