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United States

These days I have been sitting, due to a neck pain that practically did not allow me to move the neck up and down, when the doctor asked in that worked, and to learn that he spent much time in front of my pc, I said, it is clear to not feel very well, since you have a flawed stooped posture, and if you don’t change goes right to the cervical arthrosisto la pucha told me, as my pc no dejo or jokingly, I said – very well we will investigate which must be the best stance or more advisable that allow me to work various hours and somehow prevent future injury. I began to investigate and the information is fairly simple, collected mainly from two sources and here present what has to be done, if they want to continue working and not get to the happy little threat from my doctor. Dr. Frederic Gerr, research on ergonomics from the University of Iowa, United States, has been studying the skeletal muscle injury related work since the mid-1990s. These are some of the Gerr councils for prevent discomfort and pain caused by the use of the computer: allow the keyboard to be below the height of the elbows is fine leaning back a little in the seat. To hold the forearm, bring the keyboard backwards, away from the edge of the desktop in order to be able to rest your arms on the table.

Elbows can be bent more than 90 degrees. When you type doesn’t really matter if the elbow is 90 or 100 or 110 degrees, he assured Gerr. If necessary, use a template are soft rubber foam to rest the wrist (that is not thicker than the keyboard), and help you be right during the I typing and minimize the inclination upward doll which can lead to injury.

Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning represents a new stage of development of the entire educational system. The technology allows distance education courses to be no less, and in some cases higher quality than traditional full-time. Remote tutor – a project which was organized by an online community of teachers of distance learning and organized a systematic methodological work to improve the quality online courses. Distance learning – a great opportunity not only to deepen their knowledge and skills to obtain information and communication culture. Advantages: saves time and money, training in a convenient time, the use of modern computer technology. We develop three basic models up to: – Distance Learning Courses; – online learning using web conferencing tools – remote support classroom with a tutor or school. Remote environment helps build motivation to learning. Today’s young people are easy to absorb information in a spreadsheet, forums and chat rooms.

We take the usual forms of communication, but put Other educational problems. John Keller said that first you need to attract the attention of the student, then you need to convince him of the importance and relevance of education, then it is necessary to support his self-confidence and, ultimately, achieve satisfaction of the student. The main component of the content – the technology of the student with information rather than information itself. From the student is required not so much the assimilation of information on study questions how much orientation in it and their own activities. Formed an adequate self-esteem, understanding the causes of successes and failures, communication of results and opportunities, all this leads to a conscious attitude to learning.

Appears responsible for result. Remote environment allows: – to build a clear system – quickly identify gaps in knowledge and efforts of each individual student to overcome their difficulties. – An opportunity to make individual learning process. The modern teacher must not only be able to use a PC, but also be able to seamlessly connect the information and communication technology. The project created “Workshop for distance learning”, in which a teacher, we regularly conduct free training and advice. Distance learning – is an independent form of learning! In distance learning by continuous, systematic interaction between teacher and students and students with each other! Quality communicative space for easy interaction and exchange of all participants, the formation of clear and understandable representation, understanding, and high speed solutions to common problems, as well as getting pleasure from working together. The teacher is no longer the only source of information. It organizes work environment controls and directs the learning process in the right direction, places of learning tasks. Remote environment can create a situation of success for each student. A good lesson – this is not one that is saturated with various and tiered seating material, but one in which this material is interesting to find and izuchat.Stremimsya to ensure that was not made a cake and a rich recipe.

Corporation Toyota

Plunger injection pump inline type M or MW (their manufacturer – the company Bosch) have a rather complex structure, but at the same time, excellent reliability and durability. They are used in automotive brand Mercedes. By design, inline fuel pump nozzle to provide each individual cylinder of the discharge section. The drive from the cam shaft of the pump. In each section there are two precise elements – the discharge valve and plunger. The task of the plunger – this is the fuel supply nozzle. The plunger is installed in the fuel pump housing with a clearance of not less than 1 micron. The plunger also regulates the amount of fuel.

To quickly lock the fuel line that connects the pump and injectors, as well as to maintain a residual pressure discharge valve is used. The system of pumping the fuel pumps in the distribution of type VE (manufacturer Bosch or DieseJ KiKi) has a plunger-valve, which is due to translational motions is supplying the fuel, and as a result of rotation – the distribution of the fuel injectors. This sophisticated type of motion of the plunger occurs as a result of his contact through the rollers stepper drive. Number of cycles that the plunger performs for 1 turn, depends on the number of cylinders in a diesel engine. In the late 80s had developed the first model the distribution pump with an electronically controlled fuel supply. This type of injection pump stations indispensable for certain car models (for example, AUDI1 or 9TDI). Direct-injection engine, which forced turbunaduvom, uses exactly the injection pump design EP / VE.

They are manufactured in Japan and the two companies NIPPONDENSO ZEXEL. NIPPONDENSO products used primarily Corporation Toyota, and became a structural unit of the company Bosch, ZEXEL manufactures fuel pump for most Japanese diesel engines. In addition, the company created its own NIPPONDENSO modification of engines, which served as the basis for the type of VE. European counterparts for such high pressure fuel pump does not exist, so they are produced mainly for domestic market. Finally, one of the latter types of fuel pumps High pressure – VP. They are not only perfectly replace inline fuel pump and distribution, but also have a more dynamic and efficient performance. Produced for cars AUDI VW, NISSAN. The system of common rail – a completely new technique, which is not for nothing called 'scheme Injection of the 21st century. " This method allows a 10-15% decrease of fuel consumption, increasing power to 40%. The system of common rail characterized in that the fuel is located in the backbone, common to all injectors.