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All products are made of polypropylene can withstand boiling, and may subjected to steam sterilization without any change in their shape or mechanical properties. Temperature brittleness of polypropylene ranging from -5 to -15 C. Frost resistance can be improved by introducing a macromolecule isotactic polypropylene ethylene units (for example, the copolymerization of propylene and ethylene). Polypropylene, like most synthetic polymers, is an excellent insulator. Due to insignificant water absorption of its insulating properties remain virtually unchanged even after prolonged soaking in water.

Properties of polypropylene makes it possible to use it in various industries, including As a material for the manufacture of swimming pools. Polypropylene pools can be installed both indoors and outdoors. And thanks to stability of polypropylene, temperature change of the installed on the street pools can not pour water all year round and even a few years. It goes without saying that this basin should be prescribed water treatment system. Due to its strength and stiffness pp performs the support function of design and also serves as a lined basin and sealed polypropylene cup is not broken when embedded into it for various applications, such as fixtures, backflow devices and water massage, etc. Therefore, the possibility of such a construction broader than the pools of other materials. Polifuzionnoy thermal welding technology allows make a bowl pool of almost any shape. Chemical resistance of polypropylene allows you to apply various special funds for the care of the pool. Polypropylene – environmentally friendly material, its surface does not become slippery when filling with water, making it an ideal safe polypropylene material for swimming pools, including those for various children's institutions.

Technical Solution To The Problem Of Night Blindness Driver

Driving at night is inevitable problem of glare oncoming car headlights. And the appearance of xenon and bi-xenon lamps only exacerbate the situation. Despite the stringent requirements for adjusting the headlights, blinding all still occurs, simply because of the impossibility of constructing optical systems, car headlights with very sharp angles of the light flux. Therefore, drivers will inevitably face the problem of glare and everyone decides it differently. In Recently, there were many technical tools that are designed to solve the problem of glare.

All of them fall into two categories: some are designed to reduce the adaptation time, others – eliminate the glare as fact. Devices, reduce the adaptation time in the whole performance, but reduce the adaptation time by no more than 20-30 percent, but this does not solve the whole problem. The fact that the night-time sensitivity of the eyes of millions of times greater than in the daytime time. And every time glare – it is a light blow to the eye. Eyes fairly easy to deal with it, if not one unpleasant fact: the adaptation to the 'normal' level of illumination is a relatively large time – from 10 to 30 seconds. If we were talking about a static situation, that's okay, but the move is a time of adaptation may be crucial. Indeed, virtually all this time the driver was going almost blind! Therefore, it is important fight not with a decrease in adaptation time, and prevent glare as such! There are only two technical solutions that allow you to avoid the glare – it is Night Vision Devices (NVD) and various video systems – they are the image of the road is transferred to the monitor screen mounted on the dashboard.

NX Dynamics

The iMod gprs telemetry system has a wide range of applications in the field of automation. One of the many branches of industry in which the iModfulfills the expectations of clients, and the requirements for control systems, refrigerating engineering is. The application of an embedded computer the iMod, in refrigerating engineering industry type, has been discussed using the example of the construction of a refrigerated container. It serves to transport loads requiring the maintenance of a specific, constant temperature. The iMod fulfills two functions in the automated system of a refrigerated container: the function of control of the operation of the unit (compressor), fans, heaters and refrigerating, the function of control of container operation (temperature monitoring). Control is realized through the application of the capabilities of iMod PLC, which, besides the basic capabilities of the module, also enables operation as a programmable logic controller (PLC).

This makes it possible to automatically control digital and analog inputs/outputs in a simple way. It is sufficient to write the appropriate program in ladder logic using the application that comes with the device. The iMod is equipped with the 1-Wire bus, which supports a number of temperature and humidity sensors that is sufficient for the correct operation and monitoring of the refrigerated container. Additionally, by connecting the iModdevice using the RS-485 port and the Modbus protocol to the dedicated TPD-430, touch panel, the user of this device has the capability to direct: regulate the temperature inside of the container s loading chamber, signal optically refrigerating unit work states, measure and display temperatures inside and outside of the container, to monitor the technical state of the refrigerating unitindicate alarm and emergency states, register data coming from sensors. Thanks to the built-in EDGE/GPRS module, it is possible to access registered data, temperature values, and alarm states.

Because of this, the user will always know current operating parameters, even during it is being transported by container is. Additionally, the data that can be registered at specific time intervals is saved to the module memory or to external memory cards (up to 2 Gb). This data is saved in the CSV file format or to an external database. By using an internet connection, the user has constant access to the operating parameter values of the container through CSV files or directamente, with visualization. The NX Dynamics application can be used for this purpose, enabling a graphical temperature and pressure preview directly from page or a mobile device such as a cell phone.