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YMZ Engines

The cheapness of Chinese art has played with many a cruel joke. Savings on the acquisition, for example, tractors, turned a problem into its service, because spare parts for such a big problem to find. Looking under the hood China's technology, it would seem, by their appearance is not different members of one family and the model is struck by the number of differences. Ranked five units of such equipment, there is no any guarantee that you find completely identical. Chinese technology in industrial production is respected for its quality, take, for example, production of motor plant Yuchay. The problem is that by this stamp collecting engines for their performances on a technique hundreds of small enterprises. Well there is a very high probability that the acquiring machinery from China, you will get with it here is a sample of this here is a little "Yuchaychika. If wheelbase of a small company to collect not under force, and easier to buy, with the installation on those security forces of its own production (based on industrially manufactured block) there are no problems.

Neither the general catalog, or find details at this diversity is not easily achievable in practice. But with market-demand creates supply, and the way out was found. It turns out the base of Chinese trucks (because she, unlike engines created on the large industrial enterprises) may be used with motors of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. Quality and reliable engines YMZ deservedly popular in our country, and therefore adaptation engine JAMZ on Chinese technology is gaining popularity. The important role played by the fact that parts JAMZ are available at any self-respecting shop for trucks in Russia. Not surprisingly, the demand for such improvement is increasing day by day, because if you are the owner of Chinese trucks and require replacement of the power unit, then the choice is, in my obvious. Of course, it YMZ the most convenient engine for operation in Russian conditions.