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Capital Letter

Already we had the chance of revealing in them in previous article concerning the miditico sensationalism in the Japanese event (1). It is perpetuated indignation. Passed more than three weeks of the tragic event of the nature that if abated under the city of Fukushima (11 of last March) the balances of the press continue to alarm the world-wide population, including the Brazilian. Substances propagated in some medias they had this week informed that ' ' the radioactive iodine (2) in the water of the sea, the 300 meters of the plant, went up for 4,4 a thousand times the acceptable text in day 31 (of March) ' ' (3). – also magazine Capital Letter of 06 of April of 2011, fls. 19. In 05 of this exactly month the press says in an increase of fabulosos five million times! For the lay reader who frightful index would be this? Where the attempt weighs all to impose fear and discredit with the use of the nuclear energy, as brake to the alternatividade of electric production, for example, the raised crisis does not obtain to be restored with effectiveness. Why? Because security of nuclear installation is impensvel for the agreement of the average man. The studies where if they base the radiological protection in these environments, at least can be compared with any other structures of engineering, despite of great transport, as they happen in constructions of bridges, viaducts or faranicas structures of the world-wide architecture. (4) Where, therefore, it starts the reality of the facts and where finishes the assumptions raised for the media? For first, it has of if remembering, that currently in Japan authorities and international agencies enabled meet to analyze all the data generated for the nuclear energy dislocated by the region (5); soon, information of that have not died or sick in result of the emptying of nuclear energy, effectively, it cannot lying or be camouflaged.

PBPF Effluent

Quantification of the generation of serum Concerning the amount of generated serum, this directly related the milk entrance in the industry. Thus, in the period of harvest the volume generated of this effluent one is bigger in relation to the period of between-harvest. However, as already cited, the manufactured product intervenes by vol. total generated. In such a way, in the days where the yoghurt production was increased, in detriment production of cheeses, occurred significant minimizao of the effluent one.

The laticnio this in phase of implantation of the PBPF? Program of Good Practical of Manufacture? that he describes criteria consequentemente technician for all the operations carried through in the establishment, being a guarantee of control of the productive processes and of the effluent ones for generated it. Destination of the effluent one generated the destination of the serum generated in the visited industry requires attention for the volume of the same. Filed under: Michelle Smith Source Financial. The industry does not possess system of treatment of serum, which had to the high cost of implantation of the same. All serum was destined to a masonry tank contained that it until the withdrawal of the same for producers of the agricultural zone of the region. This collection was done daily, also in the ends of week and holidays, during all day, being carried to the farms most of the time in utilitarian cars, through brasses brought of the respective properties. Thus, all generated serum was destined to these farms. Forms of use of the serum number of the small country properties in the region is raised.

These have as half of sustenance the production not only of bovines, but also of other species as birds and swines. Thus, the animal feeding is practically the exclusive destination of this serum collected in the industry, being bovine and swines the contemplated species. A verified problem is that, during the between-harvest, that if translates the lesser food availability, the volume of serum also reduces.

Installation Panel

In a country where, in some regions, the sun if makes gift the entire year and in others appears for the most part of the days during the year, to disdain a clean power plant as the solar energy is not only wastefulness, but a true disrespect to the environment. The production of solar energy requires the use of devices such as the fotovoltaico solar panel. This equipment is capable to transform the solar energy into electric energy. Although the power plant of the sun is gratuitous, the use of this type of panel has in the acquisition cost its main limiter factor. The fotovoltaico solar panel is formed by cells that catch the light of the sun, called solar cells or fotovoltaicas cells. The energy produced for this panel is generated through the photoelectric effect. The fotovoltaicos panels count on a controller who is responsible for defining the amount of energy that the panel must transfer to the batteries.

The system of production of solar energy account still with storing device of energy that is capable to distribute it or in days at night where the solar rays are not capable to produce the energy, as in cloudy days. The electric energy produced and stored is distributed by the existing electric chain in the house. The installation of the panel can be carried through of two forms: in parallel or without series. The installation in series adds the chain without modifying the tension, respecting the Law of Ohm. The installation in parallel, in turn multiplies the tension with the unchanged chain. The installation also can be mixing, binding the panels in parallel and series. The installation depends on the purpose of the application and the values on desired tension and chain.

The equalizao of the load is protected with the installation of diodes. The place of rank of the panels also deserves attention. She is necessary to choose an area next to the consumption place of the energy, but that it does not have sombreamento. The places most common of installation of the solar panel are roofs, poles, flagstone, enter other spaces. For each desired place, it is necessary to use the ideal supports in order to prevent any type of incident in the installation or elapsing of the use. Beyond the place, the positioning of the panel also must follow some basic cares that draw out its use or that they prevent future problems. The installation to have to be made respecting an ideal inclination of form that does not allow the accumulation of dirt. The setting of the panels also must consider the action of natural agents, as the wind or storms.