Monthly Archives: August 2011

Mother Nature

Wooden houses – a combination of modern technology and ancient traditions. The wooden house has a supernatural force, a special energy, positively affecting the mind and body. In the wooden structure of round logs, there are many advantages. First of all – speed of construction, and secondly – a wholly-owned environmental, third – no need to further trim, fourth – you'll save a decent amount of the material and insulation. A creative approach to the issue of the architect in conjunction with the natural beauty of wood gives a positive result – a modern wooden house.

The main advantage of logs – this is smooth and round shape, driven to the European standard diameter, which ranges from 160 to 340 mm. It is this precision can reach tight connection logs in the construction of the building. The tree must be free of cortex, subjected to milling, to give it a cylindrical shape, to handle its entire surface with special preservatives and flame retardants. Only after that, we can talk about this tree, as a ready logs. All additional details, including the grooves and locks, hold for wooden buildings with amazing accuracy and thoroughness, which greatly affects the quality of the whole structure. Another of the benefits rounded log is astounding hardiness and changes due to Not being exposed to direct sunlight. These fine homes retain heat in winter and cool in hot, and these figures are several times higher than those of brick and concrete houses.

The most popular type of facilities, to elevate a number of wooden houses, is a Russian log sauna. That is its unique walls provide it for quite some time, special relationship and love. The urgency and the need for specialized ventilation systems in log saunas ceases to have any meaning, if the technology in the construction of log calculations walls observed impeccably. Then the walls called "breathable". Small holes in the walls in the form of windows contribute to free and helping to cool vozduhooborotu use of facilities. In a log sauna humidity control need no longer be relevant. And here the important role played by the wooden walls. If you want to always feel Mother Nature's natural scent freshly cut wood, you only have to make sure that your room will never dry up completely. Country house from environmentally friendly materials – a huge contribution to the future of your family, which includes not only rest and comfort now, but also health for years to come. In a wooden house you can easily forget about all the pitfalls of modern life, to disconnect from everyday problems, and recover the spent force. Only in a wooden house may feel extraordinary calmness, warmth and comfort.