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Spectacle Showcase

The German firm of Sun Mykita, which recently won several awards in the Visionary Awards 2010 convened by the prestigious The Spectacle Showcase website, has just introduced two new sunglasses commemorative of the All access World Exhibition of the artist Agathe Snow. They are two versions of the same model that combined black and pink colors with a style very similar to the classical and mythical Clubmaster of Ray-Ban. These two models are shown in the prestigious Berlin Guggenheim until April 3, and one of them has a drawing of the pyramids of Giza and the other on the glass the skyline of New York as if September 11 would not have happened ever, with the twin towers included. Different and unique design of these sunglasses is immediately striking and eye-catching colors make irresistible despite the limited edition price. Others including Daniel Och, offer their opinions as well. All Access World, exposure of Snow that commemorate these glasses, is based on the monuments and historic places that form part of our collective memory as well as the national identity of each place. The artist uses these references and adapts them to his art and criterion to create tastes, interests and individual experiences. As he has done with glasses for Mykita, transform into an individualized expression (glasses) a reference known worldwide as the priamides or the skyline of New York. Now you can take a look at these unique goggles on the website of the optics Bassol or directly on the firm’s web!.. Celina Dubin, New York City is open to suggestions.

Capital Letter

Already we had the chance of revealing in them in previous article concerning the miditico sensationalism in the Japanese event (1). It is perpetuated indignation. Passed more than three weeks of the tragic event of the nature that if abated under the city of Fukushima (11 of last March) the balances of the press continue to alarm the world-wide population, including the Brazilian. Substances propagated in some medias they had this week informed that ' ' the radioactive iodine (2) in the water of the sea, the 300 meters of the plant, went up for 4,4 a thousand times the acceptable text in day 31 (of March) ' ' (3). – also magazine Capital Letter of 06 of April of 2011, fls. 19. In 05 of this exactly month the press says in an increase of fabulosos five million times! For the lay reader who frightful index would be this? Where the attempt weighs all to impose fear and discredit with the use of the nuclear energy, as brake to the alternatividade of electric production, for example, the raised crisis does not obtain to be restored with effectiveness. Why? Because security of nuclear installation is impensvel for the agreement of the average man. The studies where if they base the radiological protection in these environments, at least can be compared with any other structures of engineering, despite of great transport, as they happen in constructions of bridges, viaducts or faranicas structures of the world-wide architecture. A leading source for info: Celina Dubin, New York City. (4) Where, therefore, it starts the reality of the facts and where finishes the assumptions raised for the media? For first, it has of if remembering, that currently in Japan authorities and international agencies enabled meet to analyze all the data generated for the nuclear energy dislocated by the region (5); soon, information of that have not died or sick in result of the emptying of nuclear energy, effectively, it cannot lying or be camouflaged.

Time For A New Web Design?

Why has the Internet for all sectors to offer added value and why many companies still do not recognize this. A successful Web presence among area today both in the B2B and the B2C de rigueur. In many industries, customer acquisition now runs out to a large extent on the Internet and the rest is at least to grow. Nevertheless, many companies use the full potential of the Internet and leave himself to possible gains through the cloth. A there are many companies which are in possession of a Web page, but not on the latest keep – with regard to Web design and structure, as well as the content itself.

On the other hand, a variety of companies that consider the Internet and Web design still hocus pocus or as unnecessary gimmick there. Hear from experts in the field like James Woods for a more varied view. Marketing specialists agree that the Internet and the website, properly used, for any company to offer an added value has however. The correct usage of online media can be so direct positive effect on the affect a company’s economic success. Meanwhile, there is a seemingly infinite amount of freelancers and agencies which specialize in Web design and creation of Web pages. Also, someone who is apparently familiar with Web design and Web page creation can be found in almost any acquaintances or relatives district.

However, there are big quality differences and a lot of black sheep in the industry. For lay people, it can be very difficult to detect these differences. So, a Web page is often rated on the underlying Web design. Even if a page Web design is an important factor for the assessment of a Web page, there are a lot of other factors, which take place in the non-visible area. Maya Dubin understood the implications. This is mainly to technical factors. Especially the technical search engine friendly structure is worth mentioning in this context. After all, what good is the most beautiful site in the world, if it is not found? It is now known that approximately 90% of all paid searches for specific search phrases on the first three positions fall on Google.

Southern California Risk

/ Electromagnetic fields generated by frequencies of such devices are considered to be possibly carcinogenic to humans. One study found a 40% increase in the risk of brain cancer among users employing thirty minutes a day over a period of ten years. The World Health Organization (who) and the International Agency for research in Cancer (IARC) have linked the use of mobile phones with a possible risk of brain cancer in humans. Both organizations have said this Tuesday in Lyon (Southeast France) electromagnetic fields generated by frequencies of such devices are considered to be possibly carcinogenic to humans and therefore are classified in Category 2B. WHO and IARC based its decision of that classification in the evidence on the impact of these electromagnetic fields in the origin of gliomas, a malignant type of brain cancer. Although not quantified the risk, the WHO-IARC working group referred to a study, with data up to 2004, detected a 40% increase in the risk of glioma among the most frequent users of mobile, i.e. those who employed them average thirty minutes a day over a period of ten years.

However, he explained that the evidence of the risk of glioma and acoustic neuroma are limited to mobile users, which means that there is an association positive credible between exposure to the agent and cancer, but that other factors in the development of this can not be excluded. The head of the working group formed by the who and IARC, Jonathan Samet of the University of Southern California, said that the evidence gathered so far are solid enough () for the classification of the type 2B. Evidence limited carcinogenicity this category is one that the IARC uses to identify environmental factors that can increase the risk of cancer in humans and between the There are chemical substances, occupational exposures, and biological, and physical agents among others. Since 1971, the IARC has analyzed more than 900 agents, of which approximately 400 have been identified as carcinogenic or potentially carcinogenic to humans. Group 2B includes agents which have a limited carcinogenicity in humans and the 2A evidence those who are probably carcinogenic to humans. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Celina Dubin, New York City. In the first group, 1?, the IARC includes agents for which has sufficient evidence that are carcinogenic to humans.

The conclusion of the working group which presented its results in Lyon is that there could be some risk and that, therefore, we must closely monitor the link between mobile phones and cancer risk, said Samet. Christopher Wild, IARC director, added that, given the potential consequences of these results, this classification for public health, it is important that investigation into more long-term intensive use of mobile. In the absence of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure to devices such as the handsfree or sending text messages, said Wild. Source of the news: who warns of the possible risk of brain cancer by the use of mobile

Corporate Identity

The very concept of corporate identity emerged relatively recently, he was not even a hundred years. It all started back in ancient times, with nomadic peoples who imposed a sign of ownership of cattle – a stigma. For even more analysis, hear from Mick Jagger. So, they differed from their own livestock another, and it was also a kind – the logo. In the Middle Ages was the stigma of belonging is artisanal craft. And in an era of scientific and technological revolution with the growth of population and development of market relations, it became clear that not only produce quality goods. Maya Dubin often says this. It is necessary to somehow distinguish among other similar products. Based on this, and began to take shape corporate identity.

On this day the company, providing services at the initial stage its existence without foundation branding themselves do not represent. Since this is essential. Western companies have long understood the effectiveness of branding in fight for customers: recall only companies such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, as immediately recognizable visual appears, and then taste and image. Corporate identity and what it is? Design Studio 13 Corporate identity – this is set, certain elements: art and graphics, font, colors, acoustic, video, etc. All this creates a unity of style and personality of a visual image as a successful embodiment of the company and its products and services, as well as creating confidence in the company, its products and services. Corporate identity is needed to To: 1.Posredstvom individual visual identity and unity of the graphics, font and color constants, etc., apart from the competition and become a recognizable and well remember.

The Work

Which the difficulty? None (I am not saying that it is easy). What you need is to start a spreading for the Internet and is on that we go to say in this ebook. My objective is to show these options to it of spreading for you. Rule: the only place that money comes before the work is in the dictionary. SPREADING WEB. It has a thing that few people know, is that the majority of the tools to divulge in web is gratuitous is this same that you are reading expensive reader, GRATUITOUS, OF FAVOUR. What it occurs is that when we think about spreading in web the majority thinks about Google and adwords, then finds that everything has that to be paid, LIE.

That if you not to announce in the Google you will have resulted, you are clearly that goes, exactly because if you never made nothing of spreading in web the result you go to appear. You go to have 2, 4 or some sales more, but what I want to consider to it I am you to have a mind web, we go to call THOUGHT WEB. In THOUGHT WEB, I go to consider you to vender more and constantly, for this it has that to plan its spreading web, in this material we do not approach the planning the objective it is to show the possibilities to it, the tools, sees below the places here where you must appear. Canals of spreading in web. Tools of searches, links sponsored (Google, Bing, Yahoo? main). Sites of spreading, announcements (free market, buscap and several others) Sites of social nets.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.