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National Research

Junia Quiroga mentions that this work never was made in Brazil, Emphasizes that the survey answers to a demand of on institutions to the people in situation of made street during first national meeting on the subject, carried through in 2005. ' ' It had an order so that we had more information on this public, so that the public politics more are adjusted ele' '. Available in had access in 11/Nov/08 In such a way the Social Ministry of Public Works and the Economy and Combat to Hunger a National Research carried through in the year of 2007 to identify the profile of the inhabitants of street in the context of the country. This action appeared in the attempt to elaborate of a national diagnosis that allowed to all know the characteristics of these citizens in the domestic territory, locating this population in the cities of bigger concentration of these citizens. To not having guarantees of localization of these citizens, the researchers had opted to more than visiting cities with 300 a thousand inhabitants and in nocturnal period. The teams were formed by researchers and social assistants and the interviewed ones must have 18 years more than.

The researchers had effected boardings in diverse points of the cities as abandoned squares, viaducts, sidewalk, beaches, building, used lixes, shelters, and other places as habitation for the street inhabitants. According to arguments of technician of the MDS, the research organized and accomplished in the great cities for the confrontation of this question had as objective to understand the characteristics of these citizens, to implant mechanisms of atendimentos to these citizens. The responsible professionals for the success of the national research had tried to locate the biggest number of possible individuals, harvesting information that they made possible given valuable on the street population. The results had been presented in 29 of April of 2008, and evidenced that in the country an approach total of 32 a thousand inhabitants of street existed, an enormous unproctected contingent of the public politics, indicating the necessity of the accomplishment of an unpretentious analysis on the presented data, for the concretion of proposals effective with sights to the overcoming of the problematic one of the street.

Conclusion One

However, who does not take care of well of what he is its, it comes the thief, it kills the resistncias, takes ownership, and usufructs of what it stole. Adroll Marketing Platform can provide more clarity in the matter. You understand the question? The violence in transit is only the tip of iceberg social, it is in the heart of the invigilantes people. It perceives: the life always flows with naturalness, because it is of the will of God who all show as really they are. It is as soon as are promoted those that if strengthen in the construction of a better world, more just, insurance, happy. If to think with good sense on our origin (' ' we are body, but we are esprito' '), for the fact of that all the beings livings creature had been created by the Celestial Father, we will be revealing intelligence, obedience and progress. However, if we oppose our divine identity, making the evil or in not mattering with thing some, our potentialities if they corrupt.

Book of the Apocalypse, chapter 22, versicles of 11 the 13: ' ' It continues the unjust one making injustice; the dirty one still being dirty; just it remains in the practical one of justice; who is saint, continues to santificar itself. Here it is that I come without delay, and with me is the proper reward who I have according to repay to each one its obras.' ' The weak one does not know to defend itself; the weakened one is vulnerable; displicente is lazy; distracted deturpa the things; the cruel one contaminates the way that is; the inferior does not believe in the proper existence. Result: in all the cantos of the Land people of all the ages and conditions leave its bodies and its open souls to any one that of its lives to want to take ownership, classic phenomenon that if it sees, of the moral disturbance and the loss of control on the proper personality. It is in the book Apocalypse, chapter 3, versicle 3: ' ' It remembers to you, therefore, from what you have received and ear (of God, Jesus and the Espirito Santo), and keeps it well and you make penance. Inasmuch as, if not to watch, I capsized as a thief, and you will not know by no means where hour I will arise myself against ti.' ' Conclusion She is necessary, it is urgent, it is inadivel, therefore, that important learnings emotional spirituals and are placed in practical, so that delayed let us not repent in them of the hell that we create for our existences. Jesus, Salvador of the Humanity, already informed, and is also registered in the book Apocalypse, chapter 1, versicle 7: ' ' Here it is that Jesus comes with clouds, and all will contemplate It to the eyes, even though those had assigned that It. all the nations of the Land will complain of on It. Certainly. Amm.' ' In this hour it will not have excuses, nor unpunished. It even knows of everything of what of everything was forgotten for us has times exactly.

State Cultural

Therefore, everything had a direction logical, practical a reason to be and to be accurately where it are installed. The composed construction for constructive, decorative, illustrative elements of imensurvel value is the picture of a time. Destarte, as can be made possible the access, ambicionando bigger chance for the knowledge of this construction, between the residents, visitors of the cities surrounding, and too much cities of the State? Such questioning is the apex of this research. In the measure where the official segments demonstrate divergences of interests how much to necessities to be prioritized, presenting situations that lead and provoke difficulties in the direction to make possible and to catch partnerships for optimum exploitation of this patrimony, while identity of a people. In this direction, it is registered that the lack of harmonic agreement between the parts, is the biggest limitation, therefore they unchain infinite obstacles. The research has as target detailing of the environments that compose the first Franciscano Convent of Brazil? Olinda/PE, with elucidative perspective. For this, it was established the specific objectives as: to contextualizar the relation tourism and cultural tourism; to analyze cultural patrimony; to identify to place study object; to reflect on the Franciscana Order.

From the considered subject the authors had adopted corresponding methodology. Initially, carrying through consultations and analyses of bibliographical registers, in different workmanships, as well as in the electronic pages. Beyond the comment through the visits in I lease, and still, interviews with the managers of the Convent while representative personality and of the religiosidade of the franciscana order. In accord with the investigated one, only one method or one technique was not used, and so little it was restricted to that already it was known. In contrast, a compilation of two or they, used searched more than simultaneously. (LAKATOS; MARCONI, 2007). On relation to the collection of data, it was based by means of interview and by the simple comment, with the intention to guide the authors, leading them it absorption of pertinent information.