Wine Cost

This is due to the warm Mediterranean Sea and the unique microclimate coast, nestled on the northern winds by the Pyrenees. Except so a beach holiday in Spain is convenient because all the beaches belong to the state, so the entrance is free of charge to them. There is also a rest provided excellent service and a wide variety of entertainment. Therefore, most visited tourist here is convinced that the best holidays in Spain. The climate is subtropical in Spain – mild winters and dry, fairly hot summer. The average January temperature ranges from 4-50 C in the highlands up to 130 C in the south, in July respectively from 23 to 290 C.

The bus stops marked with a yellow-green shields with the inscription bus. As the bus entered through the front door, called the place from which to travel and the number of people. The driver issues a check, in which indicated that the value that must be paid. Taxis have a light board with the words taxi. Taxis can be stopped on the street, called from any cafe or resershn any hotel or take in the parking lot. Payment is made in According to the testimony of the counter. In resort areas you can easily rent a car. The driver must be at least 21 years.

Rent a car Opel Corsa or type Ford Fiesta costs an average of $ 40 per day. At the conclusion of contract needs a passport, Russian driver’s license (at least one year experience) and, as a rule, a pledge of U.S. $ 100-200, which is returned at the end of the lease term (in this case, if the machine is not damaged). Typically, the cost of rent does not include the cost of gasoline. If a customer receives a machine with a full tank, then it must also return with a full tank. The cost of renting a car includes insurance. Duty-free importation of cigarettes – 200 pcs., Wine – 2 liters of spirits Alcoholic beverages – 1 liter, food items and household items – in the limits of personal needs. Radio, video, photographic equipment must be declared. Permission for import of Film Technology must be made in Consular Section of the Embassy of Spain in Moscow. The import of drugs, weapons, ammunition and explosives. The export of arms and ammunition without special permission. Opening hours from 09.00 to 13.30 and from 16.30 to 21.00 hours. Small shops in resort areas, are usually open until 22.00. Large stores are open from 10:00 to 21:00 hours (Monday – Saturday) without a break. In magazinah included in sistemu tax free, in the department of customer service ticket can be issued taxe free, authorizing the return of 10% of the purchase price, * If ee tsena prevysila 100 Euro. Vozvrat airport is in the Day vyleta (exception: magazin El Corte Ingles, send the refund by mail or enrolls her kartochku nA). The system extends to the tip waiters in bars and restaurants, maids in hotels, taxi drivers and tour guides, and 5-10% of order value. Payment tipping is not mandatory, but if the client was satisfied with the service, a tip – a good sign tone.