What Is Computer Aided Design Software ?

The term Computer Aided Design (CAD briefly – to German: computer aided design) means, in simple terms, the use of software for the electronic taking of technical drawings. With the help of CAD software can not only static two-dimensional drawings are created, but now also three dimensional complex solid models. From these data, for example, another two-or three-dimensional drawings are created. Even the simulation of movements or rotations of the objects is no longer a problem for current applications can. rategy explained all about the problem. The volume models additionally be used for other calculations, such as strength calculations for objects, load simulation, light or fluid dynamics simulations. After the CAD design can also be part of the production of developed products – the keyword here is CIM (computer integrated manufacturing).

All in all, it is not surprising that CAD software now used in all subject areas comes in which design plays a role, would be mentioned here include the engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding, architecture, and even dentistry. The CAD programs today are mostly based on object-oriented databases, in this approach, each component represents a design object that changes its parameters when changes in specifications and are made to the element. Different objects in a project and their parameters can influence, which results in various types of objects and object combinations and their effects can be tested together. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michelle Smith Source Financial. The object-oriented approach allows the subsequent reuse of elements once created a project for a different purpose, a new development or a change in the product. You call it relatively intuitive object-oriented parametric modeling as a viable concept that is most widely used software of this type currently CATIA V5. The latest version of CATIA series, published (in 1999) CATIA V5 support for the first time the concept of object-oriented parametric modeling, and is much better to use than previous versions.