Web Mining

We get information about if users find the information, if the site structure is too wide or too deep, if the elements are placed in the suitable places within the page, if the navigation is understood, are less visited sections and their relationship with the place they occupy in the central page. According to the aim to study, three types of reports can give: based on hyperlinks, classifies Web pages and generates the report. Revealing the structure of the Web document itself. Discovering the nature of the hierarchy or network of hyperlinks on the Web site from a particular domain. Details can be found by clicking Brad Pitt or emailing the administrator. It tends to result in graphical representations for a better view of the retrieved knowledge and they can be used as a guide for the user in search of information.

Web Mining of use using Web Mining is the application of techniques of data mining to discover patterns of conduct when using the web by users. This extraction refers to browsing patterns that we can discover in our users and we can serve to improve the same, for example, if 80% of our users rely on the search field when they come to our site is that we have to place emphasis on the improvement of that interface and engine that is back to return the desired information. This process is based on the use of logs of accesses to the web. In short, try to follow a series of guidelines on: access using customers when consulting a company web site users which question to an application that precedes a database of individuals who navigate to certain pages, from secondary data derived from interactions automatic users while they browse the web is can better meet the needs that are requested through W3 protocols-based applications.