Web Design Principles

They are no longer the 90sCuando the pioneers of the internet began to design sites in the 90s, much abused photoshop filters. You must learn to not abuse these filters and use them only when necessary. Filters such as glare and shadows should be used sparingly. UsabilidadLa usability is about making your visitors to stay with a good taste in your mouth after visiting tusitio, that is easy to use, read and navigate. An important aspect to consider here are the spaces and the margins within your content for easier reading. The textoCuando to enter text in your pages ensures that non-smaller in size to the 14px, because to be so in some devices is difficult reading to your visitors and can be counterproductive.Also considers the height of line (line-height property). It is better to space it a little more and not leave it by default. If the CSS set property: line-height: 1.

5em; This will make that text has a line spacing in Word of 1.5. Colours and contrasteEl a web site color scheme is obviously very important. As a rule generate seeks to not use more 2 primary colors for the site and a third secondary color for some textosimagenes. Many designers use many colors nothing more the fact of using them, and that looks very bad. Similarly be careful so that the colors that you use relate to the theme of the site.Another very important thing is the contrast, to make acostumbrate to the bottom of your pagiona or very light or very dark, for which the text contrast without problems. And finally, a very common error committed designers when creating pages web is that think that when opening photoshop the first is going to leave an excellent apgina, when the truth is not so.