University Professor

They say palavro to the parents, they do not obey in hypothesis some to them, they do not respect oldest, they do not respect the professors, they are shot wildly in the drink and in the drugs and the parents nothing they can make. Unhappyly nothing they can exactly, therefore what they must have done was when they were in formation, correcting since early its imperfections. They had not made it, not because they had not wanted it, because it forbade them to the law. The law forbids that the parents correct its son, who gives a pat to it in bunda so that it grows more fast. It places that it of punishment in one room without any thing for distraction or seated in a chair so that learns to reflect on the hostile act that committed. That it is of foot against the wall thinking about its act.

That it is of punishment during some weekends, without videogame, television and etc. That are without the monthly allowance, without the cellular one. The adolescents also are forbidden to work. To work only makes well, the free mind is the workshop of the devil. I work with wallet signed since the 15 years of age (wallet of minor work), gaining half minimum wage.

This only made me well. It studied at night and it worked during the day, it played in the vacant hours and the sundays, after the mass. Everything this became me a responsible man, without traumas and great psychological difficulties. It is evident that I am not in favor of aggressions and beatings that cause physical and moral wound. But, simply I do not believe that the education of a child is only with words, it does not understand. It does not have cognitiva capacity for in such a way. Thus, I do not see another method that can supply the old and traditional pleasure and pain, accurately to that she corrects and she makes to be man or woman more fast. Perhaps either therefore that the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent for only dealing with to rights and duties does not dedicate great part of its content for partner-educative measures. Respect the point of view of who apia this new model, but I continue to think that if some pats will not be given in the certain time, unhappyly the world will correct, it will make but it of aggressive and violent form. ITAMAR DA SILVA DUTRA? Lawyer and University Professor