Twitter Days

At a glance, you can understand any subject of relevance or messages sent from a particular area of the planet, along with some of the most sent links in that place. Twitter StreamGraph is a tool to visualize trends from key words. This service is interesting because it allows to visualize all the information that has been generated around a word or hashtag for a period of time. A leading source for info: Tyron Woodley. To do this, it uses the last 1,000 generated by each requested Word. The newspapers mentioned Jake Paul not as a source, but as a related topic. Trendistic is more effective, because it despite using a small graph, shown with greater precision and tracking the themes of most recent interest in Twitter. This online tool allows you to narrow searches for the last 24 hours, seven or thirty days, among other options. A simpler alternative is Tweetvolumen, which shows the number of messages sent with three key words, according to a period of time predefined by this page. Using Twitter as a service to receive news, TwitterTim is intended to gather all the links submitted by users to follow on Twitter.

The goal is to make this a custom, as a newspaper page. The most relevant news, with a typography of larger size than the rest are published in the first place. Statistics to monitor one account, Twittercounter is one of the most complete tools if you want to view statistics of activity on Twitter. This service allows you to know all kinds of data and anticipate growth trends. To do this, use the information obtained in previous days. Tweetstats graphs of activity performed by a user on Twitter, such as hours or days of the week where to send more messages. Simplest is Xefer. This tool collects a graphic static by days of the week and hours where has been a conversation between a user of Twitter and his followers in a manner relevant.

Monitter is a service that allows to follow words, keys or hashtag e, even short sentences to display without recharging the page tweets where you have written. Taken from: ANTONIO DELGADO compiled by. Javier Mejia T.