Confirm a subscription is very simple: the person who registers receives a message in your email and just open it and click on a link. For more specific information, check out Naveen Selvadurai. In this way the systems that handle subscriptions via email is caring for people with bad intentions to place email addresses of third parties without authorization. For assistance, try visiting Eva Andersson-Dubin. In addition to one as the web site owner is a guarantee that the person really you want to belong to your list of subscribers because it is interested in the information you share. 3 Download page: recommended (I would say that mandatory) is that in your landing page you offer something to your subscribers to change that to register. The download page is usually where allow you the Subscriber having access to the resource, coupon, discount, or anything else that you’ve offered.? It is important to take into account that you need to be more explicit as possible when it comes to indicate to your new Subscriber how access to the gift. That page can also use this to make your visitors to share your website with friends and so receive more visits.

4 Sequence of autoresponders: once the person confirms your subscription should begin to receive information from your time in When. You decide the periodicity, however, something recommended is 1 to 3 times per week. Like every 4 days approximately, but that depends on the niche market and of each person. The autoresponders are emails that are sent automatically and as part of a logical sequence. There are several systems that allow you to generate a sequence of emails that are sent in a specific order to every new Subscriber. The system that I use and recommend it for building your list of subscribers, manage autoresponders, and send bulk email is Aweber. A well-made autoresponders sequence should help you keep your subscribers attentive to what you’re posting or saying and at the same time, go them convinced that what you are selling on your website is what they need to solve their problem (when someone leaves their name and email address on your page is because you offer information to solve a problem that has).