Stress Management Coach

When you eat something that is not good for your body how to react? Not so good, right? That reaction is your body saying “that’s not good for you”! Likewise the feelings they might have had on the statement of (A) they are saying the same of the declaration itself. As you can see, your body reacts to not only food but also reacts to beliefs that happen to be inside of you that are not good for you. A belief is simply a statement that you choose to keep within yourself because you think it will be useful to you in some way. I’m just guessing that this may be a new revelation for you. If not, I congratulate him for his wisdom. Now, when you eat something that is not good for you, what are you doing? Well, you make sure that food that finds its way back into you, right? So my next question is: Why have persisted in keeping the statement (A) within yourself if you feel so wrong? In other words, why you think the statement (A) is useful to you? So now I might say something like, “It’s not a question of whether it is good for me or not, it’s just a fact, I can not change it.” Well, this last statement is another belief, is not it? How do you feel? Probably the same way statement (A) made you feel, right? So you’re starting to see how many “toxic” beliefs have within you? The “toxic”, I mean something that makes you feel uncomfortable, sad, uncomfortable, ill. No wonder that this body is deteriorating, that is aging.

After all age is not what you get when you take something toxic inside yourself and stay there for a long period and undermines the normal functioning of your body to decompose? Now that you’ve followed me so far, I would add that the option of taking something toxic in itself the units is a matter of “self”! That is, if you love yourself enough, is unlikely to choose to take yourself something that is toxic for you, right? If it’s bad food, cigarettes, toxic chemicals, drugs or belief, the effects are the same. You might even be surprised if I told you that the latter are probably more toxic than everyone else. The interesting thing about all this is actually “no” have a choice! To learn more about how you can exercise this option you can visit the site below in my biography.