Soviet Union Radio

This channel of strengthening material-technical base of radio sport everywhere must be widely used. Analysis of the committees of the Company revealed that while they are engaged in the development of radio sport mainly in big cities, where stationed radioclub dosaaf. Sight of many committees dropped the district centers and cities. For example, in Tajikistan, something that is done on radio only in Dushanbe and Leninabad, where there radioclub dosaaf. None of the sports clubs in the technical areas, there is no section on Radio Sport. One of the urgent tasks of training continues to be highly qualified judicial apparatus for radiosorevnovany. All-Union competitions for the reception and transmission of radio messages in 1973, held in Yerevan, the arbitrators appointed to officiate, for various reasons did not arrive at the competition. Local same jury was unable to provide the correct evaluation of their performance.

It is puzzling, and this fact when the national championships for some types of radiosorevnovany are not represented by the team of Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian Republic. Expansion of mass and improving skills in radio sport is impossible without strong revitalization of the Radio Club of the Company, making the work beyond the walls of the club, in grassroots organizations. Until now, many more radioclub restrict their participation in the development of radio sport only preparation teams do not conduct work among the broad masses of the members of the Society. Some of the radio club is not prepared teams for certain types of radio sport, and committees dosaaf tolerate it. Available in a radio club, albeit in a small quantity, sports radio is often used poorly, while it could be provided and the primary organizations dosaaf, and sport-technical club.

To eliminate all these deficiencies should be focused attention dosaaf committees in the preparation and holding of Olympics districts, cities, regions and republics. The struggle for the mass in radio sport – the basis for further ‘its successes. To be widely promotion of military-technical sports, attracting this important cause local press, radio and television. At competitions on radio should be more people, especially young people, so you must take care their zrelischnosti. and the vi Games of the peoples of the Soviet Union makes all the committees, radioclub dosaaf, radio sport federations number of new requirements. Necessary since the first days Spartakiad fully activate their activities, especially sport-technical clubs, designed to become the organizers of mass events “hunters of fox, radio operators, skorostnikov, radiomnogobortsev. Sports Calendar 1974, provides 15 radiosorevnovany and national championships and the union scale, should be appropriately reflected in the plans of the committees and sports radio club dosaaf. Can not be a situation where the union and Republican radiosorevnovaniyam and radiovystavkam not precede the regional. It is imperative that before the regional competitions held city and district. This is what should be different spartakiadnye years. Sports day came at the start. We wish you many thousands detachment radiosportsmenov new successes, new creative achievements in the name of the constant readiness of the Soviet people to work and defense of our socialist motherland.