Slopes Drywall

The only advantage of gypsum slopes sloping front of the sandwich panels is that the drywall, as opposed to a sandwich panel, Repairs. That is, if the slope of the drywall soiled by something indelibly marked, was scratched, or broken away from the surface of a piece, at any time, it is possible to "refresh": zashpatlevat, oshkurit, touch up – and he again like new. A sandwich panel can not be repaired. Of course, it is very durable and easy to care, but if the slope damage (scratch, a little punch), it is impossible to recover, there is only change. However, the sandwich panels plus more. First, the slopes of the sandwich panels do not freeze from the inside because of their design, they provide insulation. Second, the slope of the sandwich panel not soak as gypsum (otmokanie may occur due to improper installation).

On otmokshem drywall eventually emerge yellow stains, and sandwich-panel does not change its form. In addition, the slopes of sandwich panels for longer life, they are easier to care for and interact better with the plastic windows than gypsum slopes. The slopes of drywall by hand. When installing the windows are almost always occurs with the choice of finishing slopes. Slope – is the inner or outer part of the window aperture formed through the wall thickness difference and the window frame. Appointment of slopes – to close the joints and fixing window frame on the wall to the left by the window opening.

Consider the basic technology of sealing slopes. Plastic slopes. Installation of such slopes is carried out quickly, with installing windows, or the next day, after drying foam. Plastic soffits are made of the same materials as PVC windows, and are a continuation of the window and the logical culmination of the opening. In addition, the slopes of PVC an additional thermal insulator between the room and the street. Plastering slopes. The traditional and widely used in homes and suitable method for internal and external slopes in the homes of any type (brick, concrete, panel). This is an inexpensive way, so very common. The main costs account for payment for skilled professionals who can create and place a flat surface, carefully framing new window. The most unpleasant thing that can be set at – finish will last up to 4-5 days, because it will need several layers of plaster and wait until dry, each of them. Plasterboard soffits. The slopes of Drywall popular among buyers due to their low cost, but not popular with installers. This is due, primarily, to the complexity of installation. Most of the slopes of the drywall is used, if the walls are composed of the same material and have not yet carried out finishing work in the room. Drywall is an excellent heat insulator and the rigid material. Use a waterproof sheetrock, or normal, but with a special conformal coating.