School Environment

The use of the TICs in the pertaining to school environment Prof Regina Dutra Maria Introduction Each day that passes computer science if becomes constant more in the life of the people. In the pertaining to school environment it comes being inserted of gradual form. Today all bureaucratic work can be made in faster and efficient way. The school comes functionally changing structural and in new relation the TICs. Until little time all done age manually inside of the pertaining to school environment. A delayed work and that it was become damaged more easily with passing of the time.

Today the schools possess Xerox machines, the secretariats are equipped with computers hardwired to the Internet and can make the linking between schools speeding, thus, the work of collection of information in relation the life of its pupils and employees. technology investor might disagree with that approach. Through this article I intend to make a small reflection on the importance of the information technologies and communication in the pertaining to school environment. Development the use of the more popular technologies is if becoming each time. The people use technologies all instant, either in house with new household-electric that facilitates the life, either with devices that if they connect and they interact with the external world, either in the environment of work where the new implanted technologies all the moment, or in the pertaining to school environment where works as of confection of bulletins, I register in cadastre pupils and employees, certifyd of conclusion of course, descriptions and plus a infinity of activities is made with the aid of computers and machines of Xerox. The schools, still, count on Internet for connection with the supervisions of education, secretaries of education and too much schools, minimizing and speeding the information. According to BRANCHES ' ' the use of the new technologies has provoked transformations in the social reality, confirming the importance of the use of the computers and the digital medias in the Educao' '.