RSS And Internet Channel

The real potential of RSS lies in broadcasting. In ancient times, jumping on a platform or any platform in the street to say what he thinks was a popular pastime. Reserved primarily for political radicals, biblical inspiration or frequent flyer club is cute – the platform did fill a need. The need to express themselves. I always think of RSS / Blogs and blogging as more of a “platform” of a “review” or a ‘weblog’ of daily events. A modern day techno version of the platform with the transfer of the conscientiously held beliefs or opinions on a few kb here and there along the information highway. The stronger of the beliefs or opinions – the most popular blog. The more unique content – the most entertaining in the blog is read.

It also gives a platform for entertaining off-beat ideas and new ways of thinking. And it’s a very democratic platform – at the entrance of any person can be so valid as any other. Forget the voting, the blog is a much more democratic. And it is very young. It has a long way to go. Nothing stays the same, everything changes, everything evolves – even our ways of thinking, our way of expressing ourselves. RSS / Blogs are changing the way we communicate. Imagine a Model T, Cadillac fifties and day present for Ferrari in his mind. Now imagine your vision or the vision of the car if they only had to base it on the Model T? Cadillac? RSS Do not underestimate or even judging by their current form – this forum is changing as you read this! Ever wonder what is RSS / blogs will be like in fifty or a hundred years? What about websites? What about Internet? We are only at the stage of the Model T – Ever wonder what Ferrari think? Lately, I can not get that idea in my head! What blogs, web, all this will be like in the fifties, one hundred years, a thousand years? Personally, the future of RSS is what interests me most.