Revolutionary Insights

40 Years bring new, revolutionary insights – 95 per cent of all diseases share a common cause which have a stomach ulcer, the headache, knee problems and tension, back pain, kidney weakness, sciatica and high blood pressure? A single common cause! Don’t you think? Follow me, then continue reading. As you know, we find along the spinal nerve switchboards, which are associated with a wide range of functions and organs. These switchboards is disturbed or is constantly irritated, then a malfunction will result on short or long. Example gastric ulcer: the nerve of the stomach on the false static of spine about a conscience is disturbed period, then your stomach will react offended, that is, in many cases, an ulcer is formed due to the irritation of the relevant nerve control center “Stomach”. But how does a false static of spine? Here, I would like to take a look in the construction industry, in the planning of the House.

What happens when we make a home on an inclined plane? Here are some problems are inevitable in the long term: walls become unstable and show cracks, bricks are loose at the worst and dissolve (leaning tower of Pisa), i.e. We plan the base of the House and observe the statics = just plain (base). What is the basis for the people? Here, the basin plays a central role, the center of the people. The basin wrong, because a unilateral embargo imposed, then we force the spine in a curvature, i.e. the vertebrae not unrelated parallel natural position.

Now the disc no longer serves as a shock absorber, but is responsible for the irritation of the nerve switchboards in addition to the vertebral bodies. The cause of a unilateral blockade of the basin is still no clear approach in medicine. I can determine clearly one experience and work from the last few years with the people that about 95 percent of people worldwide suffer from a unilateral blockade of the basin. This blockage of the basin brings on one side massive mobility, which tries to compensate for the opposite side of the body, and both variations create the basic building block for problems in the whole organism (E.g. knee problems). Easily comprehensible and at any time can be assigned. How is your opinion, you can follow my way of thinking?